Writing Prompt for 31/01 G.1-2

Welcome to this week’s edition of KPIS writers! Thank you for all the great responses last week, especially Japan and Wha Wha- great work! This week, we’re going to have a day of exploring international education- which is something all of us are experts in!

Writing Prompt

What do you like most about going to an international school? How do you think it is different than going to a local school?

Can’t wait to read what you think!

-KPIS Writing Team

59 thoughts on “Writing Prompt for 31/01 G.1-2

  1. I never experience going to local school but, I am happy that I am here in the international school. I have a lot of friends to play with. We have foreign teacher, He speak only English. It’s a big advantage with us because we develop our English listening and speaking.

  2. The things I like about going to an international school are I can learn how to speak English. There are a lot of space to play and a lot of books to read. In Thai schools they have a lot of students in a class and they have few English teachers. So I like to learn in an international school….

    1. Aim- I love how you started every sentence with a capital letter and ended it with punctuation after each complete thought. Having less students in our class means I get to work with each of you more one-on-one. 🙂

  3. The things that I like at international school is I like the Townhouse, speak English and, play. I like to do Math because I like to do hard. I like to read Non-fiction books because I want to know about the world.

  4. The things I love international school To be smart and learner something fun but but but… MATH can be is it easy or something else can be some easy or hard to be correct or wrong to the page 562 page like this its amazing and perfect or good a work then closed it very well soon or easy.

  5. I like to speak English so I learn International school . Teacher and friends use English. International school and my teacher is funny because I like my teacher and my friends. And I like everyone in this school because they are so funny. And I like the kindergarten and I like teacher lion.

  6. I like KPIS school because it is more fun than the another school.And it is not to serious. And it have more play time. And it have less homework. And teacher Mike is funny. And the food is yummy.

  7. What I like the most in a international school is about the language ,I like learning in English language,beacause it’s fun .there is another thing I like about international school,because it have nice classroom.I think local school is different,because the language is Thai ,and it’s kind of tiny.

  8. I like the most about going to an International school, when everyone speaking in English every corner of school. In the classroom,we learn all the subjects in English. All the teachers speaking in English as a medium language. In the local school,students and teachers are speaking in Thai all the time. In local school only few students can speak in English and write in English too. In International School , we meet friends from all around the world and we speaking in English when we play, learn and eat lunch together.

  9. Local school is very boring. I have to speak thai and sometimes I want to learn how to speak English. I Learn there before. The play ground is really small and they don’t have any store to buy food so I have to be hungry the rest of the day. International school is me favorite. Every time when school end, I always please my mom to stay here. It also teach me alote of things. Like ART,PE,LA and many more.thang you to my mom and dad for letting me experience this magical place.

  10. I like international school because I like reading english and writing but local school doesn’t have like this. KPIS it has a lot of activities to do. It help me learn something new and have FUN! l  like townhouse when I practice to present at front of everyone.

  11. What I like about going to a international school is we get to speak english every day but in local school we must speak thai all the time. I went thai school for summer. In my thai school if someone spoke english they will have to go to the princepal office. So that is why I like international school more. The food is also more yummy and it have my favorite food. The playground is a lot bigger than local school.

  12. I like to go to international school because I want to speak English well. I like the school here, I have fun coming to school everyday. I wish I will go study aboard when I grow up. My mom went to local school for her middle school and international school for her high school. She said both school were good, local school give a good academic while international school teach life experience. I like KPIS, teachers are kind to me. I like teacher Mike and teacher Rion. They are so funny.

  13. My school is international school, I really like my school because my school has many activities to do. I have a lot of fun with friends and teachers, I can speak English with my friends and teachers and when I go to another country I can speak English with other people too. I love my teacher ,they are very kind to me. I want to go to school everyday.

  14. I think I like international schools more than other local schools. Because
    for local schools they have to speak Thai all the time and that is boring. Because when I was a kid my dad let me go to a Thai school and the teacher is so so bored that I don’t want to study a local school anymore.
    But after that I got so surprise my mom and dad LET ME GO TO A INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like Kpis and after that I told my dad that I want to learn at this school everyday so , my dad let me learn at this school.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Japan! I’m glad you like going to an international school. I didn’t realize you had gone to a Thai school before. It’s nice you have that experience before to compare to what you have now. Besides speaking English, what else do you like that KPIS has that your Thai school before didn’t have?

      By the way – I think you meant to write “the teacher is so so boring,” instead of “so so bored.”

  15. The first thing I like most about going to an international school is having a good lunch like Pudthai and noodle. The secend thing is having good friends. And the last one is having a lot of activities like Fun Run and House Day. I think going to an international school is differrent than going to a locle school because at a locle school they speak only locle langvesh but we speak only english at international school. And they study so hard not like us but have fewer activities than us. There is no Fun Run at the locle school too. So I love to study at the international school.

  16. I love international school because every subject speak english but in local school they speak thai. I love international school because l can meet everyone in the word. I love playing in the playground because my friend speak english. My teacher is nice to everyone makes everyone happy to go to school.

  17. Going to an International school are good. I like to study at International school because I could speak English to my friends and teachers. In International school teachers came from different countries around the world. They teach kids to be kind, do not say words that is bad, do not be naughty and do not flight with other kids. International school have many subjects such as Art, Math, Music, ICT and PE in English. The different between local schools and International school are they do not speak a lot of English and most of their subjects are in Thai language. But it doesn’t matter if you go to International school or
    local as long as the students are good.

    1. Nice job writing many sentences with detail Pear! You did a great job of starting all your sentences with capital letters and using punctuation. You also list some good reasons for going to an international school that I agree with. It’s a great experience for you to be able to learn English and get to know teachers from many other countries! Did you ever go to a Thai school when you were younger? Or have you only been to international schools?

  18. I like ICT class because you get to use your own computer and and you learn how to type and​ program​ and I think ICT class in International School are different from local schools because local schools don’t have much computers. also the computers​ normally are​ for teachers I would suggest local schools to Give​ ICT to every grade.

  19. I like most the school activities in the lesson as there are very interesting and make me excited everyday, as I mention that the Thai school very seriously in the lesson that very differences for my opinion.

  20. I think an international school is better because it has very nice teachers. When my sister was young she was a normal Thai school and the teachers there were so strict! They hit students as a consequence for not doing homework! In my opinion, that was super super strict!!!!! But in international school teachers are nice and give the good amount of consequences. Friends there at normal Thai schools some students are very mean and a big bully. But in our amazing school, there is less situation like this.

    I also like our school better because in international schools we can learn different languages to increase our knowledge. I want to get smart and have a great job I’m the future to take care of my family.

  21. I think my school is different than other school because my school I can speak English with my friend and my teacher . I think my school is different than other school because I can write writer work shop.

  22. What I like about international school is that first they teach me a lot about the U.S.A. and U.K. more than Thai school. The second is that it has practicing typing in the I.C.T. lab. The third thing is the break is a bit long and the teachers let us watch a movie when its free day. The last teachers even let us do go noodle if we are good and boring. That’s why I like this school so much.

  23. I think international school is more greater than local school because local school is just sit and learn also like 1 year has 1 show (in my old school)and the stage was very hot and I was sweaty but in international school they have a air conditioner in the auditorium. Also in local school its don’t have a morning break ( in my old school) but in international school it has a morning break. The last thing I’m going to tell you is in local school there are so many children in the class room and its so hot, but in international school it has not many children in the class room.

  24. I think international school is better than a local school because a international school we have a lot more things to learn like science and social studies. In local school its hot but in a international school its cold. I know this because when I was little I was in a local school. In a local school we speak Thai but in international school we speak English.

  25. I like to go to the international school because there are many languages to learn, and there are a lot of activities.

    International school is different than Local school because we speak English but students at Local school speak only Thai.

  26. I prefer to study in the international school rather than local school. We mainly speak English in the international school. As a result, I can speak English and Thai because I live in Thailand. If I study in local school, my english will not be good. Moreover, local school students learn from books and doing homework but international school students learn by doing. As a result, international school is better because we can have fun while learning, better memorize, and real life experiences.

  27. My favorit thing is international school. It is differrent because they speak thai in local school and english in international school. I like english because it’s fun. I have to learn English because if I don’t learn english then I cannot speak english.

  28. I was 1 year in a local school in Zurich, Switzerland I didn’t like it very much because there were too many kids there and my teacher had to take care of too many kids in the class. I always felt like she left me behind all the time and I can’t remember all my friends in the class. Now I am in a good International school I feel like I know everyone most students and teachers also know me. It is more flexible here than in my previous local school where was super strict with everything. I love my KPIS.

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