KPIS Writers prompt G. 3-5 17/1/20

Welcome back to KPIS Writers and happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful, fun and relaxing break and are ready for more learning this semester! First off, a big thank you for all the responses- especially Mac in Grade 2/1 and Santa in Grade 5/2!

This week’s prompt:

What was the best moment of your Winter Break? Was it an exciting moment, a peaceful moment, a relaxing moment, or something completely different and unexpected? Go ahead and share below!

Thank you so much, can’t wait to read your responses and have a great second semester!

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  1. The best moment in my winters break was going to ice skating because it was so funny when I fell down and I also learn about ice skating so the next time I go there I can ice skate straight away. My family was so happy but the most happiest is me I guess because I laughed so much hahaha. But the bad thing I s that my six year old brother cries because he was so scared but the good thing is that I tell hid not to be scared then he believed me. The end [ :

  2. The best moment of my winter break was both exiting and scary. We went to Japan and we visited the Tokyo Dome Theme Park. I saw a massive roller coaster, I felt really excited but when I went up on the roller coaster I thought it was an awful idea! It was so tall and I started getting really nervous!!! I felt extremely scared too!! When I got off the ride it actually felt AWESOME! I also went on a ride in a Viking ship (it was super huge). It was really high and it was really scary but as scary as the roller coaster. It was so much fun at the Tokyo Dome!

  3. The best moment in my winter break was going to Pattaya because when I went there I bring my dogs they barked really
    loud and It was annoying. I gave my dogs a walk and I saw something very cool. I also got to play at the beach. I was scared of two thing. When I stayed at the beach one of my dogs went swimming with me and I was scared because it scratches hard because it has sharp nails. I also went to lots of temples. It was quick but was fun. At one of those temples I found a lot of dogs that were theirs. My aunt touched it. The most fun part was swimming. I to my aunt I wanted to go there again.

  4. The best moments of my winter break was binge watching Netflix and having multiple sleepovers with my friend. watching Netflix was fun because I got to do whatever I wanted after! it was the BEST BREAK OF MY LIFE………well, of course until school happened and homework on the first day? noooo. Anyway, I got to do anything like go swimming, eat, play roblox, talk to friends, annoy friends, and play on new things I got for Christmas. So sleepovers with my friend. when I met her…….SHE WAS A COLD BLOODED SNAKE WHO TOOK MY FRIEND AND SLITHERED OFF! But now we’re best friends mostly I would stay at her house for about 1-2 day, I don’t know. one time I stayed at her house for 4 days! 2 weeks ago I had a sleepover with her. I got homesick but we built a fort so I wasn’t really homesick anymore. I also really like the cookies she makes. she is a nice friend just like all my other friends. And that was my break.

    I moved my house to a much bigger house and I’m happy….yeah…..

  5. The best moment in my winter break was exploring nature and places because, it was very beautiful and colorful, I saw things I never see and I learn new things that I never learn. And the best part in Taipei city was the Boba tea! The smell was like caramel, the taste was sweet and creamy! It was so good I can’t explain it, if you go there you have to try the Boba tea. After all those days I still remembered it because it was wonderful. Now, I found a place that I want to go there again. I miss the memory of being there, after all amazing things happened.

    By Donut 4/1

  6. The best moment of my winter break was exiting. I went to Kho mun nog . I went there and explore nature like explore the whole entire island. I saw ladybug to in the island, my family went up a humongous rock and we a so a beautiful view up here. My another exciting part is when I go snorkeling in the ocean I saw a big fish. I also met a friend name Alex and I make a fish house but we make it we got no fish. That’s a nice adventure why don’t you try come at koh mun nog private island.


      1. The best moment of the winter break is, going to the north of Thailand! It was actually super fun,I’ve met a lot of friends there, which I’ve never seen them for a long period of time. The first night was SUPER fun. I get to swim in the pool and only one of my friend get to play with me too :’D. But at night time, things get more fun. We run around the resort playing tag until we sweat. On the second day, we get to sleep in tents and capsules! It was in the mountain so it was hard for us to run so play 4-player game in one of my friend’s phone. There was also cats and dog there! Normal cats and Pom Pom dog(they are so adorable!!!!). After that night was finished, we stayed at a hotel where we can ride bikes! The bicycles were a little bit tall for for me but I can still ride them. It was also my mom’s B-DAY and one of my co-workers too. So we made a surprise birthday party! After that night, we went home and go sleep in our comfy bed uwu.

  7. The best part of my winter break is when I go to kho mun nog. My dad drove for 3 hours! It took us 45 mins to go there. We had to go on the big boat and then the small boat. When I arrived at kho mun nog I can see trees, flowers, and the beautiful beach. At kho mun nog I saw about 4-6 peacocks. When I go to the beach with my mom and brother, my dad said that the peacock poo in front of our room! When I go diving I saw a fish called tiger barb. The end!

  8. On my winter break I went to Taiwan. We went to a temple called Longshan temple. We also went to a buddha place that has a giant statue. We went to a night market that has tons of delicious foods and they also have games like throwing darts at a balloon and Bingo. We also went to two cities in Taiwan the first one is Alishan and the second is Taipei. After I came back from Taiwan, I went to Hatyai to celebrate the new year. We had a lucky draw event. The options were money, ipad student with an apple pen and Apple watch. I was hoping to get an Ipad student but I got the money :/

  9. The best moment of my winter break is when I went to Pranburi for 4days. We stayed at the resort called Papa monkey. It is the private medium size resort which I like because when I opened the window-door, it was just a few steps to the pool. My mom said it was the beach front type of room. I played with the sand, I digged, I built, and I caught a lot of hermit crabs. I and my brother and my cousin rode on a giant balloon lobster in the pool and in the sea. I felt so excited and a bit scared of the big waves but it was all a fun trip.

  10. My best moment was when I went to Dream World I had so much fun at dream world with my mom and Din we had so much fun and we also went to snow town to play real snow and it was freezing in there we even play snow ball fight and when we got home we still get to play nerf war before we sleep. THE END

    1. Sounds like I need to go and check out Dream World too. You make it sound like a very fun place to go and have some fun at. I am happy that you enjoyed your holiday with your friend and your mom.

  11. vroom vroom as the car drove by, I wiggled my legs with full excitement . we rented the car to went to play the Zip-line at Phuket , I wiggled, wiggled and wiggled hoping we are going to be there as soon as we can.”are we there yet mom and dad”I asked loudly ” no my little pumpkin ” my mom reply . Then I started to day dream about me in my favourite movie , before I notice I was already there, I hoped out the car of the car quickly and waited for my family.

    I went and have lunch quickly and changed my outfit to shorts and shirt , I went on the sky walk , I was exited then accidentally took the wrong step and my shoe fell! I was freaked out and then the worker caught my shoe and went on zip line and put many tissue beside my shoe and the first one was short so I went only my self the next one I was scared so I went on with the worker a few time, and my earrings fell so I told my self not the shoe this time earrings .I went on stairs bridge and more zip line , it was the last oe the highlight of the place the 300 m zip line I was scared so I went on with the worker and liked it. It was a fun day

  12. The best moment of my winter break was when I was on top of a roller coaster called the Cyclone Coaster. I was in the AIA Carnival in HongKong with Kevin my brother and my mom. We were the only ones on the ride and it was my 6th time on a tall roller coaster. I was the only one shouting because I didn’t fit in the safety bar that kept me from falling. We were lucky that there was no queue, if there was it might of taken us 30mins to ride on it. The roller coaster was tall and fast there were spiral parts and 3 drops.

  13. My best moment of my winter is traveling to japan and I went with my mom and my dad and I went to the Fuji Q highland and it had a lot of activities such as panic clock that was similar to the boat that I played swing boat at Korea but the panic clock could go with loop and I didn’t play roller coaster because it had so much queue. Next, I went to Galayuzawa and I played ski and slade and It was so fun because I played ski and then I went to lift and use ski to slide down and slade is even the same but ski slide more slope but slade slide less slope. So, that is why it is my most moment of my winter break.

  14. The best moment moment in my winter holiday is when I”m at at Chiang Rai with my friend Jia. The best moments in Chiang Rai is when I went to Doi Tung because their was a humongous playground for us to play. It had monkey bar one unexpected thing happened so I never climb monkey bars. But some how when I tried I just went through it very quick. bars,slider,climbing nets and many more. In the monkey bar, There was a beautiful flower yard in the middle that I got to have a peacefully time walking in and smelling the beautiful flowers. My other exited thing is when I went zip lining it was very scary for me though. It is tall equal 9 floors of building. I felt dizzy and wanted to puke. The one that I loved so much is playing with Jai Jai. She is just to years old 2. Mostly when she saw me, she run right to me and sometimes hugged me or brought me somewhere. I played with her by just did what she wants to do like watched baby videos. THE END ^_^

    1. AJ you would be such a great big brother. You always like to spend time with babies. Thank you for showing us some of your holiday photos. Chiang Rai really looks like a fun place. I am happy to read that you went ziplining and that you did not cry. That was very brave.

  15. The best moment of my winter break is at Christmas Day because first of all I woke up feeling fresh and excited and suddenly my mommy opened the door and said, “Merry Christmas!” My daddy did the same, we went downstairs and we gave each other presents! I got a popcorn slime kit and my daddy gave me a zombie pink slime. I was very grateful. I ate breakfast while looking at the view outside the window it was magical. After that me and my parents went out for a morning stroll and it was kinda cold but it was still cold! Then we went SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!! We bought some food for dinner and ate pizza for lunch,such a random food. When we got home we played some games it was a fun family game night or afternoon. Then my dad made us some steak and we ate with laughter and happiness. The sky at nighttime was BEYOND BEAUTIFUL! We spent about 20 minutes outside looking at the view again. Lastly,we watched a movie and went to bed. It was the best day ever!

  16. The best moment in my winter break is I went to Chang rai . I been to choui fong garden tree.we had a good view to take photos there we drink and eat there too.we been to many temples in Chang rai but the temple I like most was in phrae , prathat cho hae temple . Its an old temple .and we been camping in phu Hin rongkla national park at phisanulok . We stayed one night there.we went to see the sunsets at lan hin take.and been to lan hin pum,I had many adventures to do there . I had a very fun at winter break.

    1. Thank you for sharing your photos with us in class. Your camping trip looked like a lot of fun. Did you see any other KPIS students in Chang Rai over the holiday? It sounds like many students went there.

  17. I think the most exciting and shocking moment on Christmas break was when I flew out of my bicycle.

    On that day, I was at Peppermint Bike Park and I was riding on my bike. After riding for several hours, I was tired. I rode my bicycle to the resting station but when I was almost there, I pushed the brakes and made a black skid mark on the ground. It was really fun and exciting! My uncle saw me when I made the skid mark and he said, “Do you know how to make a longer skid mark? You got to lean forwards and push the back brakes.” So I went to the end of the track, and I rode my bicycle with full speed! I leaned forwards and mistakenly pushed the front brakes. Suddenly, my whole body lifted off the bicycle! I flew forwards and hit the ground with my chin as the bicycle came running on top of me. I felt shocked and excited! I thought I was gonna die when I flew off my bicycle. With pain, my uncle pulled me up and laughed a little. I was a little mad at my uncle. I felt that my chin was bleeding so I quickly ran to the restroom to wash my face. After that, I still kept riding my bicycle until I had to go home.

  18. My winter break was fun and exciting. The best moment of my winter break is I went to Chiang mai and Chiang rai with my family and friends. I went to Night safari and there was a bus that we can ride at night to watch animals. It was fun and I was scared because it was dark and cold. The next day, I went to Jungle coaster Pongyang Adventure Park. I rode a jungle coaster with my dad and zip line with my friends. The ride was so high and it was fast too. I had a fun time at the jungle park with my family.

  19. The best moment in my winters break was going to learn about windmill. I went to EGAT learning canter at lamtakong Nakhon Ratchsima. It have 7 zone the zone 1 is registration points, ln this zone I got a blue hat for picture. Zone 2 is mission to conquer the land of energy I watched movie and meet Nong Tan, he take me to energy land. Zone 3 is land of energy, i saw a model of a windmill. Zone 4 is the land of the future energy, i saw a new energy from windmill. Zone 5 is mission to produce eletricity for thai people’s happiness, I saw the windmill time travel. Zone 6 is energy balnce command base, i played game about electric. The last zone is 7, muan son lamtakhong, i enjoyed the land of smiles and happines. It is a new experience that I learned during the holidays.

  20. My favorite time of the winter break is when I went to icon siam because it was so big and I walked all the way up to almost the top of icon siam to go to the apple store, we went there to buy the case for my brothers AirPod case.then we went to a restaurant,( I only drank apple juice because I wasn’t hungry.).

  21. My best moment in winter break was a camping. I went with my dad, grandma and grandpa. The place that we went to camping was Saraburi province.
    The first day of camping, we drove a car and stop by Kang-Kion train station for lunch. When we arrived there, I helped my dad to set up the tent which was fun. Grandma and I brought a lot of food supply to cook during three days. It was my first experience to do outdoor cooking.
    The second day, we went to the forest. I was so scared because just my dad and I were waking alone. The weather there in day time was warm but in night time was cold.
    The last day, we packed up stuff and ready to go home. This is my best moment and experience in winter break.

    1. In the winter break I go to mega plaza to buy some toys which is a place that fulled with toys. Then after I got home I got many stuff and then I start to build those gundam that I buy and that was also my first time building gundam! Four hours later I finish building it! Then days went on I had nothing to do so I just made something randomly out of the cardboard. Later I finish it and it can use to trick people! And last play some games with my dad. And these are my coolest thing I ever do on this winter break!

      1. You must have been so excited to see all the toys. Building a toy for four hours sounds intense. You should come and show me what you built. You are lucky to have a dad who wants to play with you.

  22. My best moment in winter is my birthday and Christmas ‘s day is time together and my family made Christmas design and then we changed gifts , sing a songs ,dance and everyone gave gifts to me . And I went to cat house and I play with many kittens and my dad bought cat for me.

  23. My best moment in my Winter Break was Christmas and my birthday. On my Christmas it was unbeilievable because I got an ipad 7 and an apple pen too. After 6 days of christmas it was new year and MY BRITHDAY!! While my birthday we went to celebrate at Pataya. It was awsome there without my friends with me. After we came back we get to go to Khoaw Yai and it was also awsome. I wish that this can last forever, not until we came back from Winter Break! And our normal life just begin again.

  24. The best moment in my winter break was watching and enjoying the iconic multimedia water features in Iconsiam. This happened on my mom and dad’s wedding anniversary on the 27th of December at 6:28 pm. “WOOOWWWWW!!!” the people shouted and exclaimed. They were all sort of, using their phones and Ipads, taking videos. I took 4 videos. Well, that’s a lot, of course. SPLASH!!! SPLISH!!! The water roared and the fountains spewed. Then, several dinner cruises like the Chao Phraya Princess III, The White Orchid, and The Wonderful Pearl passed by and stopped at stations. I even saw the Meridian – the cruise I rode in 2018!!!

    We watched the water show twice. The second time was at 7:00 pm. That time, I went super close to the fountains and got struck by a few ounces and millilitres of water. I looked at my baby brother to check if he also got wet. He was asleep, fast asleep. Then, I looked at the fountain again. It sprayed at 30 meters tall! It was awesome! When the show ended, I went back inside the mall. I can’t wait to go back to Iconsiam and see the fountain show again!

    T H E E N D ! ! !

  25. The best moment in my winter break was when I went down south of Thailand, Chiang Rai.. Me, my mom, and my little brother went to BaanDam, Singha Park, etc. I got to meet my friends, and even sleep with them! I went to his school, which was actually owned by his mom! I watched his Christmas show, which was not bad. Then, I went to a cafe that had hanging beds over a cliff, supported by nets! But the nets hurt, so there was pillows. Then, I went to a famous tunnel. I can’t remember what it was called, though. After that, I went to the White Temple a bunch of other temples, then went back home.

  26. The best part of my winter break was when my dad,brother,me and my mom spent 2 days at my mom’s best friends house Liz. That might not sound cool but their house is humongous and plus i got to play with my best friends. Liz’s son Isiah played with me and we tricked his older brother’s big Ivan and Isaac but Isiah wanted to mostly played fortnite. But that night my mom and Liz were cooking delicious Mexican food and then heard a knock on the door and it was my other best friend Ivan and he’s big brother Davin with their little sister Lelanie. After they came we keep hearing all sorts of knocks on the door and all i knew was that all my mom’s friends are at the door with their kids and it’s gonna be a fun night! So my dad opens the door and people crowd in and give us hugs. When people are giving us hugs i say hi to all my best friends Ryli and her brothers Sarenadi and her little sister. After wards all the kids go up stairs and play tag and then have a nerf battle. But the funniest thing that night was that Sarenadi’s little sister Ali folded the toliet with so much paper that it went all over the bathroom. After that happen the parents called are names to come down stairs to celebrate my mom’s birthday and her friends birthday. Eventually i said bye to my friends and hugged them tight. The end

  27. My best moments in winter break is I wake up and I saw the cookie that I put it for Santa Claus are gone!! I know that the person who eat it is my dad but, I still think that is a very great moment. I prepared Oreo and chocolate truffles (that I made with my sister) . When I wake up I found out that there are milk beside the plate. The night before I didn’t prepared any milk. I feel very joyful about it. That’s my best moments in the winter break.

  28. In the winter holiday all of my family from Sweden and me went to Krabi. When we arrived there we all rush to the Ao nang beach. The beach is so beautiful. We walked to the big giant boat then the staff drive took as to Andaman ocean. We stop near Koh Kai and let as dived to the island. When we arrived there we claim up to go look what is inside the mountain. in side it was very dark and it has lots of bat. When we want to go we have to jump and it hurt my feet so much. Then we have dived back to the boat. While I was diving I saw a stone fish.The next day I went back to bangkok then is the school day.

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