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Welcome back to KPIS Writers and happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful, fun and relaxing break and are ready for more learning this semester! First off, a big thank you for all the responses- especially Mac in Grade 2/1 and Santa in Grade 5/2!

This week’s prompt:

What was the best moment of your Winter Break? Was it an exciting moment, a peaceful moment, a relaxing moment, or something completely different and unexpected? Go ahead and share below!

Thank you so much, can’t wait to read your responses and have a great second semester!

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  1. The best moment of my Winter break is that I climb up a Durian tree with my friends (not my friends in my classroom). I hang up-side-down to take a photo. One tree I climb high. One of my friend climb the tree very high.

  2. It was the best winter break that I had so far. I went to my friend school in Mukdahan. He was surprised to see me in person. His name is Armin, Armin is my mom’s best friend son. He introduces me with his teacher and friends. L had fun and great time bounding with him.

  3. The most exciting moment of the winter break was on Christmas eve when Santa claus came to my house in real life. Santa brought me a toy. It was a Cotton Candy Play dough! I was very happy because I wanted it for year! At night, I was watching a movie with my family. ” Trouble” it was story about the dog name Trouble. He got into many troubles and his friends told him to be a street dog. I felt very sad for him but it was very fun movie. After that, I had dinner with my little sisters Kenysha and Kareya. There was a big chicken and cookies. I loved to spend time and play toys with them. My Christmas break was fun!

  4. The best moment of my winter break is I went to ocean world and ride a glass bottom boat! I was with my brother and piano teacher. When I was riding the boat I see a a lot of sharks! There was a very big shark that sleep all the time!

  5. The best moment of my winter break was when I ride JUNGLE COASTER in Chiang Mai, it is the same as roller coaster but my mom and I can control car speed and brake by ourselves. I ride jungle coaster with my mom. The queue was very long and I am so excited and scared when I ride because it was very fast and loop a loop. I saw the nature and a lot of view. When it end, I cried because I want to play again. It was so much fun.

    1. Hi Pear – Thanks for sharing! That Jungle Coaster sounds like so much fun, especially since you could control your speed and brake on your own. Great job describing your feelings and including details to help me understand what your experience was like. Don’t forget to write in the past tense when you write about something that’s already happened!

  6. In my winter break, I went to Legend-Siam. That was the best moment. I went to haunted house called Ban-Mae-Nak. It is one of the top 5 of Asia haunted house. I felt a little scare but it’s fun because I was with Haya, Ryuu, and Jiro. There are more stuffs like a maze called Black Magic, Viking, Roundabout, Faris Wheel, and Fight-Dancing show.
    Kayak Bat Hunting, is also an interesting thing during my winter break. I got to take the boat into the sea. We paddled into the bat house and woke them up. There are a thousand of the bat flying in the sky.
    Next, the Science-Museum called Rama 9 Museum. I learnt a lot of things from here such as early human that walked on the earth, dinosaurs, the roots of the grass, and more. It was very fun.
    Lastly, I went to Balcony-Courtyard in Sriracha. I swam in the swimming pool that have the biggest slider I have ever seen. There are mini harbour land free for us. I also went to the Japanese hot tub after swimming. One is hot 40 degree Celsius and another is cold 18 degree Celsius. I am very happy with my winter break.

    1. Moji- Wow! I’m so impressed with your writing this week! I can see that you had a lot of fun over the break! I bet seeing the bats was really cool and you were being a life-long learner by seeking out new opportunities to learn outside of school! Way to represent KPIS! I am so happy to see you taking what we have learned about transition words and applying it to your own writing. Great job Moji!

  7. Mine is really exciting. I went to the maze with Lydia. Lydia is my friend in grade 2/2 with me. Before,. I buy one bottle of water incase I was stuck in that maze. When I go in the maze for my first time. First I was doing it very great. But then it get worst and worst. And guess what, I was stuck in there almost for 2 HOUR!!!!! There is a stair so I canbsee

  8. Mine is really exciting. I went to the maze with Lydia. Lydia is my friend in grade 2/2 with me. Before,. I buy one bottle of water incase I was stuck in that maze. When I go in the maze for my first time. First I was doing it very great. But then it get worst and worst. And guess what, I was stuck in there almost for 2 HOUR!!!!! There is a stair so I can see every thing. and I see my dad. So I follow his lead. and finally Im out.THE END.

    1. Fergie- The maze sounds like so much fun! How did you feel when you got stuck for 2 hours? I know I would feel a little scared, but I would keep at it and try my best! I love that you also mentioned who was at the maze with you! This helps the reader picture what is happening in your writing.

  9. On the winter break I went to Chaingmai with my family. One day we had lunch at King Crab kitchen. We ordered the food and wait for one hour. When it comes, we were amazing with the very BIG tray mixing of big lobster, alaska crab Everyone took a photo with big laugh.

  10. My best winter break was a peaceful moment because I stayed at home. We didn’t go anywhere. My family was at home the whole winter break. My mom cooked the food to everyone. Me and my brother watched TV and I watch my brother played his phone . My dad watched movie in the phone too. My family ate meals together. My brother shared his phone to played together with me.

    1. on winter break I go to Khao Yai with my family and play the swimming pool with my
      Sister and brother and play the slider and the water is cool so I need to get up to the
      hotel room and I wash my hair and my body and I drying my hair and I brush my hair
      And I go to eat my lunch at down stair and I go play the Sand with my brother and sister and I go home

  11. The best moment of my winter break was travelling to Chiang Mai with my best friends and family. I went to many places and did many things there like zipline, rollercoster, picking strawberries, and going to night safari. Everything was so exciting. But there was one unexpected thing. Those was my mom screem out loud when we play zipline together. I had so much fun and want to be back there again.

  12. It was the greatest winter break I ever had, I went to Japan with my family and my friends family too. I went to many places such as Fuji mountain, Kawaguchiko lake, and Fuji ten ski resort. Everything was so exciting especially it is my first time to see the real snow , it’s very cool but its harder than I imagine before. The relaxing time is when I stay in the room in my hotel, I play Nintendo switch with my friends at night time. It’s so fun. Some time I and my friends were upset to each other that was unexpected thing happened during my trip. However we forgive each other and can play together again. The best time during this winter break is over and I really miss and hope to go back to Japan again in the next winter break.

    1. Great writing Japan! You didn’t tell me you got to see snow for the first time on this trip! Very exciting. I like that you described how it was a little different than you expected it to be. Did you go skiing in it?

  13. The moment that I like was the day I help the cow not to be killed. My family and friends donate some money to save the cow’s life. I felt happy after my mom parked the car, I see my friends sitting on a chair preying. We wish the cow has a good life. After that my friends and I came to Pon Pon ‘s house, we went digging for soft dirt and we also played badminton, swimming in the….BIG POND! It’s an activity I like the most because it’s….MY FIRST TIME….swimming in the pound. Under the pond has a lot of fish and the water was really cold. I felt a bit scared if I was drown or the fish bite me. Even I scared, I was still happy and love to float. We jumped up and down from a little boat. SPLASH! It was….SUPER FUN! The friends who went with me was Will, Pon Pon, Clayton,and WaWa. Do you want to swim in the pond with me next time?

    1. Wow, Tatar – that must have been a very important moment for you. You didn’t tell me about this last week – you’ll have to tell me more in class! That was very good of you to help save the cow’s life. Very cool you got to swim in a pond for the first time. Could you feel the fish swimming past you? I bet it must have been scary, but at least you had your friends to distract you! Nice work ending your writing with a question 🙂

  14. It was the greatest winter break I ever had,I went to Japan with my family I went to many places such as Fuji mountain,Kawaguchiko lake, and Fuji ten ski resort. I was so lucky when I spent my time on Gachapong machine. I got all set of my favorite characters 4 pieces of uniquely Mask Rider by used only 4 turns.

    1. Hi Pon Pon – Did you really go all the same places as Japan? Let’s talk about this in class. Sounds like you had fun using the Gachapong machine – I haven’t heard of that before, you’ll have to tell me more about it! What else did you do while in Japan?

  15. I went to Japan with my family for 14 days. We traveled to Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and back to stay in Tokyo. We walked a lot along Sumida river and Tokyo Sky tree was my favorite building which is so high and large can see from very far. In Osaka I went to Osaka aquarium I saw a lot of sea creatures and seals have so big bellies!! And my favorite place in Tokyo is Shibuya, where the Meiji shrine is, because there are shops that have Japanese beef on sticks which is very delicious and I like long potatoes too.

    1. Nice job writing complete sentences with lots of detail Kim! When I went to Japan last summer, I visited the same cities. I didn’t go to the Osaka aquarium though, sounds like I should have. I liked Shibuya in Tokyo as well. I think I know the long potato you are talking about – I’ll have to show you a picture in class to see if it’s the same one you had.

      Did you see snow at all while you were there?

  16. My best moment of winter break I spent time with my family and I went to many places with my cousin and the place I went to the zoo and adventure park at Khaoyai. I ride Log flume , ATV and others. AT the night time I party with my family at the hotel we had a lot of fun with the UNO game because I always be the winner. I went to Icon Siam and kick a football for 2 hours I love this place. I went to Dream World Theme Park with my family. I went to Kidzania I very enjoy working in there I make a noodle, Hamburger. I ride on Ambulance , I working as C.S.I. , Cabin Crew, Doctor and Gas Station Staff.

  17. My best moments on Winter Break was when I went to the 2nd biggest Disney Land in the world! I went to Disney Land in China (Shanghai)!!! When we entered Disney Land my dad lead me and family to a motorcycle rollercoaster. This was called Trone in the Tomorrow Land zone. While walking into the roller coaster, there were spiral colors everywhere around the path to the roller coaster. It was just like riding a motorcycle down a roller coaster! I was shocked!!! My heart almost bounce off!!!!!!!! Extraordinarily my sister and dad went on it twice! They said it was not that high and scary but for me…. it was like OMG!!!!!

    Then the second ride we went on was called Jet Pack which was in the Tomorrow Land zone too! This wasn’t that scary so they allowed me to ride it with my sister! It’ s the ride that you could controlled up or down while it goes around. It was fun for me but very easy for my sister (she LOVES height). She doesn’t like this one because it wasn’t as scary as the first one.

    The third ride was called Buzz Lightyear which I loved the most. It’s like you shoot out laser to the red and green light while on the ride. This was in Tomorrow Land too! This was my favorite one.

    There were a lot more but I can’t remember all. I love Disney land there. It was fun. This was amazing. Thank you.

    1. Oak- Wow! I love how you wrote so many words and included details in your writing! Disneyland is one of my favorite places to visit! I absolutely love rollercoasters! One of my favorite parts of your writing was, “While walking into the roller coaster, there were spiral colors everywhere around the path to the roller coaster. It was just like riding a motorcycle down a roller coaster! I was shocked!!! My heart almost bounce off!!!!!!!!” I love how you included the spiral colors detail and you included that your heart almost bounced off. This made me as a reader really feel how you were feeling that day. Great job Oak!

  18. My winter break is a happy time because I went to sea life Bangkok and I see many fish and I see a shark too. I go to buy toy octopus and it red. I like it so much. I’m have a great time with my family.

    1. Haya- I remember the first time I went to Sea Life Bangkok. I was amazed at all the sharks in the water and loved walking int he tunnel under the water. it was so neat to see all the ocean animals above me. I love how you started all of your sentences with a capital letter. Next, time I challenge you to use more sensory details to describe the area around you.

  19. My best moment of my winter break is when I went to Osaka in Japan. Then I went to the train station and my mom get three tickets. I put it in the ticket machine to get on the train, when I arrived at another train station I saw a shop with a lot of pokèmons and some games there then I went back to my hotel.

  20. My best moment is when I went swimming at a river to swim there. Then I went to a tall house and there is a fence beside the house. Below the fence is a water so. I walked there and I climbed to the other side of the fence then I jump down! That was the most exciting moment ever it’s so scary but fun! 😀


  21. My best moments break is celebrating NEW YEAR !!! The fireworks are
    so pretty is has many colors like orange, purple ,blue, red or more.
    The fireworks are so many and when I back home I got a NEW YEAR GIFT in
    beside the bed! My present is big. My Another thing is I went to Hua Hin
    I play sand in the summer it is fresh in the pool then I just went home I’m so happy with my family thank you mom and dad and this year I will be better.

  22. The best moment of my winter break is when Santa Claus came to my house in real life. He left the present in front of my house. It was a Cotton candy play dough that I wanted it for last two years. In the evenning, we had dinner with my sisters, Kenysha and Karaeya, we had a big sticky chicken and yummy warm cookies. We had a lots of fun playing toys and games. At night, I had a movie night with my family. It is called “Trouble” it is a story about a dog which has a happy life and live in a big house but one day his owner died. And he will have a bad owner. So, one of his friend told him to be a street dog because his owner is very bad to him. In the end, he is happy because he is back to his favourite owner. That what I did on my Christmas day!

  23. In my winter holiday break me and my sis also my BFF named Fergie also his brother went to ICON SIAM , when we arrived at Super Park and its very big,when we go in we go to the fake ice skating then we go to the pakour and one thing that happen to me is I fell down the floor at the second stage and the thing that is look like a cheese but it very hard then its hit me. But not just 1 time its hit me 2 time and i cry a lot but I don’t give up then I passed so I move on to the next one then the next one then I passed everything and the next thing that I play is the fake car ,so like we need to choose the car because its has the small &the big one so I choose the big one but the staff said that I need to drive small car so I drive the small car ,and I play a lot of time because its very fun! The next thing that I play is the climbing thing its so tall so I can’t go to the top.


  24. I went to Samui island. When I’m in a boat me and my friend and parents was on the top of the boat. (I will skip one day because is long story)ok back to the story when me and my friend and parents is there we go to find a hotel to sleep. When we go in the hotel we explore and play a little bit and sleep. The third day I go to lamai beach. (wait I will tell I have free big tube)back to story I play tube with my friend and go to shower to shower and back to hotel and play and find some thing to eat and go to sleep.The next day I go to chaweng I was feel fantastic my friend too because the wave is so strong and I play the tube and surfboard and go to shower and go to sleep.The next day I go to buy a ticket to get in the boat to go home when I’m in a boat I eat mama and wait a little bit when I’m on Bangkok and went home and take a shower and watch cartoon a little bit and go to sleep.The End.

  25. My most happiest time and relaxing time was​ on new year 12:00 midnight​ when​ me​ and​ my​ family​ counted back​ from​ 5…4…3…2…1​ then the​ fireworks​  launched(on​ the
    TV) I​  felt extremely happy because it became 2020 and​ I sang a​ silly song “HOORAY! PARTY!! ​PARTY!! PARTY​!!  IN​ THE​ELEVATOR!” can​ you​ imagine how​ happy​ I​ was?

  26. The best time I had on my winter break was when I went snorkeling with my family and friends. When my friends and family were snorkeling, we dived down to the corals and the guides took pictures of me and my friends and family.
    When we were snorkeling I found lots of sea animals including:
    sea urchins, Tiger clam and sea leeches. 🐟🐠📷

  27. My best moment of the winter break . Is going to Pattaya and play Cartoon Network water park. Go play slider at Cartoon Network because it is very fun.
    I stay overnight at hotel in Pattaya.On weekend I go to swimming at hotel in Pattaya.I really like water activities.

  28. The best thing I did in my winter break is when I went to the Thai national museum named The National museum. I saw the royal chariots. I got to see the king sword and things. I went there with cousins. I was very fun and I want to go there again.

  29. My best moment of my Winter Break is when my dad and my mum let me go to Pattaya and the hotel is so beautiful. I see a sea l go to swim there and the water is so cold. One last thing that l like in my winter brack is l can eat hot chocolate it is so yummy and l can eat sea food too.

  30. One day I saw the wind blow so hard and wind blow pm 2.5 away. It can reduce the dust. I think the government can help people put the big fan on every house and building and sale low price. When pm 2.5 come, all can open the fan.

  31. My best moment of my winter break is Santa gave me a present. it is exciteting! I rote a card for Santa and I put it under my pilow and when I wake up the card i disappear. 3 days later I ate food and came back home I look at green table Santa gave me a nerf gun. I ran around the house and scream. It was amazing.

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