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Welcome to another week of KPIS Writers! Thank you for all your responses- especially Aurora and Baimon- wow! Great thoughts about International School life.

This week, I want us to think about giving- about charity, about helping others. Students at KPIS are involved in several charities, most recently a fund to help the Burma Border Projects (BBP) an organization providing educational support to Burmese refugees living in Northern Thailand.

Students learning at the Project

Writing Prompt:

How would you persuade someone to give to a charity or someone who was in need? Would you tell them a story? How could giving to someone in need help the person who was doing the giving? What do YOU think?

Can’t wait to read your responses for this week- using what we have to help others is the definition of a Global citizen, as well as a problem solver. If you want more information on the Burma Border Projects, you can find the donation link here: Burma Border Projects (BBP)

Thank you!

KPIS Writing Committee

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    1. I think that we could raise money, donate stuff and many
      other things. We could find for example
      Water bottles that’s probably not plastic,erasers, pencils, rulers
      30 cm, highlighters, glue sticks, scissors, pencil cases
      and many other supplies that we use at
      school. We could even give them some old books that we do not use any more.

      If you donate stuffs to people that they are in need, they will be happy and you will be happy and proud of yourself that you can help and make others feel happy.

  1. I think, I will donate necessary items such as clothes, shoes, hats, bags, school supplies and medicine. I will tell other people to donate together. So, that they have a good future.

  2. First, you need to find a person that likes donating and has some money.

    Next, you will tell them about a poor person.

    Then, tell that person that donating is good and makes a better life for poor people.

    Next, tell that person a story about a grandma in Africa that did not have enough money to pay for her hospital bills. I would tell them to imagine if it was your grandma and she would die if she can’t pay her hospital bills.

    Donating can help you by making you go to Heaven because you did something good in life. Also people will love you.

  3. If you want to help other people who can’t afford much we should help them if you can. Look at Marne as an example. When he was young he wanted to join the football team, so the villagers gather all of their money and help Marne to be in Liverpool. After he played football for a long time he has money. He uses an amount of money to build a hospital and a school for the village he lived in, before. He also gives the villager shirts.

  4. I would persuade like this……………..
    “The charity people don’t have any supplies,and they are not rich.”

    In Vietnam they learn in no air con classroom and they and not relaxed like us.
    We. Could give charity learning cards ,books and toys ,these things will them .

  5. I would donate to the poor people and give them food and money. I will also give them things that help them learn, like books, notebooks, and pencils and erasers. I will also give them clothes and toys to play with, so the poor people will have a good future.

  6. I’ve learned a lot of things from research. I found out that we are a hundred times better than the poor people. We have everything we NEED. But we probably don’t have stuff that we WANT. For them, they don’t even have basic necessities in life such as clothes, food, and shelter.

    We have money to buy clothes and we sometimes buy them just because they are cool or you run out of clothes. But they don’t even have money or think about beauty because they need something to protect them. Even if they did have clothes, it is not enough to protect them when the weather is harsh. Last year, I donated 240 towels to a hill tribe in Chiangrai. I felt proud of myself for doing this.

    When we go to the cafeteria, there are food waiting for us and we don’t have to search for it like the poor children. Literally, the go to landfills where garbage is dumped to search for food. And in fact, they even have to drink muddy water because if they didn’t, they would starve to death. Do you know that we kids have never even once in life to experienced starvation? When we think that we are starving, we are actually just hungry or just want to eat something. But for them, they need to eat or they will starve to death so they search food in landfills or steal food from shops. Think of the time when you eat a chicken drumstick and you don’t eat it all. Even a little meat that is left on the bone and we throw it in the bin. Where does it go? Well it will probably go to a landfill. If those starving kids found it and ate it, it would be their lucky day. This very little food may make them survive while for us, we may have more than we need.

    The last thought I want to share with you is shelter. You see that we all have shelter and a place to live comfortably. But they don’t have proper shelter. Some houses don’t have roofs, don’t have toilets, big space and good beds. If you don’t have a roof, you would probably have rain water bird poop and other animals in there. This is because rain and animals can go in easily and birds can poop in there. When it is cold, you might freeze to death. If there are no proper toilets, people have to bury their poop and pee or throw it somewhere. This can cause smelliness and can also cause diseases. If they get sick, they don’t have money for medicine and transportation to the doctor. It will become endless problems for them.

    Overall, I would like you to give a deep thought about this and be aware of the surroundings. Please donate to the poor and think about what the poor kids need.

  7. I will give the kids money to learn also I will give money to schools that don’t have stuff to go to school. I could take all of the I don’t need like pencils, books, notebooks, erasers, glue and scissors cuz I have so much of it so I need to donate my stuff so I can have more space right? If u don’t really have school supplies u can also donate ur clothes, toys or anything else for so u can have more space to put ur clothes again. And when donate ur stuff u will have more space and the poor people will thank u and they will have a great future.

    By Jiajia ^_^

  8. I would donate money, give them old stuff or sometimes buy them new things. I would also give them food like water breads and candy. I would also buy them books to read, maybe books for them to write in and give them pens, pencils and erasers. Maybe also buy them clothes and shoes. Also find a shelter for them to stay with their parents but if they don’t have parents maybe I would put them in an adoption center and let people adopt them because I think just having a good family could make kids very happy because it is better than living alone without a family. I would think this could make them have a better future.

  9. Everyone should be kind to others. If you have something more than you need, you should give it to someone else, especially to those who are in need of it. When you give it to them, you will make them happy and you will be happy too.

    By: Proud G3/2

  10. I would donate to the the poor people with moneys and food.Also I would give them a stuff for school to the poor people for example books,notebooks,rulers,glue,and pencils.Oh also a color pencils and sharpeners and of course a pencil box for keep there school supplies.

  11. I would donate pencils and money and notebooks to let them learn and study in schools and learn more things. Also they will have fun in recess and eating lunch. Oh also glue and rulers and color pencils and sharpeners and a pencil box for keeping things or supplies.

  12. I want to persuade people to donate poor people student or homeless people because they don’t have work to do and they can’t buy rice and if we donate them they can shop some rice and they can be at the better place. We can build a learning center then they can learn to be smart to get a job. They can get money to survive themselves. It can make the less homeless in the city and it will be decrease crime. So, the city is good to live.

  13. I would persuade them by telling them all the good things about giving to charity and how it can help people in need to have a better life by just giving away a little bit. I would also tell them a story so they can understand the use of giving to charity. I think how it could affect the person doing it is because it helps them be a better person cause they are actually caring about others and that is a good thing all of us should do.

    Bew 4/1

  14. I will save and use my own money to buy stuff like clothes, shoes, food and toys for the people who are poor. I could even give my old clothes and fix my toys and give it to them. I will persuade someone by telling them that you should care about people who are in need and that you should help them by putting donation boxes all around Thailand. I will also tell someone that giving stuff for the people who are in need will make them happy and we can be happier and have a good life.

  15. As you know we have people who live on the street or live in a homeless area and that is called poor people. We are lucky enough that we learn in a nice school and a awesome home so better appreciate what you have in your life. Like the people that can’t go learn and live in a peaceful place you need to give them something like a pencil, money, and books so they can read like charities. When you give them stuff they feel happy and like they have someone that can help them get there life moving on.

    Thank you for reading

  16. Many refugees are moving to Thailand because they need to. Have you ever thought of helping them . Well I suggest you should help them because education is important. If they have good education, they can support themselves and family. Right now were building a school for the refugees so you can maybe donate some money,school supplies,many more. You can also donate what you don’t use anymore or buy stuff for them. Where you get the money you might ask, you can sell lemonade or sell bottles . Then use it to buy school supplies ,food,water for them. They might feel very happy and when they get rich they maybe help you if you get poor. Like they say if you treat them good they treat you back good. In the schools you can put a box and ask your classmates to donate to the refugees. You can even make a show for getting money about you helping the refugees.

    1. AJ, you made a good point in suggestion that everyone should take advantage of the current donations. This school and students will need it to learn and do their work. We can help them by giving some extra items to them which we do not need. I also like your ideas on how you can earn extra money to donate. I like the way you think. You are such a little businessman. I am proud of you.

  17. We can donate school supplies to them so they study and learn new things for example, they can learn math, social studies and much more. We can also donate books we haven’t used yet or pencils and erasers so they can write and read. We can donate water bottles so they can carry water around so when there thirsty.

  18. Giving charity of your old stuff is good, it makes everyone happy. When you give charity, the people who get the things will be happy, and it will make you feel like a good people. For example what you can give is old books, pencils, toys, clothes, stationary and etc. I have a lot of old stuff and my mom donates all of the old clothes I can’t wear it anymore and toys that I don’t play anymore. When you donate stuff that people don’t use it anymore, it makes everybody feel good and happy. 🙂

  19. You can donate charity people some things you don’t need or want like pencils,erasers,diaries,clothes,money, and etc. The charity people need us we have to help them survive and be healthy.we don’t want them to be hurt 😭.charity people need us.😇

    1. We can give them stationery’s and maybe also we can donate money to make their school better like making it bigger and also we can buy clothes, shoes, and socks. We can maybe donate old toy, book and other stuff you don’t need. We can donate food like fruit chip so that’s they won’t starve. I’m pretty sure if we donate the stuff the will be happy 😃. The end (:

  20. Giving is one of the ways to help people. We can give our old but usable stuff, money, food, and clothes to people who are in need.

    What will I do to convince others to give? Maybe I will show them some videos of poor people, so they will feel sorry for them and they will give them what they need. I will also show them photos of people begging on the streets for money and food. I will also tell them that giving is a good thing to do because that’s making other people happy. They will be happy, too, if the poor people become happy because of their giving. I’m sure they will be blessed by GOD and those people in need will also treat them nicely.

    Well, I’m blessed because I have lots of food. My family has enough supplies. My family and I are nice to street people. We do not laugh at them because they are poor and don’t have money. We want to be friends with them. And if we can donate, we will.

  21. I think raise money for poor people because they can buy things they don’t have.And things that they really need and important. I will give desks and chairs for school so students can use.Will give the books for students to it’s make them smart.

  22. I would persuade someone to give to a charity by describe why that group of people need to be donated. I also will give more details, so they can imagine how poor they are.
    Give the story is important to persuade someone to do a charity. Otherwise he or she does not want to spend money.
    When we donate,we must carefully do with trusted organization.

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