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Welcome to another week of KPIS Writers! Thank you for all your responses- especially Aurora and Baimon- wow! Great thoughts about International School life.

This week, I want us to think about giving- about charity, about helping others. Students at KPIS are involved in several charities, most recently a fund to help the Burma Border Projects (BBP) an organization providing educational support to Burmese refugees living in Northern Thailand.

Students learning at the Project

Writing Prompt:

How would you persuade someone to give to a charity or someone who was in need? Would you tell them a story? How could giving to someone in need help the person who was doing the giving?

Can’t wait to read your responses for this week- using what we have to help others is the definition of a Global citizen, as well as a problem solver. If you want more information on the Burma Border Projects, you can find the donation link here: Burma Border Projects (BBP)

Thank you!

-KPIS Writing Committee

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  1. I know some kids who can’t learn at school because they don’t have money or parents.They needs things to learn and they needs money to pay the school. I would say to the person who want to help is can you help me donate things to the kids that don’t have anything? It will be very great to help them.The kids well be so happy that we help them.

  2. I will tell everybody I know to help people who needs help like poor, hungry and, homeless people by donate things for living because we are in the same world and breathe the same air. We have more money so… we should more money to them. I will give school supplies to them.

    1. I will tell other people I know to help poor people. Poor people are hungry and homeless so we help them by giving them money,food and residence because I am considerate. I love helping other people! It makes me happy.

    2. There are many children not have money and nothing to eat or go to school because they are poor and no dad and mom and they don’t have home. I will give them toys and book that i don’t use

  3. Everyone knows how school it is easy it was keep very easy for kids to learn very very much easier that it so easy they have money is 20 baht 50 baht 100 baht 500 baht or 1000 baht all the time they 15 kids at there money bag or backpack or something caught money for supplies what now keep it up sometimes it caught money how how how… HAPPY they was so so so something money can save it very much can be a baht.

  4. I will tell others people about poor people . I will do football charities contest and everybody will register 1000 baht for 1 team. I will buy food and water and shirts for them. I go to teach them . I will give my old toys to them. I will invite my friends to make school and toilet for them .

  5. In a remote area, many students don’t have enough stationary for learning, enough food for lunch , enough table and chair. Some community does not have enough money to build a school for kids and teacher. Because of most families are poor. So we should help them by telling our family, friends, someone we know to donate money or things and pass to them. Also we can go to see them and help them build a school or something else together with local people.

  6. Charity is a good thing to humanity. Charities provide help and raise money for those in need. To persuade someone to give to a charity, it could be done by TELLING A STORY. We could tell the story by showing the PICTURE or TALKING to other people. However, the best way is to record the VIDEO CLIP to show to other people. After that, we could put the clip up on the BILLBOARD in the traffic junction for many people that stuck in the traffic. Also, SHOPPING MALL is the best place to show the clip because people like to go shopping. Moreover, TV is another choice because a lot of people addict to the series and movie such as my grandma. Lastly, we can put it ONLINE such as facebook, line, or website because everyone is using internet everyday.

  7. I will go to the mall. I will say… do you want to donate for the students at Lao? because they don’t have pencils, pen, paper, shoe, stationary and clothes.They don’t have shoe, their clothes are dirty and old. We will have a big box to put anything you want to donate.We will drive to Lao and give it to them. If you donate, it will bring you good luck and happiess.

  8. I will persuade the people to make charity for children who are homeless and have no parents. So they don’t have money for buying foods. They can’t have a chance to go to school. So the money that people give will help their life better and can go to school.

    1. Great idea Mac – so your charity would collect money for the children who are homeless? Would the charity do anything else? I think those people would be very grateful to receive money to hopefully live a better life.

  9. I will tell everyone that some people don’t have Money. And we have a lot of money. So we can give them some money and things we don’t use anymore. And if you give some thing to another people it will make you and the another people feel happy.

  10. There are many kids that have not much money as we have. They don’t have food, cloths, toys, and school supplies. I will post Facebook and Instagram to invite everyone to help and donate to the poor kids.

  11. I would like to tell people, family and friends to donate things to the people who are poor, no foods and do not have money. You can donate what you don’t use but this is such a great things for who is in need such as clothes, books, toys and stationary. I would like to tell you my story that I went to the home for children with disabilities near school, I saw many kids are blind and disabilities. They do not have parents and need to stay there with teachers. I donated them some foods, clothes and money. I saw them eat my foods. I feel very happy to give and see them smile. I would like everyone help those kids by donating things we have to give them better life. You will be happy when you give to someone same as me.

    1. Wow Pear – I didn’t realize you went to the home for children with disabilities near school, that was very kind of you. When did you go? Excellent thinking to share your story for this post. You can definitely understand how donating can help children who need help like the children you visited. I also like that you specifically said what you donated – food, clothes, and money I bet were all very helpful to them. Nice work!

  12. First,I would persuade someone to give to a charity by telling them the situation in the Orphanage. Second,I would show the pictures of the children and the location. Third,I would bring them to the place where the Orphanage live.
    The person who was doing the giving receives something from the children in the Orphanage, the real joy, genuine love and true happiness in there heart that money cannot buy.

  13. First I will go to a place that have many people cause people can give a lot of money and I will also put a sign that show a picture of a poor people in the donation box and I will also make a short story right in front of the donations box to persuade people to donate something or money that the poor people need.

  14. I will tell people to give money to the poor. i myself will buy foods for them because they don’t have money. i will teach them how to write as they might not have enough money to go to school. i will donate my unused toys to them so they can have fun like I do.

  15. Some things that you don’t use anymore you can give them to homeless people . Because homeless people don’t have money or food . so we share things to people . I will share food for people who don’t have food.

  16. I will share some of my cloths , toys ,books and things that I do not use to them. I think that can make them happy. And I will tell other people for the donation, I think they can help that poor people and they can give more things or money to them.

  17. I would persuade someone to give to a charity or someone who was in need by telling friends and families first about their story that they don’t have thing and money so we should bring them our toys or things that we will not use anymore or some money or food too. Next I would go to ask other peple at school and everywhere I go “Do you want to charity with me?”
    I think giving to someone in need could make us feel good and happy because we can help other peple and not be a selfish person too.

  18. I will tell to mommy and daddy that we need to give some money to others who are in need. So they can buy school supplies , milk, food or anything they need at school. I will tell to mommy and daddy that giving to others makes us happy and they will be happy too.

  19. I will donate some food that still have some food .If I kindly
    I will donate my own moneys,toy,cloth,chapter book for
    them I think they can be happy and they can live now . I
    could persuade our family,friend, or someone else to give some

  20. I will tell my friends that the poor people is so poor. They don’t have toys, food, games, and cloth. I will ask my friends do you want to give the poor people monny, toy? I will ask the poor people a qwestion game. If someone can give the corret anser they will get a toy, cloth, book. And I feel good because they have a toy and cloth and book now.

    1. I wanted to persuade my friends to giveaway some money so the kids could learn at school. I will persuade my friends by telling how the kids feel and how they don’t have parents. I will tell them that the kids don’t have money to learn.

  21. I wanted to persuade my friends to giveaway some money so the kids could learn at school. I will persuade my friends by telling how the kids feel and how they don’t have parents. I will tell them that the kids don’t have money to learn.

    1. Hi Putter – That’s a great idea. I think passing on that information to your friends will help them understand how those kids must feel. Do you think your friends will give money after you tell them? If yes, what will you do with the money once you collect it from them?

  22. We know that some children does not have money to pay the school to study. But if some children don’t have anything they will feel sad & unhappy. So, if some people I know wanted to donate stuff or ($ money) , please do it.🙏🏼 Your stuff or money 💵 that you donate will make them have a better life.👨‍👨‍👦

    1. Hi Japan – That is very persuasive! You made some good points about how the children will feel if they don’t have things, and I think that would help convince people to donate. What kinds of things would you ask people to donate to the children?

  23. Charity is a good thing because we can give money to homeless people and people who are in need. People who want to help them can giving them the things that they need and for their own living. We can also give them opportunity to learn by giving them books that we do not use anymore and give it to them. Maybe we can also give the kids some of the stuff we do not use anymore. And we can help them by giving them food to eat. Sometimes poor people sit by the road to get some money for their own living. So, whenever I have chance, I will help poor people and homeless people. And I feel good to help them.

  24. I think to persuade someone to donate something is to tell him how much the poor need. Like they are so hungry and need a school to learn in and people don’t donate money and things very much at all. They have very little money that they have not enough to pay for school because they need the money for food.

  25. When we see the kids who can’t go to school or don’t have food to
    eat. We should help them. We should to learn giving. Because we are so
    lucky. We don’t have to worry about our life . But some people they don’t know where
    is there next meal. If we can help them. Let them have better life,
    we will be happy ,too.
    Remember, giving is the best reward.

  26. I would tell them would they like to bring toys or things that they don’t use it any more to give to the others or not. If anyone wants to, then we could have them join together. I would tell them little about the story. We might send them by drive to or something else.

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