KPIS Writers Prompt 6/3 G. 3-5

Welcome back to another week of KPIS Writers! Thank you for all the great responses this week! Awesome job everyone!

I want us to think about names today- we are all “tuskers”, but we also have our own names too! Some names we chose, some are given to us, some names even belong to us, a parent, and a grandparent too! Some countries even celebrate a person’s name by making it a holiday!


Today is “find out the meaning of your name” day- so write a little bit about what your name means (maybe ask a parent/do some research), and if your name has any special meaning for your family! Write about your first, middle or last name- or all three!

See you back here next week! Can’t wait to read those responses!

-KPIS Writers Committee

17 thoughts on “KPIS Writers Prompt 6/3 G. 3-5

  1. My name Adam mean the Hebrew word for “Man”It could be ultimately.
    Derived from Hebrew also meaning for “Adam” as “to be red referring to the ruddy color of man skin. Or from Akkadian adamu meaning “To make,earth, and nature”.there are other names for Adam in different places.So that’s all my father told me he is really intelligent.Ok meet ya next time!

  2. Aya
    My mum said that my name means first female child and I’m the first female child in my family. In Japan it means colourful or beautiful. In Hebrew it means fly or bird. In Arabic it means wonderful or amazing. In Turkey it means angel. I like my name because it is easy to spell.

  3. Jiajia
    One day I was thinking what does my name mean so I walk to my dad (cuz of my name is Chinese and he is the one who named me) I asked him ”What does my name mean?” and he answer “Beautiful and best.” I never know that! And it was true that I was beautiful and the best because many people say that I was beautiful and I am the best sister in my family my sister love me cuz I m their best big sister. But one problem is that some people can’t spell my name and saying it right like I was learning with a new teacher I told him my name then the next time I learn with him he said that if I am a good girl I will get points. He write my name on the board and I looked at it doesn’t spell right he spell it like this “Cher cher” I was like WHAT!? then he said “What’s wrong?” I said “You spell my name wrong!” so he let me write my name then I show him he was like ohhhhhh then he remember it. Some filipino teachers say my name different and they keep saying my name like that. Some of my classmates tease me like Adam who tease my name with the Chinese word that means sister I can’t hold it so I cry. I want to change my name but it’s still okay to have a name like this so now I love my name.

    By Jiajia ^_^

  4. Aiden

    My name is Aiden the name comes from Ireland. It means little fire. I think my mom named me Aiden because I have anger problems. There are many ways to spell Aiden including Ayden, Aydan, Aydin, Aedan, Aidyn, and Aadyn. I like my name because my favourite colour is red/orange and fire is red/orange. Another reason I like my name is because my house is P house and it is red.

  5. My name is Nate which doesn’t have a meaning.
    But my first name has a meaning. My first name is Aditat which
    means “giver”. My parents named the first
    three letters “Adi” because to make it a bit the same with my dad’s name
    It either means giving things to people or either letting borrow stuff or share
    Stuff and I kind of do that sometimes. So I am very proud of my name


  6. My nick name is NY and I come from Thailand and it mean that is a similar name of the place called New York. My real name is Krit Dolarom. The first name mean that it is accomplish, achievement, complete. The, last name mean that enjoyable, funny, happy, good mood,

  7. My name is Anthony. Because my great grandfather was called Allan Anthony Macdonald. But everyone called him by his middle name Anthony or Tony. That why my dad put my name Anthony . The name Anthony comes from the Greek word ‘Anthos’ meaning flower.

  8. My name is pasta obviously my name means spaghetti food from Italy and my middle name is Nevada which is a city and my last name kumlakasing is my grandpa’s last name

    I love my name

  9. My name is EL my name means god and my dad named me Pridi because my grandfather is called prida and it means happy my last name is prawatyothin means legend of the navy.

  10. Do you know that almost every people in Thailand like to have a long name.
    My name is Nichsama. It means peaceful. My grandma is the person that naming me.
    My nickname is Baimon. It means mulberry. My aunt is the person that naming me.
    Sometime name is no maening so it is difficult to know what is mean.

  11. A lot of people think that my name is weird. They think that my name is actually Tonam because they think the meaning of Namton and Tonam is the same. Well to be honest, I thought it was weird too! I even wanted to change my name. Until my mom told me.

    I was named by my grandmother. She’s from Chiang Rai which is in the north of Thailand and they don’t use the same language as us. This might be off topic but I actually suck at talking in the northern language of Thailand. Ok, back to the story. My mom said that namton was a clay made pot that looked kind of like a vase. It is hard to find these days but I have one at home. Namtons are used to put water or liquid inside. I’ve tried it before and left it out in the open. I came back 3 hours later and it was colder than room temperature. My sister was named Anda, short for the Andaman sea. So my grandma wanted to name me something that was related to water. So then she named me Namton. Since we are talking about names, I want to tell you a story.

    When I was little, my mom and dad ( my sister too but it didn’t count because she didn’t take me there) took me to dinner in a restaurant. At that time, I was in Chiang Rai for vacation. I was running around the table like a weirdo who just ate fifty gallons of sugar. My mom thought it was disrespectful so she said, “ Namton come here!” Well she didn’t say it in English. She said it in Thai. Anyways, I walked to her slowly and sadly. But something weird happened. There was this waiter who just walked to my mom and gave her a menu and said something. I didn’t know what he said but my mom said she needed nothing. Then he just walked to his old spot. I then found out that his name was also Namton like mine!

  12. My name is Bew there is not really a meaning to my nickname(Bew) nor my last name but my real name( Nichapa) means bringing wealth and success. When my family realizes they have me they start thinking of a name for me. While they were my sister(Bambam) had a best friend named Bew and then my mom thought that the name would be perfect for me so my mom named me Bew.

    Bew 4/1

  13. My first name is Winthai my mom and dad name me that because all the letters are some real name or normal names. I’m going to tell you what are those names. The wi mean Wiyada that is my mom name and n mean Nares that is my dad name, Th mean Thanyapat is my sister name,Thananpat is my cuson name, Thanapat is still my cuson name that all I know for Winthai. and my other name is Pairojkitthavorn, that have in every one name. and the p means Preeyapat that means my cuson name.

  14. My first name is Thanyapat which means a hard worker. The name Yongjern means focused. My grandfather named me. My brother also got the name Yonggui from my grandfather even my cousins. My mom said that I didn’t craw when I was a kid I just walked.

  15. My first name is Dayton but many people just call me AJ which is my middle name.My first name means brightest and sunshine.My mum named me this because I was born in the morning like about 5:08 a.m.My middle name which is AJ has no meaning ,but my middle name was name this way because my mum name is Aom and my dad name is Jack.So they took the first 2 letters of there name and form it together now they got the name AJ.

  16. My Thai name Kornnapat according to my parents means “a person who is like a diamond in the heart”. They love me from the bottom of their heart. First I am the first born child so my mommy and daddy were very excited to have me and they think that I’m like a diamond .Diamond means like something very special. and precious. How about my nickname my English name Aom means “Saving” my mom and dad want me to work hard, earn more and save more money while I’m still young. Like for example: now I have a bank book my parents keep it for me every Christmas, Chinese New Year and my Birthday everytime I receive money as a gift .I will it to my mommy and daddy to put them in the bank so I think my name is okay for me… How about you what is special about your name..

  17. My name is Donut and it means doughnut, the food that you eat. It means I am made to be famous around the world since I am a doughnut. However, to my parents, it means what they love to eat when they were young and what they like, it also mean something special to them. It means I have a very close relationship with my parents and a great person to them. My mom loves to eat doughnuts when she was young and so she loved the moments when she ate doughnuts in her childhood. I love my name even if others think it is weird because it means a lot to my family.

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