KPIS Writers Prompt 6/3 G. 1-2


Welcome back to another week of KPIS Writers! Thank you for all the great responses this week! Awesome job everyone!

I want us to think about names today- we are all “tuskers”, but we also have our own names too! Some names we chose, some are given to us, some names even belong to us, a parent, and a grandparent too! Some countries even celebrate a person’s name by making it a holiday!


Today is “find out the meaning of your name” day- so write a little bit about what your name means (maybe ask a parent/do some research), and if your name has any special meaning for your family! Write about your first, middle or last name- or all three!

See you back here next week! Can’t wait to read those responses!

-KPIS Writers Committee

67 thoughts on “KPIS Writers Prompt 6/3 G. 1-2

  1. Onyx means green gems. My name has special meaning to my mom because she like to eat crabs. My real is name Teerut,my parents gave this name to me because my brother’s name is Teerat. My last name is Tanompongnawin
    means we follow dad’s last name.Teerut Tanompongnawin my full name.I like my name because the meaning of
    my name is gems.And gems make me become rich.

  2. Pearchompoo is my first name. My mom told me that she choose this name for me which mean beautiful pink flower from Australia. My mom also likes pink color and she studies with my dad in Australia and they met and love each other there. I like this name too because it is very sweet name and I also like pink color l.
    My surname is Archapitakkul. It is my dad’s surname so I use this surname as I am my dad’s daughter. My nickname is Pear. It is the name of the fruit which is very sweet and I like to eat it. My mom named Pete and she called me Pear as it matched with her name starting with the same P.

  3. My name is Preme it came from Supreme which means very great or the best. Everyday I think that  why my name is Preme? I think P from the beginning letter of my mom name and M from my dad name. My first name is Rapiya. My mom ask the fortune teller what should be good name for my daughter. My mom choose this name because it means a smart lady.

  4. Noina means a fruit that the color green and my grandpa name me noina and my.
    Mom and dad and brother and auntie like it to and i like my name too because it’s.
    Easy to call me noina and i really really like my name .

  5. My real name is Poonnarin, Poon mean knowledgeable.Therefore Poonnain fully knowledgeable. My nickname is Poobpub, it means immediately. My parents told me that after the second year of their maried they planning in having their

  6. My nickname is KOLO. It is from my dad’s pen name when he create his artwork. But when I search on the internet I found out KOLO mean very cool or awesome and can describe something when another word cannot be found. For example you can say you are such a KOLO. That was so KOLO. But I don’t know what langwesh is it. I like my name because it is unik and cool. Everyone always ask me what my name mean.

    My first name is Theerathawat. It mean all round philosopher who is good at everything. And I have my dad’s last name. That is Sirisuwan.

  7. My real name is Poonnarin, Poon means fully and narin means the knowledge. Therefore Poonnarin means fully knowledgeable. My nickname is Poobpub, it means immediately. My parents told me that after the Second year of their married they plannig in having their child and I am comming immediately!

  8. My name is jade and it mean a green gem or rock my mom and dad say is a beautiful gem. My real name is still jade my mom and dad say his name me jade and real name jade is because it easy to reed and write. Jade in thai mean heart and what it mean to my family is a heart of my family.

    My last name is jetthanacharoenchai it mean prosperity.

  9. My name is Brighton. The meaning of my name is from Brighton Beach. Brighton Beach is at Australia. Bright is mean sunshine.

    And my real name is Natthapakorn that mean good person. Also my dad name is like me and my dad real name is Natthakrit.

  10. My name is Wiwittawin, my mother gave me this name . my mom tell me that means “To receive special things and always receive a good things.”

    My nick name is “TJ” it is the first letter “T” from my mom name “Thanita” and the second letter”J” from my dad name “Jessadang”. I love my nickname because l love my mom and dad.

  11. my name is KEITH that mins forest wood and trees. My first name is ratchapol that mins the soljer of the . . . @@
    soljer of the king !
    they are cool fore me but not for someone else ! u

  12. Hi my nickname is Japan and my first name is passawuth. You know why my nickname is called Japan??? That’s because my family goes to JAPAN 🇯🇵 every year!!!!!!!!! And also when I was born I looked like a Japan kid!!!!!!! My mom’s boss is a Japanese people and she works in Japanese company too. That’s the reason why my name is Japan. Thanks 🙏🏼 mom , dad that gives this name for me.

  13. My name Kasidit (middle name) means
    K Is for keepsake, you treasure your memories
    A Is for achievements, the many over a life time
    S Is for sweet, your pleasing way
    I Is for independence, your balance between being overly reliant and alone
    D Is for dream, your beacon ahead
    I Is for ignite, the fire in you
    T Is for treat, that you always are

    My name Oak (nickname or first name) means about Oak tree. Oak trees are strong which means my family want me to be strong and positive in life. They want me to success in life.

    My last name is Khayanying, which in Thai means you are very responsible and respectful to everyone.

    My name has a wonderful meaning and I hope I will be like that and achieve that success during my lifetime.

  14. My Thai name Nichanan means a happy person. When my mom have me in her tummy .Mom and dad visit a Thai monk and asked for my name .My English name Aim means goal or target. My mom and dad gave that name to me . So I will try to do my best and be successful.

  15. My nickname is Hopper. It means I have a job to hop. It is from a movie name Battleship. My frist name is Nattaseat it means wealthy scholars because my mom want me to be rich and happy. I also want to be rich. My last name is Rodklaiklib. My dad name is Rodklaiklib too.

  16. My nickname is MOJI and it came from my parents’ nickname. First letter is from my dad Mee. Second letter is from my mom Joy. With the combination of M and J, it still can be many name. However, my parents love to eat a Japanese Snack called MOJI. So this is how I got my nickname.

  17. My name is Fergie (is my nickname) and it means rock or strong. Aurora is my last name and it means northern light like on the sky. My first name is Pinyo and Pinyo……It dosn’t mean any thing but I got named like that because is just the same as my Dad and brother.

  18. Phushi chomanan is my first name in Thai land my grandma like to call me phushi —- Chomanan.My original name was (phushi) because in Japan (phushi) is mean( sumurai ) or brave soldiers .

    I got my nickname (blue) is a raptors name blue character from Jurassic world movie .

    My last name is Nuch phushi because when I was born my mom see me like my mom face so, i got my name Nuch phushi, Nuch is my mom nick name so my mom made my last name Nuch phushi .

    that is how I got/get my name
    I like my name and my mom names😀.

    —by blue G 2/2- ( 😀😃😄)

  19. My nick name is Lydia. The meaning of Lydia is successful! It is also poland laguage. My mom named me this name because one night when she two months pregnant, she dreamed that she had a girl come to the house and she called her Lydia. So, when my mom woke up, she think she will name her baby Lydia. Also, my first name is Pariyakorn which mean Beloved women. Because I am beloved by my mom and my dad. I love all my name so much.

  20. My parents told me that what my name means the Light from the sky and my nickname also same meaning as my real name, I’m so glad my parents gave me this name and I really like my name most!.

  21. My nickname RYUU means dragon in japanese “LONGE”. I am named after my birth year (2012).
    It’s the dragon year.
    My parents chose it to be japanese becase it is their favoirte country to visit.
    I love my name and I think it ‘s the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  22. My name is Soffia Abdullah Sabah but my nickname is Soffia my name is Soffia becase my dad love this name.also Abdullah is my dad’s middle name Sabah is my dad’s surname it means morning.🌅I love my name becase it has two f and it is special .😊

  23. My name is Soffia Abdullah Sabah but my nickname is Soffia my name is Soffia becase my dad love this name.also Abdullah is my dad’s middle name Sabah is my dad’s surname it means morning.🌅I love my name becase it has two f and it is special .

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