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Hello! Welcome to another week of KPIS Writers! Thanks to our winners this last week, Jaguar in grade 1 and Bittu in grade 4 for their most excellent comments! For this week, I’d like to think about snow (okay, not really snow, but winter- it is almost December, after all)

Writer’s Prompt 29/11/19

What activities do you like to do in the winter? Make a list and explain why you like them!

Can’t wait to read your responses!

-Mr. Josh

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  1. 1.what i like to do in winter is to go to my country and go to my grandma’s house and go have fun!!
    2.i like to go to my friend’s house to go play and have fun
    3.i play game (of course when home work is done)have fun with family. play family game. raz kids and ixl

  2. The activities that I like to do in the winter is … Playing snowball fight and making a snowman.
    First, I like playing snowball fight because when someone else is throwing the ball to you and it hit you it feels a bit cold and little bit hurt.
    The first thing that I like making a snowman is that when we are building a snowman we need to use our creativity to think what kind of snowman should we build.
    The second thing that I like making a snowman is that when we build it and we destroy it would be so fun because if we run to the snowman and hit it the snowman will be destroyed.

    For real I never touch snow before.

  3. I like snow and make a snowman with stone buttons and carrot,hat and a scarf that cute and fluffy also cute things to make it beatiful and pretty at the same time . SECRET:I never play snow like my Brother

  4. I will go to China and play with snow and also I’ll also build a snow man I’ll with also catch snowflake. I will also open present with my family. I will play snow ball fight with my family and at night I am gonna go to a fancy restaurant with my family I am gonna eat turkey,pizza, and French fries it gonna be fun. My family with also go to watch a movie maybe jurassic word 3 I don’t know but I am exited. I will have a party with my family too.

    Secret: I never touch snow in my life

  5. I would go to Japan and play with snow because on winter when I go to Japan there is snow and I could go play with my sister building snow man and playing SNOWBALL fight and it is fun. At Japan when there is ice sometimes the snow would be falling in the sky

  6. I would go to Japan and play with snow because on winter when I go to Japan there is snow and I could go play with me sister building snowmans and playing snowball fight and it is fun. At Japan when there is ice sometimes the snow would be falling from the sky. When it falls down I want to try to get it. I want to go to South Korea and also play the snow because if I play with the snow it would melt in my hand and I want to build a small snowman and play snowball fight with my sister to. At Korea the snow is cold and I like it when it is cold

  7. I would go to America because it is gonna be snowy and my WHOLE family might have a snow ball fight. I might get wet because when ice/snow melts on humans, it will melt fast because we are warm blooded.
    I also might get to eat my favorite fruit which is STRAWBERRY!!!!!
    So I am gonna be excited and crazy!!. There is also going to be a CHRISTMAS tree and I am gonna put my letter in a big sock and put it on the tree. In the morning I will look at my presents that I wish. Then, I’m gonna make a snowman if it is still snowing. I already prepared the snow man parts and I am gonna have fun again with my cousins and brother in the morning.

  8. I like to go skiing and throwing snowballs! I like throwing snowballs because my dad is a noob so it is an easy target. Also in Thailand we do not have snow. I get very excited at snow. But because I don’t go often (2years a time) I can’t practice skiing often. My da backflip and almost break his neck. He went to the top of the mountain! Yeah but I stay on the floor.

  9. Activities I like to do in the winter is having a positive, delightful time with my family and friends. I could travel anywhere, my main point is to see my family’s happiness and how they enjoy Christmas. I could even stay home if they would smile.

    But if I can choose, I would like to go to Canada. I want to play with snow! Me and my brother could build up a snowman. But the snowman would probably fall down in 1 second. That would be so much fun and entertaining (even though the snowman was ready to fall down as fast as tornadoes).

    I would also like to go to Finland! I am curious because a lot of people says that Santa Claus is in Finland. I’m not sure, but if he is at Finland, I would be very glad to see him! I want to try to touch his long, white beard. I want to ask him about his age! I want to listen to his old voice saying ‘Ho! Ho!” I also want to ask him when is his birthday! There is a lot more things I’m curious to ask Santa.

    I would also like to go to Spain because my brother’s favorite football team is there. His favorite team is Real Madrid. If our family is going to go there, I bet he will be the happiest boy on the whole planet Earth. W

  10. On Christmas I would do an activitys is,I’ll go to England to play a snowball fight also I’ll make a big cute snowman and I’ll play a ice skates too.And on dinner I’ll eat a chicken,French fries,cheese,and a sporegetty with my family’s.At the morning I’ll opened a presents that my family put on the Christmas tree also I’ll make a cookie with my family’s for a breakfast and a milk too.And I’ll make a story about a Christmas Day with my family’s.And I’ll buy a present for my teacher with my family’s.That’s sounds fun,but I don’t know that it is gonna be true?

  11. On winter break we will go to Udon and Laos with my parents. I want to play harbour land , go to animal zoo and Christmas village. Among all, my favorite is going to a Christmas village because Christmas it’s happen only once a year so I want to enjoy it by playing snow making snowball and snowman..

  12. On winter break I want to go to South Korea. I love South Korea it’s cold and cold is perfect for Christmas. We can also make cute snowman. I want to go to a place in Korea is Line village cuz they have BT21. BT21 is popular in Line too just like brown and friends. I will just want to buy stuff in there tho, I hope I can see some BT21 characters there cuz they are so cute, cuter than anything! I will come back to Thailand cuz I miss my home actually I want to hug my pillow(I hug the pillow for 3 or 4 years ago). Then I will come back to school

    By jiajia 3/2 ^_^

  13. On winter I will go to Japan and I will play snow fight with my family and I will buy snow gun and other snow toy and on day one I will buy Nintendo switch at Japan and I will buy other thing and I will play roller coaster and I will go to Disneyland and watch show but I don’t know and when I. Then, when I buy the Nintendo I will play at Japan. However, I go with my dad and my mom. Truly, it is so fun because it has many thing to play. So, that’s why Japan is fun.

  14. On winter break I will be going to London.
    I hope to go to see the Christmas decorations there. I look forward to going to Picadilly Circus,Oxford Street, Trafalgar Square and many other places. My uncle and auntie promise to take me to Winter Wonderland in the middle of Hyde Park .They said there were many shops and playgrounds including other amusements. I will play some games such as throwing balls to the dolls to get some prizes etc. Apart from this l expect to visit British Museum and Natural Museum in the heart of London and some other places outside such as Windsor Castle and Cotswalds. I know that this
    winter will be one of the best winters in my life.

  15. In winter we have a tree which is bigger than me. I like to decorate the tree with the Christmas lights and decorations. Sometimes I go to Hong Kong with some of my family members. This year I will go to Singapore with my whole family and visit universal studios. At Christmas and new year I sometimes see firework displays from the building I live in. Last year I stayed up until midnight to count down from ten for the new year. At Christmas I sometimes watch movies and play a lot of video games. We don’t normally give presents but I think we will this year.

  16. What i would like to do in the winter?
    1. I will make a snowman so it can be my snow friend.
    2.My family will eat a special dinner.
    3.I will go to fun park with my mum and play everything there.
    4.I will go to Japan for winter.
    5.I will have a little party at home.

  17. On the first day of winter, before Christmas Eve 1 day me and my family will go purchase a brand new WHITE Christmas tree also, the decorations to decorate our house and the Christmas tree too!

    After we come back home we will decorate our house and Christmas tree and have a small family party . Before the party starts me and my family will go play “snowball fight” , after that we will start the party .

    When the party ends we will clean up all the mess such as wash the plates, clean the table and wash the glass / cup later write a short letter for Santa- claus and hang it on the Christmas tree and go to sleep.

    The next day we will run down the stairs and look for the present that santa gave us on Christmas Eve , and we will open it. After that me and my little sister will go out and play sleigh and “snowball fight”.

    Later me and my family will go to an amusement park and have fun with my family and friends (if I invited them…) , soon we will go to eat lunch in a cool restaurant.

    Later we’ll go back to our home and drink a nice hot chocolate.

    So, that’s all I will do on winter day I hope you guys enjoy my story!!

    BYE BYE by: whawha G5/1….

  18. what would you do on winter? version 2 ( list version.)
    these are all the thing i would do on Christmas day / winter…
    1: go purchase a new Christmas tree
    Because our Christmas tree is SUPER old and there’s cockroach in it .
    2: go buy a decorations for the Christmas tree and the house
    Because it’s already rip and old , I guess the cockroach already ate all of them!
    3: decorate our house , Christmas tree and write a short note/letter for Santa Claus
    Because we will have a small party and we write a short letter because Santa won’t know what we want or what we need .
    4: go to Japan , Denmark or America
    Because it has TONS OF SNOW there , so we can build a snow-man or snowball fight with my little sister and my family.
    5: bake cookies and cakes to eat with my family and also share it to my neighbors.
    by:whawha G5/1

    1. I need to go and see snow right now! I have a few questions. What could a good global citizen do to avoid cutting down trees or discarding plastic decoration?
      Why did you choose only those countries? Where else do you find snow in December?

  19. what activities do you like to do in the winter? 1. skiing, because you can do jumps on little hills and it feels like you’re flying. Sometimes if the snow is too soft I will sink into it and my skis will get stuck. and if you fall in the super-soft snow, your skis will get stuck and it will disappear into the snow. 🙂 ;-;
    2. snowball fight, because it is when you can hit the person or thing you want to hit with an object
    3. drinking hot coca, because it is soo good on a cold day and the tiny marshmallows are so cute!
    4. making a snowman, because when you bored you can make a snowman and once, I even made it a house.
    5. sledding, because after you ski you might want to still ski and your legs are aching, so you can just sit on a sleigh and go anywhere (unless there is no hill)

  20. My family has a plan to go to Japan. I would really like to play in the snow and build a snowman and play snow ball fight because those are my favorite game to play while I’m in the winter. I really like winter because winter we can play some game like snow fight we can bring the snow and throw them and then we can play some ski in the snow I know some person like so this year I will try to play ski. When I was sleeping I dream that I go to places that look like an ice skate place. I really wish that I can go to Hokkaido because in there is all ice and I like playing in the ice so if I can go there one day I will be so happy and I will play as many as I could play. I really like Hokkaido it’s a beautiful place I see in my life.

  21. The things that I like to do in winter are….
    1. Go sking in korea
    2. Build a snowman in the snow.
    3. Traveling
    4. Eat wormer things than in summer.
    5. Celebrate christmas day with my family.
    I also like to eat strawberries in winter. Because they are very sweet and big!

  22. On winter time I will decorate my Christmas tree for Santa will come to my house to give me presents. I will travel with my family to Chiangrai to see my grandma and my mums friend and I hope the weather is cold because I want to go to a cold place. And beautiful mountain and good view. I think we will have a great time at winter.

  23. The activities that I would like to do in the winter are …
    1. Make a snowman.
    2. Play snowball fight with my mom, brother and dad.
    3. Visit Winter Wonderland in England.
    4. I will go to the reindeer zoo in England to feed and watch reindeers.
    I like to do all of these activities because it is fun and I will never forget it. Also, these activities are the best things to do in the winter for me.

  24. “What I Like To Do In The Winter”
    1. Travel to Taiwan
    2. Read books about Winter
    3. Go shopping in malls
    4. Play in snow (In places where there is snow)
    5. Go to beautiful landscapes and take photos
    6. Have fun
    I pretty will do these amazing things and, Taiwan have a lot of extremely amazing landscapes, there is also snow at the top of mountains. I love activities that are beautiful and extreme. By: Donut Have fun on your holidays! 😀

  25. The things I like in the winter is to do a camp fire to get warm.Set up a tent play board games ride bicycles because the cold wind makes me feel cool like opening a air-con. in the winter i dint need to open air-con because the wind is so cool even cooler than the air-con and when I take a bath the water is so cool because my house water is the same temperature as the wind or the degrees. the thing i playing game boards because the whole family gather together and play board games and it makes me feel warm and also fun and sometime the harsh wind come and blew the game board away and i have to run and get it so it wont blew away and every time it happen i must run far and get tired.

  26. Activities I want to do in the winter is….
    1. I want to go some where that have snow. Because this will be my third time that I will go to play snow with my family.
    2. I want my friends to come at my home. Because my friends never come and it will be fun.
    3. I want to stay with my family and have dinner together. Because some time I didn’t have together.

    If this will be true it will be my best time.

  27. 1.I want to make a snowman
    2.Then I want make a snowball fight
    3.I’m sure that I will play hide ‘n’ seek with my brother in a snow
    I’m so happy that if this time happen in Thailand I would be so happy to play snow in my first time of my life

  28. The activity I will do in winter break is I will go to Kho mon nok island with my family . I wanted to see some beautiful view. I wanted to swim in the ocean, sometime relax too. It will be very fun. When dinner time, the food is a seafood. I watch youtube about Kho mon nok with my dad and mom.We must sit for about 45 minute and then we go in the small boat. I was so excited to go to Kho mon nok now.

  29. What activities I like to do in winter?

    I mostly travel around or stay at home, not much. Like- everywhere I travel on a plane, it’s Vietnam. I want to go somewhere like, England, California, New York or something like that.

    At least I’m grateful! It’s kinda a waste of time though.
    Going to the USA is a long flight. I mean ACTUALLY. It’s a long flight and eventually I have to go home! Sad living.

  30. The activities I want to do for Christmas is playing with snow, going to Chiang- rai, playing with my dog, and going to swim with my cousin.
    I want to play with snow because I never ever touched a real life snow before. I know that I’ve been to New-Zealand before but I have never touched snow because it was summer and there was no snow. I want to try and play with snow because I wanted to play with it since I was a kid.
    I want to go to Chiang-rai because it is cold there and I like the breeze there. It is home to my favorite coffee shop and is also home to the cutest cat, Malt. My last visit to Chiang-rai was so cool! I met this dog called Tao- Hoong (Thai name) and he was the cutest golden retriever I have ever saw and played with. In Chiang-rai, our family has three houses. One is a condo, one is my uncle’s house, and the other is my grandma’s sister’s house.
    The next activity I want to do is playing with my dog. My dog is the best dog ever and she likes to lick me. Do any of your dogs like to run? Well my dog loves to run. She runs super fast and she loves catching things. Every time I throw a ball, my dog, Numchoke (Thai name) will always run and catch it. In my opinion, I think that a golden retriever doesn’t always retrieve a ball to its owner. I think of this because I have thrown a ball in front of a golden retriever but he didn’t retrieve it. But again, this is my opinion. Back to the topic, I want to play with my dog because she might not have anyone to play with and we are going on vacation on Christmas so she might get bored.
    The last activity I want to do is swimming with my cousin! I want to swim with my cousin because it is Christmas and the water is cold. Last time I swam with my cousin was the coolest time I have ever swum! My cousin didn’t like the coldness and I and my uncle just splashed water at him and he was cold. Also, my cousin couldn’t swim! So he borrowed a kickboard from a kid and my cousin used it to swim around. Then, we splashed water at my cousins’ eyes and he couldn’t see. He tried to get revenge by splashing water at me and my uncle but he accidently splashed water at the kid who let him borrow the kickboard.
    These are the thing I would like to do for Christmas.

  31. In winter break I’ll play with my dog and if I have time, I will go to eat my favorite restaurant in “Pataya” or play guitar and also practices with some of the notes also, I will also read the comic book that’s called “cookie run” which is so fun and for those of you who is “FC” which means you like some thing or person, you should have it at home (it’s up to you) but for me I love it so much. Also if I have nothing to do, I will play game to level up my character ( I also got a time limit). And that all the thing I want to do in this winter!

  32. In the season of Winter, there are just a few things I want to do. The first thing is watching fireworks at midnight from my house’s rooftop with my family on the day December 31st. Well, my family always said, ” Not even a single any place is better than our house.” I agreed, but not all the time, sometimes we just want to change the feelings of how to live and we might go out. So we’ll just celebrate in our house with food and watching movies.
    The second thing is visiting my grandma in Phuket. There is nothing special there, but hanging out, eating and cleaning together is just already too fun! It is also because I can also help my grandma that takes care of my mom when she is little!
    The third thing is to go to Japan! I love skiing, snowball fight and so many other things! I like to these things because there is no where in Thailand to do those things! Well, unique, of course. I love places that are naturally cold, not like air conditioner and stuff.
    Finally, the last but not least, I wanted to (before I start… people might think I am weird) go to school. Because I love learning and to have fun with my friends! I guess that is mostly of them…

  33. My first thing I want to do in the wintertime is to make a big fat snowman with my family! The only thing is I never play or touch the snow before. I want to make snowman the first thing because I like to play clays. When I going to build something like snowman it’s the same as clay. Also, there just a few times that are snowing.
    My second thing I want to do in the wintertime is to play a snowball fight with my family. I want to play snowball fight because if I use paper or a ball to play someone might get hurt. When we use snow, it didn’t feel anything but a white, cool snowball.
    If we enjoy our vacation or your vacation, our life will get fun like everyone’s feeling. Merry Christmas everyone!

  34. So first I like to take a long nap because it’s holiday. The second thing I really want to do is going to other country to see new things and try. The third thing I like to do is staying with my family and have a good time with them. I also like to stay at our holiday home. I also really like to have time to play with my animals dogs and cat. I also really like to play with other people I know and play with my phone. I like all these things because it’s holiday and we do not have it all the time.

  35. What would I like to do in the winter is:
    1. I would have to beg my parents to go on a vacation.
    2. If they say yes I’ll give them a big hug then go insane.
    3. If they say no then ” HELLO DARKNESS MY OLD FRIEND” and cry like a crybaby [ No that’s no true]
    4. Just pretend its a yes.
    5. Usually, my vacation in winter brake is on December 30
    6. Then when the time comes I will go insane! Especially night time I can’t sleep!
    7. So I would wait, wait and wait until my mom comes in the room.
    8. I will quickly get up and get ready…To sleep on the plane!
    9. When I had a nap on an airplane, I always get a headache.
    10. When I arrived I will dance like a crazy girl and rushed outside
    11. [ I forgot to tell you I’m going to Hokido]
    12. I would play snow and do all crazy stuff
    13. To the hotel
    14. I would run around the place and observe everything!
    15. What I like about the trip is that I get to be with my family
    It will be better with my friends LOL

  36. I wanna stay home because I can decorate my house with sister! I will put a Christmas tree, socks and etc. Open a Christmas song and open the present the same time! I will eat a big dinner with my family. (order a cake too!)I wanna make a blanket house! If I can maybe I will also hangout with my friends.

  37. Here are ‘Activities that I will do List’
    1. Sit back and relax in the fresh air. Because there is NO SNOW and don’t expect me to travel.
    2. Watch christmasy videos on Youtube ( This basically shows how jealous I am because my parents don’t travel! )
    3. Visit my mom’s zoo ( I won’t and never will tell you the name ) I want to do this because I like animals.
    4. Take a cold swim. Because in winter water could get cold, and I like cold. So its perfect.
    5. Act super cooper nice. Because I HATE getting disciplined.

    And that is pretty much what I want to do… :/

  38. What would I like to do on winter is:
    1. Beg my parents to got to South Korea
    2. Pack up for vacation
    3. Get to exited runs around in the house
    4. Goes to the airport
    5. Get in the airplane
    6. Plays games until arrive at South Korea
    7. Arrive at South Korea
    8. Goes to hotel
    9. Set up everything in the room
    10. Goes find a shop that has BT21 things
    11. When I find it buy lots of things in there
    12. Goes play in snowfall at Seoul
    13. Build snowman that is adorable
    14. Get into a snowball fight with someone
    15. Go get some food such as Japchae (stir-fried noodles),Bibimbap(mixed riced),Kimchi(fermented vegetables)
    16. Go see the beautiful cultures such as folklore, music, and art
    17. Go to see the South Korea attraction such as Nami island, Gyeongbokgung Palace, and Lotte World

  39. 1. Bring my family to the north and celebrate xmas on vacation .
    2. stay home and celebrate my birthday.
    3.stay home and celebrate my dad birthday.
    4.going to the temple.
    5.go to the north with my grandma.
    6.go and see the sea mist at the north on the mouton
    7.go to the dentist
    8. go to new year countdown party with friends
    9.xmas show
    10 vacation time

  40. 1 go to Japan and play snow I like to do those things because I always do that when it is Christmas eve
    2 I like to go buy presents when I wake up I go down stairs I go to open the presents and share the
    3 I so like to go shopping for food presents I got for them.
    4 I also like to spend time with my family
    5 I also like to have a Christmas party

  41. The activities I want to do in the winter and new year is first, I would LOVE to go to a place that have snow so I can play snow fight with my friends and family, it’s also because that I had never touch snow before.

    My second reason is, celebrating Christmas at Japanese! Since i’d had never go to Japan before, I’ve would really love to go there! If I go there, I might buy presents for my friends when when I comeback and when the winter break is over!

    Lastly, I would want to be in a hockey team when the New Years come, that would really make me happy and my parents! I would also play in a team too, and I’ve never play in a REAL TEAM before and that would be AMAZING!! It would also make myself proud that I’ve finally in a team (I MIGHT be in a team Warrior though ^^)!! I’m

  42. The first activity that I gonna do is go to Korea because I want to have time with my family, I also want to eat the octopus that is still alive, and I will buy a gift for my lovely teacher and friends. The second activity is have time with my cousin watching fireworks for NEW YEARS!

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