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Hello! Welcome to another week of KPIS Writers! Thanks to our winners this last week, Jaguar in grade 1 and Bittu in grade 4 for their most excellent comments! For this week, I’d like to think about snow (okay, not really snow, but winter- it is almost December, after all)

Writer’s Prompt 29/11/19

What activities do you like to do in the winter with your family? Make a list and explain why you like them! Which is your most favorite?

Can’t wait to read your responses!

-Mr. Josh

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  1. On winter break my family and I planning to have fun at Cartoon Network. We want to ride all the scary slides and baby slides. ….my sister, daddy and me will try the Wall climbing activity too.It is fun to stay in high places because I want to see a lot of things…We will sleep in a hotel there because the beds and rooms are big so we can play inside…

  2. On winter break I will go to Si Sa Ket to see my granny. I have some friends there [not my friends in my class]. At night it is a little bit cold so I need to bring my blanket. Sometimes I go kite flying. Sometimes I go to the market. I stayed at Si Sa Ket for two weeks. At Si Sa Ket there is a lot of rice fields. My activity to do there is to play. I go back home on December 29.

  3. On winter break I wiill go to USA with my family. I will play the snow and ice. First I will make snowballs. I will play it with my grandma. I will build a snowman and play iceskate. I like snow beacause they are white and soft.

  4. On winter break I will go to Myanmar with my family. My grandma and grandpa wanted to go temple to prey(They always wanted to be lucky). I also wanted to see their culture like what they eat, do or anything else. I want to see the icons too.

    By…JinJine ^_^

  5. I will go to England with my mom and my dad and my sister. Because my big brother will finish school in winter and I will give presents to my brother. I have a lot of plans to do in winter. I want to play ice skate. I want to eat snow. I want to make snowman. I want to make ice cream. Because it is fun to play with snow in winter. I love winter.

  6. In the winter break, me & my family will fly to Japan because we really want to feel the cold. In Japan now, it is winter & winter is very cold there. I wish I could play in the snow for many days. I will make a giant snowman with my dad. My dad used to throw snow at me when we are in Switzerland.We used to play Bob sledge from the hill to slide down. That was so fun I want it again!

    1. That will be fun to go to Japan, Kim! It will definitely feel colder there. I love to make snowmen too, it’s so fun. Do you think you will get to see snow in Japan? I think you might have to go far north to see it.

  7. I will go to V Villa Hua Hin in winter break with my family. I like it because it has a big pool in my room and can swim anytime I want. Also, I I I do not have to walk so far to the beach and I enjoy having many kind of foods for New Year dinner party at the beach.
    I also will go to cat cafe with my mom and dad to feed the cat and take photos with many cats. This cafe has delicious ice chocolate that I like very much.
    The most favorite place for me is V Villa HuaHin
    because it has a nice beach and yummy foods.

    1. Pear, it sounds like you have a very exciting winter break planned! A pool in your room sounds amazing – lucky you! And going to a cat cafΓ© sounds like the perfect place for you – I bet you’ll have a great time. Do you go there every winter break with your family?

  8. If I think of snow I miss the cold when I touch it and everywhere I go is white. We can do ice-skating,play snow balls,ice fishing and a build snowman in the winter with my family. I like them because they are fun activities in the winter. My favorite one is ice-fishing because the fish is my favorite food. And play snow balls because playing snow balls is one that can play with my family.

  9. On my winter break, I and my family is planning to go to Japan (my country name 555). We will celebrate Christmas eve and New year there. We’ll visit Fuji’s
    mountains and play snow and skiing.
    Not only my family will go to Japan my friends are going too. I will come back on January 6th. I am sure I will have fun there. I hope my trip is gonna be a good holiday.

    1. Nice writing Japan! I like how you started some of your sentences with transition words. Sounds like you have a great trip planned to Japan. I want to see Mt. Fuji very badly, I am jealous of you! You’ll have to take pictures. Have you ever gone skiing before?

  10. The activities that I like to do in the winter with my family are playing snowballs, because … I LOVE TO THROW SNOWBALLS AT PEOPLE AND IT IS VERY FUN! And I also like to make an igloo because I never make it and I never see inside the igloo. I almost can’t decide, because I like both. Finally, I choose snowball fight.

  11. On winter break I will go to Chaingmai. We will go in 6 days my activities are.
    1.see grandma and grandpa. them clean the house.
    3.climb the mountain.
    4.ride the elephant.
    My favorite activity is help them clean the house because being kind is good.

  12. The activities I like to do in winter with my family are;
    – We gonna go to the place that we never go.
    – We will go to play snow.
    – We gonna go to my friend house.
    My most favorite activity is stay at warm home with my family.

  13. The activities are
    _I want to play a snow ball fight.
    _I want to make a ice cream.
    _I want to make a snow House.
    _I want to make a snow man.
    My most favorite activity is! SNOW BALL FIGHT because it is fun and I can play with my friends.And I like to build a snow ball now I can throw the snow ball to my friends.

    1. Hi Liger – These are all very fun winter activities – I can tell you like playing in the snow! Where do you go to play in the snow? Are you going somewhere over the winter break where there will be snow?

  14. The activities that I like to do in the winter with my family are opening Christmas presents, playing board games, going to the mall and going to the beach. I like to opening Christmas present because i like to guess what’s inside. I like going to the mall because I can buy things that I want like toys ! I like playing board games because it’s fun! I like going to the beach because I can catch sea animal. Among the list of activities that I like to do in winter with my family most favourite is going to the beach.

  15. In winter I want to build a snowman with my family because it is fun and I watch how to do it from youtube but never built a snowman before. I Love it when I’m done with my snowman. I wish one day my snowman will turn to Olaf from the movie frozen that I always watch with my family. I told my mom that I want to see the real snow because we missed it last time when we went to Japan. My mom said we will be there again for skiing.

  16. What I like to do in the winter is playing a snow fight, making a snowman, and go snow sledge. First I like to play snow fighting by making snowballs and throwing it to each other like cannonballs. Next I like to make snowmen and challenging other who builds the tallest win. The last thing I want to play is snow sledging I will race with other people down the hills.

    1. Sounds like you really like playing in the snow Mighty! I agree with you, all those activities are so much fun. Nice job writing your sentences with transition words like “First,” “Next, and “The last thing,” you are remembering what we’ve learned in class! That’s a great idea to challenge other people when building snowmen to see who can build the tallest one. Where do you go that has snow? Will you go there during our winter break?

  17. On winter break my favorite activities to do is to play snowball fight with my sister. I like to build a snowman with my sister too. I also want to make cookies and give milk for Santa! I want to make a Jinger bread man too! A few weeks before Christmas is my mom’s birthday. So I would like to celebrate her birthday with decorating the house with Christmas decorations which I did today helping my sister. I am confident that she would love it. I will also give my mom a present on her birthday.

    I am so happy Christmas is so close for us to be celebrating. CHRISTMAS IS THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR!!

    1. Hi A-10 – Sounds like you have a fun winter break planned! If you are writing about something that hasn’t happened yet (in the future), you should write “I will go.” How exciting you get to ride a horse! I can’t wait to hear about it after you get back.

  18. On this winter break I will go to Japan, because that country has a lot of snow. So, I can build a snowman and make snow balls. I can also kick snow and I can even put my head in the snow! I can buy toys and play with them in the car and at the hotel. Another fun thing with the suitcase is that I can ride on it.


    1. Hi Mac – Wow, it sounds like a lot of kids from our class are going to Japan this winter break! Do you think you’ll see any of them there? That will be a lot of fun to play in the snow there. A suitcase that you can ride on!? I haven’t seen one of those before. Does someone pull the suitcase while you ride on it?

  19. On the winter break I and my family would like to go to hot spring in Chiang Mai.I feel good when I sit down in hot water pond and the weather is very cold. I put eggs in the basket and tie with the rope then hang down the hot water pond for ten minutes..Yummmmmmm..

    1. Hi Tam – Exciting you might go to Chiang Mai for the winter break! Do you think it will be very cold there? That hot water pond will be a good choice if so. I’ve never heard of doing that with eggs before, very interesting! Have you done it before?

  20. The activities I like to do in the winter with my family are…
    1. Playing in the snow, Makeing snowman, and snowball fight because it is so fun.
    2. Skiing because it is so fast.
    3. Going to travel because the wether is so good.
    4. Weting for present. I always get what I want because I am a good boy.
    5. Going to by some toys to play because I want to play new toys.

    But my most favourite is weting for present from santa. And this year I want iphone 11.

  21. I like to build a snow man.
    I like to sit with my family by the fire.
    I like to have dinner with my family.
    My favorite activity is having dinner with my family because I can talk something funny with my mom and dad.

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