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Welcome to another week of KPIS Writers! Congratulations to Prim and Jiajia for their great responses this week!

This coming Friday is special, as it is our annual sports day at KPIS! I can’t wait to play so many fun games with all the students- I wonder which house will win?

Writing Prompt 28/02

What is your favorite sport/game to play? What sports do you like to watch? Does your family play any special sports, or love a particular sport the most?

Can’t wait to read your responses! Have a great sports day!

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  1. My favorite sport is playing scooter and sometimes my brother plays scooter to with me sometimes my scooter break blocks catch fire and I can’t stop and then I will have a crash and sometimes I will also hurt myself if I do that because I press the breaks to hard and that’s bad for it so I will catch fire or it will be jam and I can’t stop. —————-^_^———————–:D—————-++======–==++++++++++__+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_++_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_++_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_++____+__+__+_++_+_+_+_

  2. My favorite game to watch is bench ball and I like playing badminton.I think K or P is gonna win ,but I also think I and S is gonna win dad ride bicycle like a hundred meter up the mom did yoga ,my little brother did soccer.

  3. My favorite sport is playing ping pong because my mom buy me a ping pong table and I practice until I win my friend. When I play ping pong it will help my eye to look faster and one time I was so amaze because that time my cuson smash so hardly, but I caught the ball I didn’t do any thing the ball hit my racket and bounce to other side and my cuson can’t catch the ball and the person that play with me was also amaze

  4. My favorite sport is badminton but I’m not really good at it and ping-pong is also my favorite too! I don’t know is badminton when I’m a kid now in third grade I started to know what is it. Then I learned how to play it the teacher says to buy a badminton racket so I buy one and came back home I practice playing badminton with my aunt and she told me some things that I don’t know about badminton and it was awesome.

    By Jiajia ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ

  5. My favorite sport is badminton, because we can play it at school in the gym and I have a badminton racket that never breaks. The reason I have it is because the PE teachers told us to buy a badminton racket so we can play it during PE class. Now every weekend at my house, I practice badminton to get better so I can beat my friends, like Yong gui, Dua dua, and Nate.

  6. My favorite sport is badminton because it is really fun and you can play with 4 people. I even play badminton with my family like mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa. Also we can play badminton in the gym I’m pretty good at it.

    I like to play badminton with my family but i watch soccer with my family. My family have the same favorite team our favorite thing is to cheer. But my real favorite sport is 2 which is soccer ⚽️ and badminton 🏸. The end

    By dua dua (:

  7. I know that almost everyone likes sports , including me! Some like Swimming , Tennis , Basketball etc. For me , I like/LOVE Badminton because badminton allows us to move our body around the cord and it’s easy to play , but how?

    The first thing is to hit the shuttlecock. Here are some techniques for you to be better at badminton: Back hand, Forehand, smash etc.

    Badminton can play 2-4 , four is the maximum player that can play in badminton. When you serve the shuttlecock you must serve to the opposite person that is on the other side. Like example: you are on the right side then, you must serve to the left side.

    The place that I love to play is the gym at school because it is big and it has 5-7 cords , and sometimes the teachers let us borrow the shuttlecock.

    So, that is why I love to play badminton at school.
    Hope you guys like my story!

  8. My favourite sport is football because I want to be like my brother but instead of being a goal keeper I want to be an a attacker. My first time watching football in a stadium was in Manchester and I was at Manchester City’s stadium. They were playing against Manchester United. When the game ended Manchester City lost 0 to 1. I also like to play volleyball, I play it at school. My brother likes to play basketball and he is on the school team. I have football practice on Friday afternoon at somewhere near my house.

  9. My #1 favorite sport is swimming because of the water splashing, the bodies pushing through the water, and the bursting water as the waves push. I want to be a good swimmer because someday I want to be a captain of a cruise ship, but right now I am still learning how to swim. I hope someday I can join a swimming competition, too.

    My #2 favorite sport is volleyball. My mom used to play that sport. Her jersey number was 27, and she belongs to the Oasis Church team. Dad and I used to watch her practice and play. The first time she joined a competition here in Bangkok, her team won second place. The second time, they were the champions. I was so proud of my mom, and I want to be a good volleyball player like her. I hope I’ll have stronger arms to hit the ball on the high net.

  10. My favorite sport is basketball and badminton because,they are fun and my dad likes to play badminton and I read books about basketball in the Raz-Kids.Also I practice my basketball skills at my second house which is large and tones of space to play basketball or other stuff.And my sister teach me how to play basketball.And for a badminton,I have my own badminton rocket to play with my dad or mom,we play at the first house in the yard.Also I search on google who is the champion of badminton for long time ago.
    THE END!!!!

  11. My favorite sport is tennis but I also play other kind of sports such as
    Swimming, badminton, boxing , volleyball, soccer and
    a few more . We play badminton at home and go swimming together when we are out for a holiday.

    The reason why I like tennis as my favorite sport is because at first it was hard and my teacher forced me to aim
    to the right and to the left and hit it straight but later as I get used to it,
    it started to get fun and easy. I liked it! Now let me tell you that just last Friday
    when I was practicing with my teacher as usually, I saw a big guy in the court.
    My teacher stopped and talked to him and let him practice with me
    but actually he was just warming up with me. And then when I was taking a break,
    he went to another court while I was practicing with my teacher. Then I ask my teacher
    who he is. He said that he is the champion of the country I was amazed. He is Mr. Witchaya, rank number one of tennis in Thailand now! I was so lucky and happy and definitely I will remember this great moment forever.

  12. In my opinion, my favorite sport is table tennis. Table tennis is my favorite sport because my family all knows about it and I’m really good at it. I started playing table tennis when I was five. It was really fun yet I was really bad at it. When I was seven, my uncle told me that when he was in high school, he was a table tennis champion of his school! That made me practice a lot of table tennis. You might be thinking, who am I practicing with? Well, I actually practice with my mom and I’m better than her right now.

    My family doesn’t usually watch sports. My grandma watches the news every day and when advertisement comes, she switches to a channel with a volleyball game and when advertisement finishes, she changes back to the news. However, I’m not the guy who likes to watch volleyball or football. I like to watch Formula 1. Me, my uncle and his girlfriend are crazy about Formula 1. My uncle is a real fan of Lewis Hamilton while my favorite driver is Daniel Ricciardo. I love Daniel’s driving skills. He just moved from Red Bull to Renault this year.

  13. My favorite sport is badminton, because I like to play it with my brother, my mom and my dad at home. I’m not very good at it, but still I like to play it and I will practice more to be better in that sport.
    My family likes to swim. We swim on weekends and when my parents are not busy. Also, my family likes to watch football. We even went to England to watch football and it was so fun! I really love to play different kinds of sports with my family because we could be together and enjoy our family bonding.

  14. My favorite sport is …. ping pong. If you wanna ask why. Well because I have a ping pong table at home so when I have nothing to do sometimes I go play ping pong with my brother or my cousin. Most of the time when I play with my brother I lose and sometimes I win. It’s really hard to win because he is very good at it.

  15. My favorite sport is batminton but I am not really good in it. I ever played one time with my sister. It was fun but kind of hard. I also played it with my friend one time. I still like it because it is fun for me. I could practice more at home and I could play with my sister at home.

    I also like bench ball cause when play with tall people it is easy to throw to them but even if they can’t shoot the ball in the basket. It is still fun for me cause I ever play volley ball with my aunt when I was a kid and it was fun for me so I like bench ball to.

  16. My favorite sports is soccer because it helps my body to get strong and health, makes me good skills with running. Also we have good teamwork and I also play in the gym. Because when we have P.E we play soccer sometimes. I like to play with a big group it’s very fun and I can make friendships.we play very good and help each other.

  17. My favorite sport game is volleyball because the ball is not haevy so is not going to hurt us. Some ball is heavy and when it hit on our face time will hurt so I don’t want to play. I also like to play badminton too.
    The sport that I like to watch is badminton. It look fun and I never watch any the sport just badminton so I like it.
    Do you know in my family have just my dad and I that play sport my dad like to shooting the gun. You might think the gun is the bad sport but if we use it properly it will be a good sport.
    Every sport have a good thing and have a bad thing too.

  18. My favorite sport to play is badminton. I think badminton is a fun, safe, and a good sport to play. I like badminton because I think people can learn from playing it and gain strength from it too. I like to watch people play basketball because I think its a cool sport and it looks really cool when they play it. My family does not really play sports but me and my sister like to play badminton every day after school as an exercise. So overall, I like to play Badminton.

    Bew 4/1

  19. My favorite sport is table tennis because I can play with my dad at home. it is fun, and I can learn to improve skills to play with yonggui because younggui was super good, he can smash, he served at the left but the ball land at the right, he served hard and far but the ball lands soft and close to the net so it is hard to play with him. Not just me playing table tennis, I also watch table tennis and every time I watch table tennis, Chinese people smash super hard that the ball go out of the court!

  20. My favorite sport is bench ball and badminton. I like to watch volley ball because when the players serve its so far also its cool, My mom also likes to watch volley ball because its her most favorite sport. Badminton is my favorite sport because its fun also you can play with 4 people (I’m not so good at it.) also bench ball is my favorite sport because I like to play sports using hands also its fun.

  21. My favorite sport is billiards,because it’s very fun and interesting to do.for example:when I went to my dad’s friends house and the house was a mansion!then there I saw a pool table and some people were there, so I stared, then the two people were talking to me and they told me how to play billiards and I loved it! I recommend you to try it out but, it was a little bit tiring.but it was fun and it was cool!

  22. My favorite sport is badminton. Playing badminton with friends and family is very enjoyable. We can play by two’s or more players. Badminton is easy to play and the sport equipments you will need are not that expensive. You will need shuttlecock, and a racket and find an open space to play. You can play it on your house garden, open space garage or at the gym. Playing badminton helps me to keep my body moves alot. For example from side to side , front and back. It also keep my arms stronger by swinging the racket back and forth, up and down. Actually , I don’t like to watch sports game although other people enjoy watching games but for me and my opinion it is boring.. I really wanted to play sports than to watch it. My family and I play badminton together especially if my mommy and daddy are not busy at work.. If we have time over the weekend we play badminton at home .

  23. My favourite sport is badminton because it fun and enjoyable for me and my family.I’m actually very good at badminton that I hit the birdie very hard that my opponent can’t catch it.Sometimes it hits the opponent very hard on the head or ears but it’s a accident.Now lets move on how I got good at badminton so when I was grade two my friends love to play badminton. So I practice every day for one year until I never missed a shot but still I missed when someone hits the birdie nowadays😥.Nowadays I train so hard with my my friends at home for 1 hours and 30 minutes. I also really love swimming because it makes me more healthy.Its really fun for me and my mum because we love to race who’s faster.It only takes me one minute to go to the finish line.Don’t think I’m a slow poke it swimming because it’s fifty meters.My mum takes to minutes so I always finish first.Now lets move on to what are my favourite things I love to do in swimming.First I like to breath under water to see if I’m Aqua man or no.Second I love to race with other people and I always win.Third I like to do cannon balls on people who splash water on me. But I don’t really do that now because it always make them splash at me more and more.My family loves to play golf especially my dad.He always brings me to races and watch things about golf still I enjoy about watching golf.He sometimes take me to practice and make deals for every whole I get the golf ball in.

    ———————————————-THE END—————————————————————

  24. My favorite sport is batminton and swimming. The sport that that Like to watch the most is football because it’s the most fun sport game I’ve ever watch.My mom and dad is a sport player too my mom plays batminton and swim and my dad play the same sport as my mom but add the soccers sport in their too.My sister plays batminton only and volley balls but she still need some practice but I’am proud of her , thanks for reading this;)

  25. My favorite sport is football .I love football because I have been playing it since I was 2 years old and it is fun. I like this sport because I can shoot the ball and I can play as a team with my friends.On Tv I like to watch Messi playing for Barcelona team.Messi is my favorite football player because he play good and he has many skills like he can shoot in the goal even when there are many defenders.

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