KPIS Writers Prompt 28/02 G1-2


Welcome to another week of KPIS Writers! Congratulations to Prim and Jiajia for their great responses this week!

This coming Friday is special, as it is our annual sports day at KPIS! I can’t wait to play so many fun games with all the students- I wonder which house will win?

Writing Prompt 28/02

What is your favorite sport/game to play? What sports do you like to watch? Does your family play any special sports, or love a particular sport the most?

Can’t wait to read your responses! Have a great sports day!

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  1. I like rolerbass that is my favrit sports i like to wach foot ball the best my dad likes to play foot ball me i like to play . . .
    foot ball to ! and my tim is leve pooh !
    and my tim is the shamp i am happy ! yay we he

  2. My favorite sports is Football just at my home at night for 18;00 like 10minutes I kick the ball really high and is bounce in the kitchen there then it goes back to my dad so dad kick the ball and I kick up so the ball is in my bedroom so I go up stair to get the Ball back so I go down then kick the ball like a yellow ball.

  3. My favorite sport is badminton and playing monkey in the middle but I don’t like to be the monkey!! But I don’t like to watch anything about sport! Also I like to run,because I like to race with my dad and I won almost every time!!

    1. Swimming is a lot of fun, Poobpub! We’ll be swimming again in PE in a couple of months. You could add another sentence and say what you like about badminton. That’s great that you play with your family.

  4. Basketball is my most favorite sport. My dad and I love basketball but I never watch a basketball game on TV. Because I don’t watch TV much. I like it because I like using a ball with my hand. One day in my basketball class, I got a hit on my head…CRASH! I felt hurt after the ball hit, but I still continued the basketball class. Have you ever been in a basketball class before?

  5. My favorite sport is badminton and playing monkey in the middle, but I don’t like to be the monkey!! I like to watch football on TV
    Also I like to run because I like to race with my dad and I win almost every time!! I also like to play with my big sister because she is very funny!!

  6. My favorite sport is badminton and volleyball. My dad really likes to play basketball. My mom likes to play badminton. My brother likes to play football. And I like to play volleyball. I don’t like to watch any sports in TV.

  7. My favorite sport is table tennis and Badminton.I like to watch soccer tournament with my dad at night but only on Friday. My dad like to play soccer and basket ball that is my third sport that I like to play with my dad. I don’t know what my mom favorite sport because my mom don’t play sport for 3 mouth already.

  8. My favorite sport is volleyball and basketball because we can throw, dribble and catch the ball. It also make us strong and healthy both are also a very good sports to play when I am very board. Sometimes it makes me stop watching TV and playing games on my Tablet. l also feel very happy when I play basketball and volleyball.

  9. My favorite sport is batminton because it is fun!!! it help me run faster. My family play with me every weekend. I go learn batminton with my sister every Tuesday so I know how to play the rigth way. I love batminton.

  10. My favorite sport is swimming because I can excercise all my body and it can save my life from drowning. When I go to swimming class, I meet a lot of friends and it make me a lot of friends and healthy. Also, I like to watch volleyball competition between Thailand and Japan. It was so much fun and excited when Thai team get more points and win. I love to cheer Thai team. The sport that our family love the most is running and riding bicycle together in the park every weekend. It is good for our health and we have good time to excercise together which make me happy.

  11. My favorite sport is football. I like to watch Liverpool playing with another team. My dad and my mom ride bicycle. The sport that my family play is football, bicycle and volleyball. I play football more than other sports. I learn football everyday.

  12. My favorite sport is basketball. I play basketball every Sunday. I like to play basketball because it is fun and it is good for exercise. But my day and i like to ride a bicycle. We ride bicycle every Saterday.

  13. My favorite sports is Swimming because It’s soooooo cool and I can swim in the ocean/in the waves. It’s so relaxing and so much fun! Every time I enter the pool, It’ so cold that I scream. And also because I learnt to save my life from drowning / sinking if there any accidents or danger. I can play many games in the pool (Diving for sticks, Frisbee, Ball Games) and play with with the waves in the big, large ocean!

  14. My favorite sports is football and taekwondo. My family like to watch football and boxing especially 10 fight 10 and Idol fight program. My dad cheer for liverpool FC. My dad and I like to play football together and I do taekwondo too. Moreover my family love board game like uno and kaker laken poker too. Nowadays we play them all the time because we cannot go outside home.

  15. My favorite sports are table tennis and volleyball because my brother will teach me how to play table tennis and I already learnt to play volleyball since I was 5 years old.
    I like to watch football sport because it is interesting to watch.
    My dad likes to play football because my dad played the team of Samut Prakan football Club before. My brother played table tennis,football and basketball at school. My aunt played table tennis with my brother at home sometimes. And I also played football and table tennis with my brother at home.

    1. My favorite sports is baseball soccerball swimming Jogging and roller skate.
      Exercise And I like to do it with my mom and dad and brother And I like to do spots.
      Because I want to be strong and healthy and my mom and dad and brother want to.
      Be healthy and and strong so l can hold everything that is heavy and my mom and .
      Dad and brother can hold everything that Is heavy I want to be healthy because.
      I don’t want to be sick because I don’t want any one to be sick and my dad and .
      Mom and brother want to be healthy because they don’t want to let anyone to.
      Be sick.

  16. My favorite sports are swimming and football because I never go scuba diving but I want to go scuba diving. For football I kick the ball (not the real football) very hard to CRASH! the sofa I also kick it very high. I like to watch South East Asian swimming race. I learned swimming since I was 3 years old. I start at the shallow part first then I go to the deeper part. I can swim fastest at 3 seconds because it is not very far. I can make bubbles in the water, I can touch the floor on the shallow, I can dive in the deeper part. I play football for 10 minutes. Sometimes I kick the football to the roof! I kick not hard sometimes. Sometimes I kick the real football. THE END…

  17. You know I like sports well the best sport I like is FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So as my friend putter we always play football together so, that’s when I started playing football ⚽️. My cousin and my family cheers for LIVERPOOL!!!!!!!! And that’s when I started to cheer Liverpool.
    But I have something top secret in football it’s in my mind I cheer (juventus)!!!! So, I’m ready to play in sports day!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. my favorite sports is basketball.because i love it when it bounce. basketball is cool.i play basketball.i practice basketball because practice make you better.i am the legend of the basketball

  19. I like to play many sports. I play Tennis , Table Tennis , Takwondo , Basketball , Badminton but my favorite one is Football!!!. I love to watch football match with my dad and our favorite team is Manchester United and my favorite player is Marcus Rashford and Martial they are striker and Davis Degea is my favorite goal keeper. I start playing football with my dad when I was 6 years old . Now I learn football with jaguar , Jai Jai and Anda at Football club. I am a Striker and I am doing very good but sometime I can be a Goal Keeper .

    My dad can play almost every sport. He teach me Footbal, Basket Ball , Table Tennis ,Badminton and teach me how to kick high and hard. He always play with me, That is a lot of fun!!! I love to play sport very much.

  20. My favorite sports at school is Badminton because when you hit the bat it helps your arm gets stronger. It also helps your concentration and timing because when the shuttlecock comes you have to wait and then hit it. I like Badminton because when I hit the shuttlecock hard the competitor goes crazy because they have to defend their zone and when I swing my arm with my bat it makes the sound… WHAM!

  21. My favorite sports are baseball and basketball because that’s my dad favorite
    sports too.My dad love to watch basketball every night and sometimes my mom and I join him too.My dad wasNo.1 player in his school when he was studying I hope someday I can play basketball or baseball too.

    1. You’re the first person to write about Monster ball, Praeploy! I like how you called basketball a sport and monster ball a game. Why do you like it? Do you ever watch sports with your dad?

  22. My favorite sport are tennis, badminton, basketball and swimming. I like to play these sports because it is fun and helps me to stay healthy. I also like to watch it on t.v. My sister and I like to play tennis .. We also learn how to play tennis and swimming every weekend. My daddy and mommy like to play badminton some time we play together.

  23. Every morning when I wake up, I always remember the time I fell off my bike into the mud. However, my favorite sport is still BIKING. This is because I like the fast speed and when it is fast, I can feel the AIR and WIND coming. Also on the bike, I was not too tried even then I was speeding up.
    My daddy loves to do the TRIATHLON. A triathlon is a combination of 3 sports, which are SWIM, BIKE, and RUN. He just completed the IRONMAN event. He got the MEDAL just for me. When I grow up, I wish I can beat my daddy on biking. Will I?

  24. My favorite sport is football because my dad likes football and he lets me try it out. It was fun so I keep on learning. How to play football is first you need to have a team if you like a team. But you also need to know the rules. The rules are no hands except goalkeeper and no hurting other people. The player will get red card or yellow card if the player do foul if you get two yellow cards it means red card and your out.

    1. I like football,(taekwondo) wakeboard And tennis .I like to play/ learn taekwondo because is can teach me how to break a woods. I like to play/learn wakeboard because it teach me how to balance!! I like to play/learn tennis because is made me look FASTER!!

  25. My favourite sports are badminton , bench ball and basket ball. I like bench ball and basket because I like throwing and catching. I also like shooting! Because basket ball has throwing , catching and shooting bench ball also has throwing , catching and shooting . I also like badminton because there is some running. I like to serve when when I play badminton and I’m very good in badminton.

  26. My favorite sport is volleyball and football.And I like to watch soccer and volleyball with my Dad. Another special sport that my family always play together is wakeboard, my mom and my Dad love this sport and practice for me too.We have fun a lot in this sport.

  27. I like bat the most because it can use the hand the arm and the legs.The reason why we can use are hands,arm and the legs because hand use to hold the arm use to swing to hit the bat ball and the arm use to run to hit the bat ball.the tools is bat racket and bat ball.The rouls is we use the bat racket to hit the bat ball.If we hit the balls and the hit the other player we get 1 score.But if the other player hit the bat ball and the ball hit my place in the floor they get one 1 score who get the most scores win.

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