KPIS Writers Prompt 24/01 G. 3-5

Lately, the pollution problem around Bangkok has been really bad, with many schools and offices closing this week, or changing their hours.

Writing Prompt

As a student, what do you think can be done about the pollution problem? What can you and your family do differently that could help make a difference? How do you think as a school and as a community we can attack the issue of pollution?

Can’t wait to read your responses, have a great weekend!

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  1. We can stop using car so the smoke won’t come out we can just use a bike and also it makes you fit how good is that and also we can stop smoking because smoking has smoke and smoke is what make the air bad. And 1 of the most important thing is not to go out side if the air is bad because you may get sick or get a fever, that will be horrible. That all I know what to do to make a difference to help air
    The End

  2. The problem that makes up pollution in Bangkok is the farmers burning their land and the wind is blowing the smoke to Bangkok. Also there are too many cars, motorbikes, buses, planes and trucks. Instead of using gas we need to use electric cars and buses. We can also use trains instead.

    1. I think that we should stop using cars. Instead, we could use bicycles because bicycles don’t use gas and that means it doesn’t cause pollution. We should also not throw plastic in the oceans.
      We should stop factories that cause a lots of smoke.
      Using Water bottles instead of plastic bottles.
      We have to say no to plastic bags too because people might throw them
      in the ocean and animals such as seagulls whale shark and other animals
      think that plastic is food. They eat those plastic and they could die.
      As the family, we carry our own bags when shopping instead of using plastic bag. Mom did not light any candle or burn anything to generate smoke.
      As the school, we should stop eating moo ping (grilled pork) to stop the smoke.

    2. I think we should stop driving cars and maybe ride some bikes because cars are one of the things that make a lot of pollution. Also to stop the pollution we can stop throwing can’s and plastic bags in the ocean and reuse them to make something new. Me and my family can start walking to school more and not use plastic bags and bring are bags to the store. My family and i can also wear mask’s every day and not stay outside for to long. Don’t go outside without a mask or you will get sick. Be careful when you go outside and safe.

      THE END

  3. We can stop throwing trash in the water, stop using cars that have smoke, stop using plastic bottles and use water bottles, stop factories that make a lot of smoke, stop using motorcycles, recycle things instead of throwing them on the floor or ocean, stop burning stuff in the farm because it makes a lot of pollution, bring water bottles with you because sometimes there are cups made out of paper and sometimes you do nothing with it when you are done using and throw it in the trash and sometimes it goes in the ocean and animals in the ocean eat them and they die and also stop using plastic bag and stop making them.

  4. I think you could stop throwing trash in the ocean, use other vehicles other than cars because they give smoke, and stop burning stuff. Sometimes if you throw plastic bags in the ocean, a sea animal, like turtles, will eat it thinking it was food. Then they’ll die, and the only way to fix that is stop using plastic bags.

  5. I think we could stop using car smoke and stop throwing trash in the water and factory smoke to stop polluting the EARTH or else the earth will be a big black blob and kill a lot of things in the city.

  6. The reasons why we have air pollution are people burn trash, people use too much plastic and there are smoke and fumes from cars, motorcycles, airplanes, buses and trucks. Also farmers are burning the fields and the wind blows the smoke into Bangkok.

    People should stop using plastic, burning trash and buy electric cars. The government need to stop farmers from burning fields.

  7. Do not throw trash in ocean because the animals they will eat it and they will die.stop using cars and motorcycle we should use bicycles to go to work and school and shopping .don’ t use plastic bags we should use a reusable bag for shopping. Stop burning stuff and stop building tall towers.

  8. I think we could stop using cars because it has lots of smoke especially when they have traffic. Also, we need to stop burning grass here. Stop building stuff because in Thailand there are a load of the building and lots are still buildings.

  9. The PM 2.5 is now all over Thailand , people were wearing masks all over the city. However, I feel bad for those who can’t effort money to buy a mask. Even some people get so sick or died because of this!

    If you want the pollution to be gone the first thing for some people is need to STOP smoking. Smoking is almost the place in the world that causes “ Air Pollution”

    This smoke will into your nose if you inhaled it… And you need to go to the hospital.

    The second thing you need to STOP is burning the grass , because 1: you will be ruined all the nature; 2: it will cause more smoke than smoking.

    What do you think? Did it still have smoke? The answer is YES! I know where did it come from….. THE CARS. The cars also have smoke , to change the world, you need to buy an electric car because it doesn’t have smoke , but if you can’t afford to buy it you can go with your neighbor for saving money and saving the earth too!

    Lastly, you need to plant a tree , by planting a tree helps you a lot such as : gives you Oxygen ,The tree can filter the air to make fresh air ETC.

    Thanks for reading my story…….

  10. I think we should start cleaning the ocean by keeping he trash. Then recycle them by making them into something. For example, decorations, toys and pots for plant. Stop using cars, you might think so how are we gonna travel. We just need to use busses, trains, taxis. We can grow more trees like Mr. Beast he’s a YouTuber that is planning to grow 2million trees. 1 dollar equals on tree( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡ ). Stop using plastic bags,you can bring your own lunch box to restaurant so they can put your food inside. You can bring your cup so they can fill the water for you. The end ᕕ( ՞ ᗜ ՞ )ᕗ

  11. I think we can wear mask everytime we are going out and wash our hand to be pretective and plant more trees .when we are out we have to use a bag or a box and do not use plastic bag or plastic straws and try to stay near air con

  12. I know that there more than one pollution in the world. 1. the plastic pollution: I and my family will bring a bag to the super market all the time.2. water pollution: I will stop throwing thrash around the beach. 3. Air pollution: I and my family will plant more tree so there will be less pollution in the air. I think school and the community can help by plant more tree and flower and we can use recycle paper too.

  13. Gas pollution come from the traffic and fire burning and they build construction of tower and it make much of the pollution and it can make people cough and people can have chance. If the rain come it can make the dust gone and it can bring the dust into the ground but if the rain and protecting environment is fix the engine of the car to reduce smoke and if they was gonna burn tree we can sent to the police or tell the people. If they build with the dust and they can use water sprayer and use protection sheet. So, we can fix a lot of things to make the dust gone.

  14. In my opinion, I think we can help stop the pollution problem by using portable water bottles, using cloth bags, using reusable chopsticks, having your own boxes when you buy a take-home food, not burn stuff and don’t turn on your car’s engine when you are not driving.
    My family always brings reusable cloth bags, bottles, chopsticks, spoons, forks and boxes every time we go outside. I do it too but I only bring my water bottle. So, if my family can do something differently and make a difference, then I think we should go on school bus or like a public bus. I think of this because if we use a car, we make more pollution because there are many cars. But if we go on a bus, there are many people on the bus and there is only 1 car. But I think doing this doesn’t make a major difference. It only does like a tiny bit. But If we all work together, than we can get rid of pollution.
    I think the school can stop giving paper cups and force the kids to bring water bottles. And sometimes, when we have dim sum, we use paper plates and plastic forks. So, I think we should change the paper plates and plastic forks to reusable plates and forks.

  15. I think we can help the pollution to be better by . . . . .
    As all of us know that most of pollution came from cars and burning activities .
    My family and I will help to reduce using the car , so my sister and I will combine and go to school by one car and we also don’t need to waste money.
    As a school and a community ,they can help by stopping burning activities.
    Firstly we must stop burning the trash and sugarcane plantation . Secondly we can make the place to be smoking free zone. Thirdly we can reduce car usage by walking in short distance .
    I want the situation to be fixed soon so we do outside activities. I can’t do this alone. Therefore, we all have to do it together.

  16. Well, if we want to stop pollution, then we should stop using cars and stop building skyscrapers, trains, etc. That would help the environment. If we don’t use cars, then she could use bicycles or walk. It would also means your exercising and that would be good to your health. But, if we keep using cars, the pollution would be worse every single day, and earth would die because of this, we should also stop throwing trash in the ocean. It would kill the coral reefs, it’s also the fish’s home, but we are destroying it. Earth had done nothing to us but we are, we were t thinking too much about earth, we should care more about earth, EARTH IS DYING AND WE NEED TO SAVE EARTH. If earth dies, we will also die and there will be no more population on earth and land animals.

  17. We can make less pollution by using less cars and motorcycle.If the distance is not far we should walk or ride bicycles.We should not use too much plastic bags or products. As a student we can help our teacher and family in whatever we can to make less pollution and should not burn trash unnecessarily.

  18. Pollution is a problem for all over the world. If you want a change it should start within our family and ourself. First, if you will go somewhere that is near don’t use car instead try to use a bike or you can walk. Not using cars It helps us to reduce creating bad air,. Walking and using bike are good for our health they are like exercise. Second, if you have empty space in your house to grow some plants try to do it. Growing plants give us clean air, it will be good to our planet and our home will be fresh and clean. Next, if you really wanted to go outside we need to be responsible to wear our mask. Wearing the mask help us to get only clean air from outside. Lastly, we need to eat healthy food like for example vegetables, fruit and some meat . Also drink lots of water so you will not feel dry., So keep our body healthy away from sickness. Don’t forget to wash our hands and get enough sleep so we are ready for another Day. To summarize, stay healthy and be a responsible citizen.

  19. I think we can not use plastic but instead of plastic we could use a recycle bag, instead of a original car we can buy a electric car (if you have much money or you can sell your old one), or maybe we can stop burning things so it won’t make pollutions. Or we can not put the trash in the ocean so then animals will die and also try to put trashes in the correct place because some of the trash we can recycle it. And last we can also planted some plant so we can have more fresh air than carbon dioxide. Keep up of saving worlds!

  20. We should ban driving cars for many mouth and all people must have masks. Don’t do oustside activties just stay in your house and don’t work or go to school. Prey to god to rain and try to make the clouds rain and don’t do any thing that make P.M 2.5. Stop allconstruction that’s it.

  21. It’s 51-100 AQI on Monday and Tuesday, but 101-150 AQI on Wednesday!!! Why is it over 103 AQI??? It is because there are too many fuel vehicles – cars, planes, trucks, buses, vans, and motorcycles. Methane from fuel vehicles, carbon dioxide from people, and mostly, PM 2.5 fill the air.

    We can stop the pollution by being eco-friendly, like using solar power so that we can use less fuel. As a student, I will recycle things that aren’t used anymore. For example, old batteries, aluminum cans, worn out sunglasses, and broken computers. I will reuse old things and reduce trash. Also, we have to plant more trees. Trees give us oxygen, and they make the environment smell good. In science classes, teachers can tell their students to buy and plant seeds in the school garden. That could be their science project. People in the community can also plant trees in empty spaces.

    If people will help each other save the environment, the world will be free from pollution and will surely be a better place. Nothing is impossible!

  22. The pollution is caused by combustion (burning fossil fuels), the smoke from fire, and carbon emissions. A way we can address this issue is riding bikes instead or driving cars. However, since cars are absolutely necessary for most people. If you park the car and some people stay in the car, maybe turn off the car and open the windows. We can also try to reduce the amount of deforestation and plant more trees, since plants use carbon to make food. People should also stop burning trash; burning trash creates pollution. Forest fires should also be prevented. And when the AQI is high, you should wear a mask when outside.


  23. First way , we should grow lots a plants and tree because it produces fresh air and keep the temperature stable. Second way,limit the chemicals that we use can also, help. Check up car is a very important. Some of car produce pollution. As a family , we can avoiding using a car or motorcycle when a place that close to the house. We can walk or ride. That’s help less getting a traffic jam. As a school, when is home time we can go home with friends. That’s all the solution that I can think of.

  24. I think to help stop the bad air pollution is by stop using engines so the gas would not pollute the air and also I think people need to stop selling grilled porks because when we grill them the gas from the fire of heating it up will also pollute the air and make it bad for us and also very dangerous for us too. I think to keep us safe, we need to wear masks, stay indoors more often, and always wash our hands. As what I and my family do to help the air pollution is to use the car wisely depending on how many people are going. If 3 or fewer people are going somewhere then you should use public transportation but if there are 3 or more people then you should take the car.

    Bew 4/1

  25. We should stop using cars and use wooden cars.All of you might be thinking to save to earth but using these devices also make the earth polluted.animals that pollutant the world will die like bee’s!You want to help them you should not use that much devices…we are the things that make the earth sad we are them… animals dead from plastic sharks died for meat. When will this end…My friends we heard people dieng saw them…its all our foult. Help more In munute earth.Stay save and be happy!

  26. We should stop using cars, stop littering and stop factories. We can walk so you don’t need to use cars right??? Who don’t have legs? Many people are littering or throwing trash in Thailand so now we are going to STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Well I have a factory but it is not in Bangkok, it is in a city in Thailand that you can have factories. You might think that my factory has black smoke right but NO my factory does not have black smoke, I have white smoke. You also might think how I make my smoke white right????? One day I was at my factory I was thinking how does my factory smoke be white, so I asked my mom “Mom how does our factory smoke be white?” my mom answered ” You should look at the back of the factory first” said mom I was walking to the back of the factory with my aunt then I saw lots and lots and LOTS of wood so now I know how did my mom made the smoke white then when we came back to the car I said to mom “So you cut trees into wood and turn it to smoke right?” mom answered ” No, a guy who get fallen trees and cut them into wood sell all of those trees and mom pay the trees or wood to the factory make it into smoke.” So that’s how I have white smoke. Don’t forget to save the earth and Thailand so you can be happy and save!

    By Jiajia 😀

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