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Today is National Sticky Bun Day! If you’ve never had a sticky bun, it’s a delicious warm sweet bread- like a cinnamon roll- that is made usually with honey. I included a video of how to make them, if you’re interested. And thanks to Noina and NY for the great replies this past week- and also all of you wonderful writers!

Looks delicious, right? Well, this got me to thinking- how fun would it be to be a professional baker?

Writers Prompt 21/02

If you were a famous baker, what would be your most famous product? Would it be a kind of bread, a sweet pastry, a cake? Would you wear the tall white hat (called a toque)? What would be your favorite part of the job?

Can’t wait to read your responses!

-KPIS Writers Committee

44 thoughts on “KPIS Writers Prompt 21/02/20 G.3-5

  1. I begin by putting me hat called a toque on and begin baking with 2 cups of flour(,I wasn’t sure how many cups to put.)Next,I putted 2 cups of egg and a square of butter I put 3 cups of sugar and mixed it together and put it in a cupcake tray and I put it in the oven pretending to be a real chef.

    I decorate it with vanilla frosting and rainbow colored sprinkles. I put right in front of my store and lots of people brought it, it was my famous product of all time!

    (My favorite part of the job was decorating my cupcake ,it will be fun to be a professional baker ,because I would be in shows and I could taste my food)

  2. I will bake cookie. So first the thing I need is to put some butter in side a bowl and then put in some white sugar after that Put in some brown sugar which look like sand. Then we mix them up in a bowl after that done you need to put in some egg (2 egg). Then put in the vanilla the back to mixing.
    Then we need another bowl then we pore 2 cup of sugar then put some salt and last thing put some baking soda. Then back to mixing with a spoon though the wee pore that in to the batter and mix again the pore all the chocolate chip the mix again. After that get some spoon and scoop them into a pan. After that baked it for about 10 minutes. The end this the longest kpis writer I write so far

  3. If I were a baker my most famous product would be a big, gigantic chocolate cake. The cake will be famous because there is going to be four levels of soft chocolate cake. There would also be different kinds of chocolate cake such as chocolate fudge cake and chocolate pudding cake. All of the cakes will be covered in whip cream rainbow sprinkles and 12 M&M’s. My favorite part about being a baker is to get famous, make a lot of money, being super rich and be on TV. The reason I would become famous is because of my awesome, massive, sweet and delicious chocolate cake and all of my ingredients.

  4. If I was a famous baker I would make cake. So I would first put sugar 2 spoons. Then I would put a egg in there and put Vannila taste and mix it together. And I would make more than one. Maybe I will repeat the steps and make a big cake. I would make 3 of them then put them together. And when I do it I also will add salt and bake them in to a Vanilla cake. I will also put Chocolate inside as another flavor of the cake. I would also put my favorite flavor in is mint. And I will decorate the cake with Wipp Cream and put Strawberries and Cherries on the cake.

  5. If I was a famous baker I would be famous for baking giant cookies. My most famous product would be my giant chocolate chip cookies. My giant chocolate chip cookies will come in three different sizes. The smallest size will be a size of a pizza, the medium size will be big as a motorbike and the largest size will be the size of a car. The cookies will come in three sizes but will all be as thick as a MacBook pro. The chocolate chip cookies with have three different types of flavour, dark chocolate, oatmeal chocolate chip and original. My favourite thing about being a famous baker is money from making my giant chocolate chip cookies.

  6. If I were a baker I would do
    my best to bake the FrenchToast which is delicious for everyone. I would start with preparing the bread,strawberry,butter,Ice-cream and honey. I would put the butter on the bread and put it in the oven for few minutes. After that I would put some ice cream,strawberry and honey on the toast. Now my French Toast would be ready to be served.

  7. If I am a famous baker I will not wear the white tall hat because I’m not comfortable using it. It is so tall and I can’t not move. Freely . My famous product will be cupcakes. Its is very special because my toppings will be jam with different flavors. The size is small as an eraser because I will sell it by box and each box wilk have 6 pcs for 200 baht. Also there is a small doll on top of the cupcake.. The size is small so we can eat only what we want and keep the others for dessert or late snacks.. . My favorite part of the job is to decorate my cupcakes . It is fun to decorate because you will use a lot of food coloring, decoration and imagination to change the style every month .So I hope my cupcake will be best seller for kids.

  8. If I was a famous baker I would not wear a tall hat and I will wear a normal shirt and pants. My product will be fried egg because it is so easy to do and at home I am also cooking the fried egg at home. I is so yummy when I make my one. When I make at home i’m so proud of my self. I’m going to tell you how to make it. The ingredient is 1 egg, 1 pan, little bit of oil, spoon and also 2 plates. Lets get started, first get a spoon to mix the egg. Then open the pan pour the oil and wait it to be hot. Next step is flip the egg 4 times eventualy you will got a fried egg then you put the fried egg in to the plate and get your rice then eat it. Yum when I eat my own work.

  9. If I’m a famous baker, I wouldn’t wear a tall hat. I would not wear a tall hat because it’s not comfortable for me to wear. My famous product would be blueberry pie. This is how to make a blueberry pie. First, you’ll need a bunch of fresh berries in a bowl. Pour on one cup of sugar. Toss the blueberries with the sugar. Add three tablespoons of corn starch, one tablespoon of lemon juice, a recorder teaspoon of synonyms, a pinch of ground nutmeg and a pinch of sugar. Toss it all together, stir it until there’s no more visible corn starch. Then roll the crust into a 12-inch circle. Transfer your crust into a deep-dish pie plate. Put all the filling in there. Roll the dough into a rectangle, cut the rectangle into 8 strips. Soon, brush on some egg and sprinkle some spoons of sugar. Finally, bake the pie in the oven with 400-degree for 30 mins.

  10. If I was a famous baker, it would be because of cookies. The cookies would have a top secret recipe so no one can copy them, and I will never give the recipe to anyone. There will be different sprinkles and I will make adult cookies and kid cookies, so the people know to choose which cookies. I will also add frosting and chocolate chips. My most delicious cookies will have M&Ms!

  11. If II was a famous baker I would make chocolate chip cookie because they are easy to make and they are very yummy. So if I could make my own chocolate chip cookie I would make it a donut shape and I would be rich and I could buy more intredience and be more rich and rich and rich.

    1. You are right El. Making chocolate chip cookies are easy and everyone loves a chocolate chip cookie! Making them in a donut shape is also a good idea. We always need to change our ideas to make our products stand out and be more “special” if we want to be successful.

  12. If I were a famous baker I would bake a fresh cupcake made of chocolate and vanilla to make more money than I when the people too much I make the shop bigger and the time is 22 hours than I make a big cake then I will be more and more rich and rich and RICH! Then I will go around the world to make more bakery in the world.


    1. Wow Boom Boom, sounds like you have big plans for your bakery. Making different flavors in one cupcake is always a good idea. My favorite cupcake is called Red Valvet. Do you know this kind of cupcake?

  13. If I was a famous baker when I grow up I would have my own kitchen in France and bake my own rainbow cakes. There would be secret ingredients in the cakes. I would have a YouTube because I can be a famous baker on YouTube. I would make baking a cake videos. Then I would wear a tall hat and a white apron. The cakes would have sprinkles on the top and have a unicorn face on the cake too. Everyone would come to buy my cakes.

  14. If I were a famous baker I would bake many things and first, I will start with a fancy cookie and I put fruit and it is strawberry, blue berry, watermelon, mango, duran and jelly. I will make large cake and I will put the fruit and sugar because it can be delicious and I can share with people to eat and many people can eat the large cake and I can have three type such as strawberry, jelly and watermelon. The size of the large cake is biggest, medium and small. So, I love to make largest cake and fancy cookie.

  15. If I were a famous baker I would bake many things and first, I will start with a fancy cookie and I put fruit and it is strawberry, blue berry, watermelon, mango, durian and jelly. I will make large cake and I will put the fruit and sugar because it can be delicious and I can share with people to eat and many people can eat the large cake and I can have three type such as strawberry, jelly and watermelon. The size of the large cake is biggest, medium and small. So, I love to make largest cake and fancy cookie.

  16. If I was a famous baker . The first I prepared the best ingredients for made chocolate cake and I wear hat and apron when I cooked. I would like chocolate cake. Because I can made the best chocolate cake is beautiful and delicious and I think some body like chocolate cake like me.

  17. If I was a famous baker I would sell croissants with custard fillings. I would sell them in Thailand or England. I would maybe wear a toque Blanche and the best part about being a baker is that I could eat croissants for breakfast and if I am working and I am hungry I could eat them too. My croissants would be special because they are freshly baked and extremely hard to find (even If you search for them in google). Most of the time other people’s are not freshly baked.

  18. If I was a famous Baker I will make yummy bread also I make cake! I will sale my bread and cake at other countries too then I will be Jiajia the famous Baker! Sometimes when I visit my family will give some of my bread to my family too and the cake. If it’s like a friend’s birthday day or someone in my family’s birthday I will be the one who make the cake and the theme. My shop will be all around the world then millions customers will to my shop then I will have the best bakery shop in the whole wide world!!!

    By Jiajia ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*(ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

  19. If I was a famous baker I would not wear a tall hat and I will wear a normal shirt and pants.And I would not like to also wear a professional suit for cooking because that is too stylish way for me maybe nit for you guys. As if I was a baker I would love to bake a sticky bun for people so I earn money second I earn happiness and third I can touch that very soft and mushy dough. And I also earn to do some work too(only sometimes).

    Thank you for reading:)

  20. If I were a famous Baker, I would sell morning pancakes. I chose pancakes because they are yummy and easy to make. Also I would sell
    many types of bread such as croissant, baguette and eggtarts. I will
    name my shop Mr. Bakery. There will be lots of
    customers and partners. I would open my shop in Germany and
    whenever I go back to Thailand to meet my family,
    they can taste my yummy bread that I make. Now the best part
    of my job is that I can have money and buy food to live!!

  21. If I was a famous baker, I would love to make sticky buns because when I watched the video, it looked fun to do.
    I would like to do cake too. I like to eat it too. Also, I think cake decoration must be fun.
    I don’t like to wear the tall hat, but I would like to wear the short hat. The hat is help to keep the hair and don’t drop it into the food.
    My favorite part in sticky bun is to thresh flour because I like to play play-doh. Both feel the same.

    💞 THE END

  22. If I were a famous baker I would make cheese tarts. I would make filling using a thick base pot and place it on medium heat. Add in the 3 cheese together with milk and butter cook until the cheese are melted then add in icing sugar, corn starch and mix until smooth finally add in egg vanilla extract and lemon juice . Continues cooking until the mixture thickens.

  23. If I was a famous baker, I would make a pancake because it is delicious breakfast and easy to make.But I will not a tall white hat I will just wear a normal shirt.And I can even sell the pancakes in a mall or sell it at the night market.And I will make pancake with my family and sell it together.Also I would sell the pancakes for 20 Baht or 10 Baht and I will make 20 or 10 pancakes.If I sell it all lots of money to live and go to a fancy restaurants to eat or a normal restaurants.And if I still have the money I will buy a materialsto make a pancakes and sell them again!
    THE END!

  24. Not “if I was a famous baker”, I actually am! Allow me to tell you about my signature product. I call it, The Siamese Cinnaburger!

    First thing I do at preparation is put on my all white baker’s suit, which consists of creased white pants and a short sleeved, buttoned up polo, that has my company logo on the front. The logo is a picture of an animated face of a man who is holding two long french bread in each hand. I first start with baking a pastry puff into the shape of a burger bun. I then cut a hole in the middle using a small sharp cylinder like a cookie cutter ,and eat the cut away piece. Then I make a smaller version of the pastry burger bun, but more in the shape of a small eclair, with no hole.

    After both pastries are baked, we then move on to make the cream for the burger. I start by pouring heavy cream into a mixing bowl. After that, I put some mint extract into the cream and then blend it until it’s properly whipped. Next I put some ground Ceylon Cinnamon into the whipped cream and mix it all up. I then carefully put the Whipped cream onto the bottom bun and then set the top bun on the cream. This makes the Cinnaburger.

    Why is it named Siamese Cinnaburger? Because the burger will be joined with an eclair. It is now time to make the meringue filling for the eclair. To make a meringue, I use Chicken eggs. The yolk from the eggs has to be separated from the egg whites. I use the through the hand method to separate the egg whites. To do this, you crack the egg with your forehead and then pour the entire egg on your hand and the egg whites will go through your fingers but the yolk will stay on your fingers. I put the yolk into my dog’s food bowl so he can get plenty of protein. I then add brown sugar and strawberry zest. Next, I blend the egg whites and the strawberry zest until it looks like shaving cream. Our meringue is finished! I next stuff the meringue into the eclair and then put the eclair into the hole of the Cinnaburger. To add the finishing touches, I put some coconut frosting on the eclair and then put a mint on the tippy top. The last step is to sprinkle the powder sugar over the whole thing.

    Our Siamese Cinnabuger is ready to be served!

    My favorite part of making the Siamese Cinnaburger is to taste everything as I go along.

  25. If I were a famous baker my product would be a bread cover in cheese in the inside and in the inside I would put a fried egg that was hot in the pan inside the bread and last I will also put bacon inside the bread so it would be bread cover with cheese and fried egg and bacon so I would need 2 bread, 1 egg, cheese and 5 bacon so the step is that put a bread on dish and cook the fried egg and put it on top the bread and I will also put bacon with the fried egg and melt the cheese, put the cheese on top of bacon and another bread on top of it. So when it is finish you will get a full bite of everything. Enjoy!

  26. If I were a famous baker, my most popular food would be a cake- a chocolate cake! It’ll be all made out of chocolate! The shape of the cake will be a cargo ship with choco lava oozing out of the smoke stack!

    While baking, I will wear a toque, a tall white hat. I will pair it a white shirt, an apron and black pants.

    My favorite part of baking is when I roll the dough with a rolling pin. I would make sure that I would part of rolling the dough in my own bakery. My cake shop will be named: Chocolate Cargo Ship Bakery.

  27. If I was a famous baker, I would make cake.I would name the cake sugary sweets and fun because it would contain lots of sugar.It would have two versions of it,the first one is the unicorn and the other one is the alien version.It would have 4 layers for more things inside of it. The first layer would have oozing chocolate when you cut it open.The second layer would have ice cream inside of it. The third layer would have lots of gummy and raspberries.The fourth layer would have honey inside of it to be sweet.While making it I would just where normal clothes.About the unicorn the horn would be make of a ice cream cone.I would draw a unicorn face on it and put sprinkles on it. I would make a big alien body for the alien and it will have U.F.O around it. I will build restaurants all over the world so my cake would get popular.It would be in weddings and birthday in every country. The restaurant would be name Bakery boy because I’m still a young boy.The fun part of it is to see how beautiful it is at the end and how much did the people enjoy it.

    The end(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

    1. AJ. Your cakes would be very popular with kids. It sounds very complicated to make this so you will need to focus on getting every layer perfect every time! Bakery boy is a very good name. I think this name will attract many customers.

  28. If i was a Chef I would make a dessert shop and I would bake cookies,cake,and homemade ice cream 🍨. I would also wear a toque so I look like a good person to be a chef , I wouldn’t want to be judged because of not looking like a chef.😭my bakery would be named diary cooking because I love to write in my book and diaries.

  29. If I was a chef or if I work at the bakery I would probably bake cakes. I think I would sell cakes because I think they are delicious and also really gorgeous. In my opinion, cakes are really cool and fun. If I was a chef I would probably wear an apron because making a cake could possibly be very messy and also a toque because I think its really cool and fun to wear. I think a fun thing about making/selling cakes is that you can decorate the cakes and I think that is a very fun and good thing to do because you can be creative in your design.

    Bew 4/1

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