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Today is National Sticky Bun Day! If you’ve never had a sticky bun, it’s a delicious warm sweet bread- like a cinnamon roll- that is made usually with honey. I included a video of how to make them, if you’re interested. And thanks to Noina and NY for the great replies this past week- and also all of you wonderful writers!

Looks delicious, right? Well, this got me to thinking- how fun would it be to be a professional baker?

Writers Prompt 21/02

If you were a famous baker, what would be your most famous product? Would it be a kind of bread, a sweet pastry, a cake? Would you wear the tall white hat (called a toque)? What would be your favorite part of the job?

Can’t wait to read your responses!

-KPIS Writers Committee

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  1. I can just make sticky buns 9 of them with mommy to help her make sticky buns I can do with my mommy do it very hard a lot of work to do But I have 5 breads mommy just cut into a half of a bread mommy is very fast to cut it 1 time it’s just 19 seconds like and is…FINISH then we eat sticky buns.

    1. If I am a baker I will not wear a white tall hat because it is hot in the kitchen. My favorite part of the job are mixing the ingredients and baking. I like mixing the ingredients because I can taste, see, touch and smell different food and it is fun. I can use my Math skills like counting and measuring so I know how much I need for a yummy taste of my cookies, cake and bread.

  2. If I were a baker, I will not wear a tall white hat because in kitchen theres no air conditioners so it will be hot. My favorite part of the job is knead the dough and bake it and mixing ingredients into the bowl. Then when I bake finished, the delicious smell will come out. My most famous product is chocolate chip cookies.

  3. I want to make a chocolate cake because it have to much chocolate and milk and bread and butter. It is yummy chocolate cake. That is soft it has fruits and cream. My bakery shop is big and rainbow color. I will wear rainbow tiara and a bakery shirt. Welcome to my bakery shop.

  4. If I were a famous baker, I will make something sweet, it is a cupcake! I want to make cupcake because I could decorate cute cupcake by adding topping with frosting cream on the top.
    Firstly, I need to prepare many ingredients such as butter, sugar, eggs, flour and milk and mix it all together and then put in the cup and then take it in the oven for 30 minutes. After that I take it out from the oven and put the frosting cream. I will decorate Disney princess chocolate and frosting cream on top.
    Also, I will wear a tall white because it will make cupcake clear without my hair dropping when baking. My favorite part of making cupcakes is to add the topping because I can decorate and design as my own style. I wish my cupcake is the most delicious and can sell very well.

  5. If I am a famous baker , I would bake a sweet pastry. I wouldn’t wear a toque because it might falls on the food that I bake.
    I would bake a sweet pastry because I would develop my skills of baking. I never eat a sweet pastry before but I watch in youtube how to bake pastries and it looks delicious and tasty. I would like to manage my employees to bake the pastries efficiently and tasty, so people will order and buy my pastries product.

  6. If l were a baker I will put the white tall hat on and I will make a big bread with my . With my mom and dad and brother and I will make the best bread ever for my.
    Sister and grandma and grandfather and I will make some more for everyone else.
    I like to be a breaker because it is so much fun and my mom and dad and my.
    Brother like it too I have so much fun being a baker and my sister want to be a.
    Baker too.

  7. If I were a baker I would not wear a tall white hat because the kitchen is very hot. My favorite part is when I mix the ingredients and making dough. When I shape it, I enjoy playing with it and no one sees me! Also we need to make sticky syrup and it looks very fun and easy to make. if I tasted the sticky bun
    going to be…Yummy! Also if I could make a lot of them i’m going to share someone who wants to eat it. and i’m going to bake it every day I want!!

  8. If I was a famus baker my most famus product would be super robot hero exerlens power battery cake. It is a cake made of cake, cookie and bread that sweet and yummy yummy yummy too. I like it so so much because it is good food. I don’t wear a tall white hat and any kind of hat because it is itchy. My favorite part of the job would be decorating time because it is fun. I would put bread as a face of the super robot hero exerlens power battery on top of cake and stick a cookie on bread as funny eye. Do you want to try my cake?

  9. If I was a baker, I’d say that my cheese-bun would be the most popular choice of all for bread.
    It would be a short loaf with cheese inside.
    Here’s the list of things:
    1. A soft piece of dough that can be made into a small loaf shape.🥖
    2. Mozzarella cheese. 🧀
    3. An oven. 🍞🎛🥧
    All the people that live in the same city as me will buy the bread. 👨🏻‍🍳🤲💵

  10. If I was a famous baker, my most famous product is ‘garlic bread’. The garlic bread shape is an oval. It is a very crunchy short bread. CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH….YUM YUM…that’s the sound when I bite the garlic bread. It is a little salty when you taste it. The first time, I tasted it at the pizza shop. If I was a baker, I will wear a toque because I would like to be seen like that. My favorite part of the job is… TASTING THE GARLIC BREAD! Because I can get a piece of it every day. Do you like the garlic bread?

    1. I will make cinnamon bun and sticky bun.4 plate 10 buns 1 plate have cinnamon buns another plate for sticky buns 2 plate for test all 5 of them will be make with my family and 5 more make by myselves.I will test to my selves too.

  11. If I am a famous baker 👨‍🍳 I want to bake a chocolate cake with a football on the top. The part i like the most is when It finish the cake and I am the first one to eat it. (Hooray) but if I must wear a tall hat I would not wear it because it’s gonna make me sweaty 🥵. Anyway I prefer to be a football player.⚽️

  12. My dad always give me a loooooong hard light brown bread. They look harder than you think but when he cracks it to half, you’ll see the white soft bread inside. My dad gives me a piece of the bread I just love it, Outside is sooo crispy when you bite it, you’ll make a lot of crumbs falling on the ground!(birds will love it)
    If I were a baker, I would bake French Bread Called Baguette , I will share it to my dad and my favorite part would be EATING MY OWN SELF MADE BAGUETTE!!

  13. If I am a baker I will make some cookies. And if their are some yummy cookies left I will give them to the other animals . And my favorite part is to get some money and to give some cookies to the animals.

  14. If I​ am a famous Baker, I would make a product called​ FSB​ buns​  (famous sold​ buns​). The shape is a cube, 4x4x4  inches.​ The​ texture of​ the bun  is​ soft​ inside  and​  crispy​ outside.​ As​ a​ chef, my favorite part is​ to​ test​ my​ bun​ whether​ it​ is​ good​ or​ not.​ And​ when​ I​ bite,  I​ love​ the​ crispy​ sugar because when the sliva touches it it becomes something sticky​ and​ crispy​ at​ the​ same​ time…. ummm.. Yum!

  15. If I were a famous baker, my famous product is cupcakes mermaid. I will create topping made from icing. In my bakery shop, I will have muffin, sticky bun, bread and cake. I will wear a tall hat because my hair will not fall on my bakery. On my tall hat, it will have my name shop “Bakery Baker”. My favorite part of my job is to see my customers enjoing my bakery. I wish I can go to other country to sell my bakery. I wil be rich and my family will be proud of me.

  16. If l were a famous baker, l will make a bread and l will not wear the tall hat because inside the baker room is very hot. My best part is when l got a bread and l put it in an oven because it smell very good and when it finish we got to eat. I will cut it in to two pieces and on the middle l will put a chocolate in the middle of the bread and put it back. Then l will use white cream to cover at the top of the bread and use the chocolate cream cover the white cream and it done we can eat it now.

  17. If I am a baker I will wear a tall hat because sometimes the chief have long hair and his hair fall on the food and he served the food and the food is not yummy.I will make a yummy cake so if I would served the cake to the customer and the customer take one bite and is was very yummy cake!When I went back to home I will make aake for my mom and my dad and I will served to my mom and dad my mom and dad take one bike and !My mom and dad said”It was very yummy could you please make for me tomorrow?I said”yes sure.

  18. If I was a famous baker, I would teach people how to make a homemade chocolate cake with easy ingredients that most people have in their kitchen for examples sugar, butter, flour! Since I love chocolate cake so much, I know the perfect flavor, how much sweetness and more. After they know how to make a homemade cakes in different ways and styles, they will learn a bit harder steps of being a baker and what bakers make, if they want to be a famous baker, they could learn strategies and techniques to become a good baker, or if they want to celebrate with families and friend a surprise, they could learn how to make a homemade cakes, for examples your sister likes strawberry shortcake so much and that was her dream cake for her birthday, so they’ll watch and learn how to make a homemade strawberry shortcake for they’re sister’s birthday! You’ll regret if you don’t choose from me.

    My favorite part of being a famous baker is to earn my money and help my family in needs. I would also donate and help poor people when they need food and water to live and survive. I also like the part that people gave me feedback on how I could improve teaching them for example they said I should explain the steps more clearly and slowly cause they’re new to the steps.

  19. My mom has a bakery business. When I grow up, I will be a baker. My favorite product is pancake because I love to draw. When I make pancake, I can make art. My pancake will be colorful too! I will make my pancake like a cartoon character picture. I will wear a tall hat because it can protect sweat and hair from falling in.

  20. If I was a famous baker, I will make 9 sticky bun because my name is Nine. My favorite part of making a sticky bun is making the dough because I like to roll it like a oval. I will put sprinkles on my sticky bun because I like sprinkles. I will wear a chef hat and sometimes I take it off because it is hot sometimes. I will serve it to the customer and then the customer give money to me.

  21. If it was me I will make a butter croissant because its my favorite. And my favorite part is when I sneek to play the dough. Is so satisfying when playing the dough. And also when I eat it. But I cant because im the chef not the customer. And I dont want to wear a long white hat like the others have

  22. I like to make bread because I like to toast them for lunch. But I also like making sticky buns how to make them is. Put milk, melted butter, yeast, egg, sugar, flower, salt into the mixer next get a bawl put the dough into the bawl plastic on top. Then put butter, sugar, and syrup and cook then pour it into another pan. Then you will need sugar and cinnamon.

  23. If a was famous baker I will make a sweet brownie chocolate of M&M cake with ice sugar , if it get too sweet I’ll will add 3 spoons of 2 inch of pies of butter/butter milk with hot chocolate milk. I hope it will be TRUE …. BROWNY CAKE WITH HOT CHOCOLATE MILK. (I can’t keep on saying milk. That why I want to be a baker 5555@@.
    By Blue G 2/2
    ———-THE END———-

  24. If I will be a baker I would bake a cupcakes. Yes I want to wear a long hat called toque. I will bake a different kinds of cupcakes and also different flavors such as blueberry cupcakes, strawberry cupcakes, chocolates and many more. I will also put some colorful design on the top of my cupcakes.I will have my cupcakes store so my friends and family could come and eat.

  25. If I’m a famous baker I would bake different kinds and flavors of cupcakes. I would put different toppings on the cupcakes. I would bake lots of sticky buns! Then bake lots of brownies. I would also make a cake that is made out of kit-kats , chocolates , m and m and Skittles. I will open my bakery for everybody to come eat. The best one I would bake is the cake because the m and ms and the Skittles have many color so the cake is more colorful.

  26. If I was a baker I will make chocolate cake ,strawberry cake and blueberry cake. When a customer come I will tell them that which cake they want but not other cake like a banana cake .If a customer want a chocolate cake,strawberry cake and blue berry cake and it is good.

  27. If I was a famous baker,I will make Honey Toast because it has bread fruits and ice cream. The fruits are strawberry,banana,mango and kiwi. I will open a bakery shop. I have to hire workers to produce Honey Toast because I will sell Honey Toast to the customer. My customer include girls,boys,women and men everyone have fun!

  28. If I was a famous baker, I would make tasty cakes, cupcakes, waffles, and pancakes .
    when I open my bakery shop and I see some customers I will let them try my yummy
    foods. and they will enjoy the food that I let them try .

  29. My most famous product is Pizza. Yes, it would be a kind of bread having a lot of cheese on it that is my favourite. No, I would not want to wear the that tall white hat. My favourite part of the job is a pizza maker because I like to cook.

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