KPIS Writers Prompt 20/03 G.3-5


Hi Writers! Sorry for the late addition, but it’s been a different kind of week, huh? Thank you all for being so flexible and brave while trying new things!

This week’s prompt is an easy one that we probably all have an answer to!


What have you missed most about being at school this last week? What have you liked most about home learning?

All of your teachers can’t wait to read your responses- we miss you too!

KPIS Writers will come back again when we are back in school- this will be the last one for now while you are focusing on home learning! Make sure you’re getting plenty of rest, exercising, and eating healthy while we’re out of our school building.

All the best, KPIS Writers Committee

16 thoughts on “KPIS Writers Prompt 20/03 G.3-5

  1. I missed the teachers because they were very kind and they teach me a little
    easy work so I don’t get too stressed out.But what I like about being home, while I work l can sit wherever I want and I can do whatever I please (except not doing my work 😋.)cause of course the teachers are going to get mad. I also like the hangouts app because I can talk to my friends while I’m home so I don’t miss them too much.

  2. I really miss my teachers because they help me when need or questions also being in school is fun we could see our friends and we could see the teacher face everyday and they could see us what we are doing and we don’t need to use internent and don’t need to waste battery at all! Teachers help us grow knowlege alot not at home doing weird stuff ,one more thing P.E. in our house is small and if you need to run you can’t run because your house is every small because they have many sections but small ways to go there so it is bad!

  3. I missed the teacher because they help me and I don’t like in the online because it make my eyes bad and i want to see every one that is my friend and i want to play with my friend and i want to work in paper the whole day and online learning in computer and work in pencil with friend is more fun

  4. I missed my teacher because they will always help me when I’m stuck on something and I don’t like online because I’m not good at it and it’s bad for my eye’s until I will be blind and can’t see so that is why I want to go back to school so I could learn more and that will not be bad for my eye’s because I’m not using a computer.

  5. I would love to go to school because when I’m stuck on a problem teachers will help me. I’m ok … with online learning but my eyesight will be worse. When I finished learning online my cousins and my brother will ask me to play games on the computer. So that means I’m playing/ watching computer all-day. What I like about online learning is that we don’t have to learn all day.

  6. The most thing that I missed at school was my friends and teachers. When break time no one played with me and made me laugh like my homeroom teacher. It was difficult to understand each other because we did’ t talk face to face.
    The thing that I liked to lean at home was eating because I could eat any thing I wanted any time. Also, I could have more free time if I finished my works quickly.
    I miss studying at school more than at home, when I study at home it was so boring.
    I MISS SCHOOL SO MUCH . . . . . .

  7. I missed everything in the school the teachers, the classrooms and more! But my favorite one is the teachers because they are the best I know that it’s fun to learn with the teachers but they work so hard. They work everyday at school. I love the teachers that I learn with them for years they still remember me even the nursery teachers still remember me! It’s great to see the teachers everyday like Ms.Mari my teacher works and trying to learn Thai language, On Friday it’s great to hear Mr. Josh yelling out about the KPIS Writers to us and it’s great to see my friends and the teachers at school. And the last thing I want to say is that I love everything and everyone at school!

    By Jiajia ^_^

  8. I missed my friends and teacher because l want to play with my friends and I want to play math game with teacher. For home school, I like to learn at home because I can eat anytime I want, and I can stay near my family more. However, I missed KPIS so much and I hope to see everyone again soon.

  9. I miss the teachers and the fun learning at school because at home I get distracted by my cousin and my little brother. But it was always okay as long as I can talk to my friends on Google hangout . I kind of like being at home more than at school because I can always play after learning online if I am fast and finish my work quickly. Now what do I like about home learning is that whenever I am in a subject, the teacher will give us just a little amount of work so I can take a rest.

  10. The thing that I miss is that we can go to different places like music because when I was online learning I just stay home not to other places. But the thing that I like when its online learning at home is that we dont have homework and we can eat anything during lunch also the teacher make us do a little work so we can rest more.

    1. I missed my teacher because,my teacher is the best teacher and the funniest teacher too.Also he help me when I don’t understand the questions or don’t know how to do it,he explain to me how to do it or how to understand it.And I want to do experiment in school so,we can ask questions to teachers or friends.And I want to talk with my teachers in real life,but not in computer and talk with my friends because,maybe some day the internet were slow or it is broken.So that’s why I want to go back to school again!

  11. I miss playing with my friends all day until it was home time or if we were very tired. I also miss that we can just go to music class if we need to our go to art class but now we can’t play instruments or paint at home. At home i like that i can relax when i am doing my homework and my mom can help me with my homework.

  12. I miss hanging out with my friends in the breezeway – laughing and laughing and walking together. But now I’m just stuck here at my home with nothing to do but work. I don’t mean it’s boring but I know that it’s all the corona virus’ fault for keeping me away from my school. I really want to go back to school when Thailand has fully recovered from the virus.

    What I like in home learning is that I can relax and chill in our large sofa while I am doing my work. But actually, I only started home learning this weekend. Last week, I did online learning at school. My parents are both teachers in KPIS, so I had to come with them. This week, Mom and Dad will work from home so I will stay home, too. Aside from doing my work anywhere in the house, what I like about home learning is I can also be with my baby brother while I’m learning. My friends can also see my whole house when we video call in Google Hangouts. Also, I can wear other clothes and not the school uniform.

    I like learning at home, but I miss school so much!

  13. I miss school cause learning at school and home is not the same like an example sometimes some persons wifi is bad so they get kicked out of the class, The schedule might be weird, some kids might not have ebnough space to do P.E. Some kids might not have the materials to do the assigned work. Also I miss school because I dont get to talk to some of my friends cause they have more work to do. Also I miss the normal P.E like volleyball, badminton, etc.

    I like online learning cause there is more freetime. We get a longer luch time so that I can finally enjoy mah food! Also some task is more easier at home then at school cause we already have the materials we need. Also meeting other friends for a project is easy cause we can just call. Also we can listen to music while doing work so that it’s just not the sound of scilence. Well this is pretty much it! Thank-you for reading!

  14. I miss the teachers and my friends because I can’t stop thinking about the fun times I had with my friends and teachers.I think the teacher also miss us because they have nothing to do at home.The option they have is just sit there and just watch TV.Also it’s very hard to teach in online because some of the students wouldn’t even join.Poor teachers, I wish I could help them.

    I love online learning because when you type your work on the computer it’s much faster than writing on paper.Also you have break is longer so we can play longer.We can even use phone on break not like at school. We just have to run around the gym.We don’t even need to wear uniform we can wear anything we like isn’t that great.

  15. The things I like about online learning the most is that I get to stay at home, I don’t have to wear my uniform, I can wake up late and break is a bit longer. The things I don’t like about online classes are my slow WiFi. I’m confused about the schedule because sometimes when it’s time for something and I go to call or join the call the other class is here. Also I miss playing tag with my friends so sometimes I call some of my friends and play games together or I join them in Roblox.


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