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Good morning KPIS Writers! Thanks for all the great responses this past week- special thanks to Pear and Namton for their awesome replies!

Since today (Friday) is Valentine’s day, I thought we could have a special Valentine’s day prompt- but don’t worry! This isn’t about all that mushy stuff, instead, I want you to talk about…

Writing Prompt 14/02

Think of a time when you felt especially loved- someone that you know (friend, family) did something incredibly nice for you- can you describe what they did? Can you talk about how it made you feel? Use all the descriptive words you can think of to tell us about it!

Can’t wait to read your responses! Have a great Valentine’s Day and weekend!

-KPIS Writers Committee

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    1. My friend Apo he always play with me and also he always go learning with teacher.Dan every Wednesday.And when I forgot my water bottle at the gym he always take my water bottle and give it o me.Also when I get hurt he ask “Are you okay”,and he picked me up.
      THE END

  1. I have a nice mom to and she help me every time. I love her so much we also play together. When I fall and hurt she help me every time. When I am hurt she help me when I win and have a medal she is proud of me. She is my best mom ever.

  2. I have a nice mom. She is helpful and supportive. She is very kind. She always supports me. She cheers me up when I’m down. She some times helps me with homework. She plays with me when I don’t have friends to play with.

  3. My friend is Namfa. She is a good friend to me because when I get get hurt she will help me when she can and bring me to the nurse office. She also waits outside for me until I come out. She also share stuff with me because sometimes I forget like pencils and erasers. She also help me do stuff when I need help. My friend is also Nana. She also sometimes help me do stuff. She is also funny and nice to me.

  4. My mom helps me with everything that I can’t do but sometimes I help her when I’m not busy and my mom is good at everything I can’t do and I’m good at a lot of stuff like tennis, building Lego, and working at the office and thank you mommy for helping me everyday and thank you for coming and see you next time. Also I forgot I also like dinosaur digging it’s called dinosaur DNA and you need to find the DNA.

    1. My friend is Adam he always teach me when I do something not so good. When I had an accident he took me to the nurse and he waited for me outside. And he also give me some chocolates, he sit in front of me, he draws a picture with me.ADAM is a good friend with me.

  5. My family is very nice because they are helping me to do everything I want, and give me to a good experience. For example, grandpa teach me how to swim. During school holidays, grandma took me to travel abroad a lot. I help my mother cook and wash dishes everyday, if i am free. However, I love my family very much and i will be a good boy of everyone.

  6. The person I enjoyed and loved or liked is my little brother Vincent ,because he is so funny and playful .The thing he did for me is that he cared for me and shared ,he loves to make fun jokes and he is creative.I felt very happy and grateful ,because I loved him very much even though I want him to be more gentle , I loved him. Once he shared me his toys and let me play with him it was fun .[I liked to kiss him and hung him but he does not like it so I stop and start again for a while]

  7. I love my dad and my mom because they are kind and they take to school and they even take me to the country and they make me excited because the country is fun and it even have theme park and it is fun for me. They help me about make food to me and they make me happy and I feel happy. So, I love them so much.

  8. Mom and dad are the special people in my heart.They are nice to me.When I was sick, they took care of me. When I felt bad, they soothe me.They also kept teaching me without anger even I didn’t follow them. I know that they love me so much from what they have done to me.
    They helped me almost everything. Sometime they let me do thing by my one, like homework. When I can’t do it, my dad will help me.
    I love them. Thanks you for everything that they did for me.
    THE end ☺️☺️

  9. I love my mom. She always made me feel loved in some special way like she takes care of me, teaches me with my homework in Thai and reminds me that I have to eat more each day. She also takes me to different countries or places, she makes me happy and do stuff for me. I’m really thankful to my mom for everything she has done for me.

  10. I love all my friends, but the ones that are very close to me is China and Cookie.We have things in common. We like to play sports such as badminton and we like to laugh. China and Cookie are very kind persons . They love all of our friends and are ready to help everyone if they can. On Valentine’s Day we wrote cards to each other and we also wrote cards to Ms.Mari. (Teacher).

  11. My mom and my dad because they help me almost everything and I always think that they are always tired so I also help them too. My mom helped me in thai homework and my dad helped me when ever I got injured and when I cried. They always support me when something bad happened. I love them so much and I will always help them.

  12. The person who I feel especially loved is Jack. Let me tell you a story when he did something incredibly nice to me.

    One day in 2nd grade, I was playing in the playground. At that time, I felt weak because of an injury I got by playing gymnastics. Well on the day I got hurt, I was doing some splits on the mat and all the sudden, I felt like my legs ripped. My legs hurt so bad I was crying and I couldn’t walk. I had to sit on a wheelchair for about 3 days. On Tuesday, I was at school and ready to walk. I mean I wasn’t ready but I was able to walk slowly. I was really jealous of my friends who were able to walk properly. That was the reason I played tag with them. I don’t have the perfect brain to remember who played with me, when we played and what type of tag game. But one thing I remembered is what Jack did. I was the IT, obviously, and I couldn’t tag anyone else. “ Slow down people!” I shouted for the millionth time but no one listened. By then, I was limping trying to tag one of my friends. I was tired and sweating when someone shouted, “ Don’t just tag Namton, he badly hurt his leg. There’s other people to tag too!” I was confused and happy! I looked around and saw Jack looking and smiling at me. I knew it was him and I said, “ Thanks bro!”

  13. My Dad is the one that I love the most because everyday.
    I know that he always works hard and is trying to persuade people on his job so he and his company can earn money for my study.
    Now let me tell you the part that I love him.
    Every night he usually comes back home around 9pm but tonight
    I know he worked hard and tried his best and came back at 6pm. I
    was confused and amazed. He also always cared for me whenever
    I had no one to play and he’ll come and try and cheer me up. So that’s why I love
    him the most.

  14. My mom and dad, they are very nice to everyone they meet, they are kind and help me and my brother out when we are stuck or hurt. My mom is strong, smart, fun and cares about me very much. My dad is funny, strong and also cares about me too very much. They are both amazing, awesome, incredible and so much more. They do something every Valentines Day and for my birthday. They send me flowers and a card to my classroom and I think that is something that is extremely nice because not every mom and dad do that. They make me feel happy, safe and comfortable anywhere I am I love my mom and dad and I am very happy they are my parents.

    The End

  15. I love both my parents because they both are here to protect my and they give me stuff I want. My parents are always kind to me and every time when I am sad my parents always surprise me with the things I like every time. That is why I love my parents the most.

  16. I love my mom very much because when I was 1-3 years old she help me walk, she takes care of me superrrrr good, she always takes me whenever she go or even pick me up everyday from kindergarten to right now and after school she is also gonna buy some little snacks for me everyday but if my dad pick me up there would be no little snack but when my mom pick me up there would be a lot of fun from school until to home.

  17. I have a very special friend, and his name is Kao. He plays and hangs out with me often. Let me share with you a story about Kao and me.

    One morning, Kao, me, and another classmate I will call Boy were playing tag in the gym. Boy said, “Aviel’s the it!”
    “UGH! LIFE IS NOT FAIR!!!” I thought. The others want me to be the It all the time! THIS IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I said ” Oh, come on!” Then I stopped playing.

    Kao said, “See, Boy? Look at what you have done to Aviel! Please, please be nice to him.”
    “I don’t care,” said Boy. See! Boy was being a bully, and I just can’t take it.

    Then, one morning, Kao and I met. “What’s up, Kao?” I said.
    “Nothin…,” he said.
    “Ok,” I said. “But there is…,” he added. ”Oh, I see. What is it?” I asked.
    “I hate Boy for what he did to you last time,” Kao said.
    “Thank you for standing up for me, Kao” I said. ” Let’s be friends!” he said. Then we became BFFs. (best friends forever)

    Kao encourages other people to be nice, so I decided to be friends with him. Kao is friendly, funny, and cool. We are both handsome, too. I feel good about our friendship, and I enjoy playing and chatting with him.

    T H E E N D ! ! !

  18. My mom and dad are best friends for me they made everything for me . They work hrad
    to let me to school. Valentine’s special day I told mom and dod I love them everyday.
    I really happy when I stay with them.

  19. I love my mom and dad because they are like my superhero. My mom always cheer me up or sometimes I got bullied she told me a way to stop or she told me like a someone that who bullied mom like bully the same way as me and she did something to the bully to stop them. My dad is like a nice superhero he made my most favorite food that I ever taste! He also buy the things I always wanted on my birthday like on 2019 he buy me a phone for my birthday. Both of my parents tell funny story that I never know about them or when the thing that I didn’t know to do they both told me about it. I like my mom the most because we hang out the most she do the things I like she let me play with my friends too. My parents work hard for money to like go to other countries or to buy some stuff for me or my sister. My dad works the most because he goes to other countries or cities with his friends or alone. LOVE U MOM AND DAD!!!

    By Jiajia 😀

  20. The time when I feel loved is when I got protected from the bully. I got saved by my best friend Nhun he is a very kind person. He always protect me when I’m in trouble like get punched in the face and stuff like that, look ok he is a kind friend.

    Me and Nhun always got each other’s back, like we felt like we are always there together that’s why I created this word “ATT” always there together.

    Now this is the second person. Of corse my family they always love me they are angry because they love us and that’s when I always felt I was love.

    This is the third person Alfie, when I got left out he Alfie always invite me back to the group and don’t even ask what is the group because it’s not your business so yeah.

    And that’s it for my writing thanks for reading.

  21. I like my friend Kao because he does literally everything I do, so when we don’t have anything to do at recess, we just find each other in the gym and play Badminton. He’s always got my back.

    My second person might be really strange, because we met in a GAME, but we met in Roblox and instantly became friends. The moment I knew he was a good person in real life was when he helped me in games. He trained me and gave me good pets in Ninja Legends and helped me when I had just started my account.


  22. The time when I felt true love is when I’m with my mom and dad.Lets start with my mom, she is very a encouraging mom.Like this one time when I just gave up on my IXL, she would come up and say never give up. She will help me with it. She is also a full time mom so she is very tired of making food, taking care of me and many more.When I get bullied, she will always tell me something to cheer me up.Like telling me a funny story or letting me sleep.To just forget about it like leaving it behind in a dark room.She sometimes give me advises before I do something.For example I’m going to jump of a cliff she will say do a back flip.Like other moms some just control there children. But my mom gives me freedom she lets me do anything like I was let out a cage. She may hit me sometimes because she is telling me not to do it and she does it because she loves you. Now my dad he is a very smart person just like google. When I ask him a question, he thinks like google. Then he will say the answer to my question. Like this one time, when I asked him what were the weapons in WII, he said Rifles,gernade,shotguns,sp-1,sp-2 and many more. He always do what I say like today I said “I want a ipad pro for drawing, he actually brought me to the apple store and he said if your test score is good and good boy, you’ll get it ok. He never hits me in my entire life seriously. He just talks and teach when I did something wrong or naughty. Love u mom and dad.

    The end

  23. Someone that is special to me is my best friend Bew. She is always nice to me and never brags at what she’s good at. She always plays with me when I have no one to play with. Even though she is so good at math she never brags about it. Instead she says she’s not the best at it and she still have a lot of areas to improve. She compliments me by saying I’m smart and good at LA. She always sits with me at lunch when I’m sitting alone and always makes me smile. One time someone took an eraser without asking when I was using it. Bew who was sitting next to me said to the person that took it to give it back to me because it was my turn to use it.

  24. I felt the love of my best friend Angel.
    She is always funny, happy, and caring. Angel is also a nice and gentle person. When I have a little problem in my mind I share it with her and she always supports me and that makes me feel happy. When Angel was new in KPIS I tried to make friends with her and when I tried I didn’t know how easy it was to be her friend cause she always cares about others and helps to support them. No matter what happens she always thinks about others first. And Angel is always going to be my best friend.

    Bew 4/1

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