KPIS Writers Prompt 14/02 G.1-2


Good morning KPIS Writers! Thanks for all the great responses this past week- special thanks to Pear and Namton for their awesome replies!

Since today (Friday) is Valentine’s day, I thought we could have a special Valentine’s day prompt- but don’t worry! This isn’t about all that mushy stuff, instead, I want you to talk about…

Writing Prompt 14/02

Think of a time when you felt especially loved- someone that you know (friend, family) did something incredibly nice for you- can you describe what they did? Can you talk about how it made you feel? Use all the descriptive words you can think of to tell us about it!

Can’t wait to read your responses! Have a great Valentine’s Day and weekend!

-KPIS Writers Committee

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    1. The one that I love the most is my mom and my dad. When I would like to do anything, they support me and always beside me. If I am interested to learn something such as dancing ,singing, playing piano, art, swimming and gymnastics. They never let me worry and when I have problem, they always listen and help me fix problems. Also, they bring me wherever I want to go. For example, Tokyo Disney land, Universal Studio and Huahin. They always give the best things to me when I asked for it. I feel very happy and lucky to have thebest mom and dad.

    2. I love my dad and mom and brother because they are so nice to me and my funny and my brother help me play basketball and my mom help me do my homework and my dad help me ride a bike

  1. The valentines day hearts are look like a heart shape so I like to make a card like what Anda did but I get to make 5 cards it will Be Nine Hopper Saynine TJ and Preme so that’s all but I finish for nine AND hopper are it all done now but saynine TJ and preme are not finish yet so I’ll do on sunday and saturday but i do on friday today will be like valentines felt my dad in love it’s ok just for me for my valentines day.

  2. The time I feel in love that I hug my mom and dad and my little sister. When my mom kisses me I feel so good. When my dad picks me to the hospital I feel so happy. When I play with my little sister I feel love.

  3. I love my BFF because she is very nice and kind also when I want to play something that she doesn’t want to play and she let me play whatever I want to play! And sometimes I don’t know how to do my work so Fergie (my BFF) teaches me how to do my work, also when I’m sad Fergie tells me a funny joke and I already forget about that.

  4. I love my mommy and my daddy because they give me a lot of pets. 3 cats and 4 dogs. It make me very happy and I love them very much because they are very cute. And they give me some money every day.

  5. One day I was sick with flu. I slept at the hospital. My mom slept there too. She feed me because I did not have much energy. She has to eat the food I eat. She has to work at hospital for 4 days. It was hard time to find Wi-Fi there. I don’t want her to go buy coffee. I feel scary to be alone but she went to buy it. She said it short time but I feel long time . From that day I think love from mom was really true love. I love you mom.

  6. My family is very big. All of them love me so much because i am a youngest. My mom hug me almost every days I felt warmth. Auntie Don teach me how to ride a bike, so i’m fun. My uncle let me watching YouTube and Netflix so I enjoyed and happy. My auntie Linn describes how to do homework so I can finished them before free time.

    1. Thanks for sharing Pon Pon – those are some great examples of how much your family loves you! I didn’t realize you are the youngest in your whole family. Do you like being the youngest? You are lucky to have all those caring people in your life.

  7. I think my friends love me when they play with me. It feels good, happy, and not left out. For example, me and my friends playing sand and playing water together at the hotel last weekend. We play all day and we don’t want to come back to school. Do you like your friends?

    1. Yes Tatar, friends are a great example of people who love you! I’m glad you had such a fun time with them last weekend. I like how you chose to give an example in your writing to help readers understand you – and it’s excellent you started it with the words “For example.” Great work!

    1. This year my family move to a new house 🏘 because they care for me & our house is old 🏚 so, they bought a new house for me & it was so much better than my old house but I miss my old house though. Another story is when my dad does not listen to me & I yelled at him then dad went upstairs he started to think about me when I’m still angry 😤 dad came down and hug me and then we forgive and forget.🤝 this is how I feel love in my life.

      1. Hi Japan – Those are two great examples of how your family loves you! Be careful in your first sentence – you have a lot of connecting words (“and” and “but”) when you should really break it into two or three smaller sentences. I like the story you shared about your dad. It is such a good feeling when people forgive each other after you have a disagreement!

  8. I love my mom , dad ,friends and my family. I love my parent because they help me save money for England trip and also they love me. I love my friends name Mongkorn, Jai Jai, Tatus , Miguel, Jaguar, Saynine, Noina and Onyx. I want to give flower to my mom and grandma on Valentine day. I will be good and nice to everyone I love. I love my dad because he always kiss me and also hug me and teach me how to do my homework and play soccer . I love my mom so much because she play cooking and picnic with me when I want to play games she always said “Yes” and she always take care of me
    I love my parent because they pay for the KPIS School ,Piano class , Drums class , Tekwondo Class, Soccer Class and Tennis Class for me. I love my teacher because they teach me to be a good boy and also they kind to me .

  9. Of course! I always love my mommy and daddy with no reasons and especially I feel the love even stronger when I was sick, my mom & dad took care of me,
    although my mom is the best caretaker there is! They also help me when I have trouble or needed help! Also my mom does my hairstyle so beautiful & my dad teaches me how to ride my bicycle really carefully. My mom always be there when I needed her , I can talk with her about everything I love her so much no matter what, she is my best friend and best mom for me. I promise that I will take care of her when I grow up. I’ll love you forever, mommy!

    1. Hi Kim – I can tell from your writing how much your mom and dad care about you, nice work! You helped me really understand how much they care for you by giving examples of things they both do for you. I hope you share this with them so they can see how lovingly you wrote about them.

  10. My parents are great gift to me. I cannot live without them. They are loving and caring. My father is very kind and hard working. My mother is very kind and lovely.I felt loved when my parents brought me to Khao Yai and Samui also cooked delicious food. I felt over joyed when I stayed with my family. They made me feel very special. The places that we went were amazing because I saw Fantastic mountain and I saw miniature bugs,they were magnificent. I cherish every moment that I stayed with my family.

  11. When is my 5th birth day . My mom give me the best gift in my life. IS AN I PAD!!!! That was the best day of my life. I was too happy that I jump every where and hug my mom, hug my dad, hug my brother,and hug my nanny. Every one feel happy for me.
    I thank my mom so much that I open it and play with it rightaway. And that is it for my story.

  12. I love my dad and mom and my friend because my dad play with me and my mom buy toy for me and my friend play with me. I love my dad and mom and my friend are my best dad and mom and friend. I will don’t forgot it.

  13. Who I love is my daddy I love my dad because he brings me to new places like is at the JJ market. The next thing is he buys toys for me like toy soldiers and toy Beyblade which is a spinner. I love my mommy too what she does for me is that she buys snacks for me all the time. The thing that I like most is they made me born on this earth.

    1. Nice work Mighty! It sounds like both your mom and dad care for you a lot, which is wonderful. You are lucky to have people who buy you such nice things. I really like your last sentence about the thing you like the most – that is definitely most important that they gave birth to you and I like how you saved it for last!

  14. Someone who make me feel and did something incredibly nice to me is my dad because he played a football game with me which was so fun and entertaining. I love him so much because he has to do his hard work to pay for my school and future, food and water in order to survive. He is very stressful yet has a lot of time to enjoy and play with me, he makes me happy but sometimes keeps stress to himself. I get sassy sometimes but want to say sorry immediately, I know I was wrong and he tried to keep me happy still. He love him with all my respect. I wish I could say this to him. I didn’t know how to live without him. I love you dad. He made me who I am, I am happy to have and be myself and walk to my future this far. I love u dad.

  15. LOVE, I feel it when my daddy KISSes and HUGs me. I feel RELIEF when I was sick, crying, and unhappy. He will comfort me by hugging and kissing. I feel safe, happy, and warm. So on my Valentine’s day, I hug and kiss my daddy.

  16. I​ love my mom.​ She​ is​ my​ first​ Valentine!

    I often need her to sleep beside me when​ I​ go​ to​ bed.​ I​ also show her that I love her by hugging her​ tight. She​ alway hug back and​ say​ “​I​ Love​ you​ to​ the​ moon​ and​ back!” When I was there my mental were calm, comfortable, happy and loving. I sleep​ so fast but it is not because I am sleepy, I​ am​ happy​ to​ have​ her​ beside​ me.

    1. Hi A-10 – Thank you for sharing about your family, I am happy to hear they love you so much and show it in different ways. Next time please try to write at least 3 sentences! Also, you need to add connecting words like “and” to this sentence – do you see the places where the word “and” could go?

  17. My family takes care of me and love me. Mommy and Daddy work everyday so they have money so I can learn international school. Some time Mommy and Daddy play with me and cook food for me. They help teaching my homework too. I feel happy and love my family.

  18. I felt espesheely love when my mom did everything for me sins I was born. For example my mom making a musicle instrument for me and my mom brush my teeth very very cleen. It made me feel good and want to be a good boy because I want my mom to love me too. The another one is my dad. My dad play fighting with me. I feel happy and hurt too but l have so much fun. And my dad help me about thai homework. I feel happy and good too. My mom, my dad and I always have a great time together so I love them so much.

    1. I felt especially love when I was born my mom make me
      a paper plane. She made me a rocket bottle for me. When the
      first time at grade 1-2 I have a first best friends his
      kind and his friendly to me .He made a Paper plane like my mom
      and I feel good with him when I and him play together. Have fun!

  19. I love my family so much because they take care of me. I love when they took me out for trips to other different places and country. I remember when I was five years old, I had my first trip to Maldives. It was so beautiful and also very fun. I catch a lot of hermit crabs and I also see some sharks. My mom and dad know that love beach so that they took me too Maldives. I felt very excited and very happy.

  20. I love my family because they take a good care of me when I was a baby until now
    also I love kpis too because there is all good teachers and kind friends
    so I want to say thank you really much to my mom and dad.
    I am so lucky because I can be my mom and dad,s daughter.
    My mom and dad always take me to shopping and buy toys for me.
    Every day my mom teach me how to do my homework too.
    When I grow up I will take care of my family like when they take care of me when I
    was a baby. I want to tell my mom and dad that I LOVE YOU SO SO SO MUCH!!

  21. I love how my mom and dad bought me presents and roses because I am nice. They bought me a pet fish🐠.I am so happy. Its so much beautiful when it is shining in the sunlight , also my favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day❤️ I love it because my family members give me toys or roses or yummy chocolates. I wish Valentine’s Day is everyday

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