KPIS Writers Prompt 13/12/19 Grades 3-5


Hello! Welcome back to our last KPIS writers of the year! First of all, thank you so much to Matthew in grade 2/2 and Near in 4/2 for your great responses this week! Everyone keep those replies flooding in!

As this is our last prompt for the year, I’ve been thinking about the New Years, and the ways we are always trying to better ourselves. So… without further ado

KPIS Writers Prompt 13/12/19

What goals do you have for 2020? A new year and a new decade is an exciting thing! What would you like to learn, or do differently this coming year? How do you want to grow? (and not just getting taller!)

I can’t wait to read your responses! Have a fantastic holiday break and a great new year!

-Mr. Josh

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  1. My goal for 2020 is to be happy every day because when you are happy everyone will play with you also to get better and better at running because if i am good at running I will be good at pe also I want to get better at math, science, language art to make my teacher proud and last one kpis writer. If I finish my goal I think my mom and my whole family proud of me.

  2. For 2020 I have four New Year resolutions. I want to improve in football ⚽️ so that our team could win competitions.

    I want to improve in spelling+grammar so that I could pass my assessment+tests at KPIS.

    I really want to run faster so I can chase all of my friends in games and in football practice.

    I really really really want to improve my reading so that I can read new strange words that I don’t know. Another reason I want to improve in reading 📖 is because I want to learn to read super fast. I want to be very very very confident in reading and the rest of these things listed.

  3. My goal for New Year is to let my friends not have problems, I want to have better grades in math, science, L.A and social studies. I already also want to get better in P.E. because I want to go to track and field. I want to learn more about science and social studies because I am better in L.A. and Math. I also want to get better in writing neater when I need to write my things and my writers when I published it and I also want to get better in art and I want to make my parents proud of my grades.

  4. My goal for 2020 is to be better at sport, because I want to go and race with other schools. I wanted to let my mom and dad to be proud of me. I want to get a grade :4 at every subject.I want to be happy and have lots of friend. I want to read more books, and read more faster. My real goal is to get more than 1000 score in map test.

  5. My goal is this year is to get higher grades than before. I will try my best in every subject to get a four. Be a good honest person. Finish class works on time. Read more books and practice writing so that I can write faster and finish on time. Show a good example to little kids.

  6. My goal for 2020 is to get better at sport because,for me I think it is fun. I also want to get a high grade so my family can be proud of me
    and I will also be happy. Another goal I am aiming to is
    to run fast so I can catch up to my friends.
    For the last one I want to be a great
    brother and show my little
    cousin and little
    brother a
    good example
    and be kind
    to them.

  7. My goal for 2020 is to get better at math because I always need help at math and sometimes I don’t understand. I wish I could be the best in the class. I also wish that I can make lots of new friends cuz of my best friend is going to move to Australia but sometimes my best friend can visit me. I could also wanted to be good at sport too cuz I have to race other schools too. I remember about the swimming race on Saturday but there are less people in our school racing and we got 5th place and there are 5 second graders and 3 third graders racing. I always wanted to go to the new football field and it’s so big it has a second floor! I will always be happy.

    By Jiajia 3/2 😀

  8. My goal in 2020 is to be better at listening. My mom and dad tell me that my playing volume is too loud. I just can’t hear it. So, I lower down the volume. My second goal is to have the right amount of confidence. Not too much, not too little, or I’ll just fail everything. My third goal is to go very fast!!! Even faster than Usain Bolt!!! My fourth goal is to stand up for what is right…. Even if you are treated badly. My fifth goal is to have enough money to buy a big gauge snowblower! The last goal for 2020 is… TO TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD!!! My career will be running a snowblower in Chang Mai! (only in December because it’s cold and it has snow). THE END!!! Thanks for reading 🙂

  9. 2020

    Next year in 2020 I will try to eat more because I’m thin. I will eat more fruit, meat, rice and milk. I will try to get better at math because I am not good at math and I want to pass my math tests at kpis. I will help my friends more in school because my friends help me so I will help my friends too. I will help my grandma by taking care of my puppy by my own. I need to play with it, feed it,clean it and train it. I will clean up my toys because sometimes I didn’t clean up my toys.

  10. My goal in 2020 is to go see the new F1 race and travel more with family.
    I would like to learn is a science because I want to inprove my score and do better then now. I will play more sports and learn everything about life to get me grow every year.

  11. I have many goals. First, I want to pass all of my tests because I want my parents happy. Second, I want to sleep early every night so I will wake up and go to school in time. Third, I would like to learn everything I should know. For example L.A, Math, Art, P.E, I.C.T and etc. Forth, I want to get taller for example 140 cm. Last, I want to write and think more faster.

  12. In 2020 I would like to get better at tennis so I can beat my younger brother and my even younger brother. Then I won’t lose when I play tennis again. I would also like to be better at gardening because right now my bean plant is dying. Also because I want to have more plants. I want to run faster so I can win the KPIS Fun Run and because I am a little bit slow. I also want to eat more kinds of vegetables so I can be used to eating different kinds of vegetables, then I would be able to eat other meals. Finally, I would like to have neater handwriting so my teacher can read my work easier and my mom won’t be disappointed in me.

  13. My goal for 2020 is to do more work than others and complete projects or any work that the teacher assign. I would like to learn Science and Math more because I know that I am weak in those things, but I’m getting better along the way. I would like to grow in my MAP test and get my brains growing, although sometimes I might need a break for fun things sometimes. By: Donut 4/1

  14. In 2020 I would want to run faster because i’m a slow runner and I want to win races, like the Fun Run. In 2020, I want to beat the fastest runner in my class and also pass every test I take, because I want to finish school and move on to other things, like becoming famous.

  15. My goal for 2020 is to be better at shooting basketball into a basketball basket,because I can shoot in a goal many times or I can win at basketball game or race.And I would like to to be good at science,because I very like science and it’s my favorite subject in school.And I want to be great at grade four or I’ll get every grade A test.And I would want is to woke up early not late for home room or for school.

  16. I will improve on listening in the classroom and I will not lose focus on other thing because it is bad and I will do hard working. I will explain about I will improve about controlling myself and I will try and calm myself at the quiet place such as a toilet and that has no people and I will try my best. I will improve about solving problem and I will ignore when they angry or I can tell teacher and I can don’t care about them and I will thing before acting and I can select the best option. So, I will try my best for the next year.

  17. My goals to do in 2020 year are to focus L.A. , P.E. and Science. I am not so good with those subjects.
    I would like to focus L.A. Actually, I just came at this school, so I need to be focus more in reading and writing, so I want to be the same level as my friends. I would like to focus P.E. Sometime I run slower than my friends. I would like to focus Science. Every time I study Science I don’t understand any words.
    I want to get better at all this subjects so, I will practice everyday. My mom and dad will pround of me, so I don’t need my dad to help my homeworks.

  18. My goal in 2020 is to be the best in the world! I want me to improve about the learning, sport and how to help my family healthier.
    My first thing is learning so the thing is my score is lower than the other people. I need to improve that so I will study my notebook before the test about 5-10 minutes.
    My second thing is sport, so I need to improve in my volleyball skill. I’m learning volleyball outside of KPIS every Saturday, but if I only play in Saturday I will not able to get better at volleyball. Then I need to practice everyday like I’m brushing my teeth every day.
    My third thing is to help my family stay safe and healthy. I can remind them to exercise every day like my grandma. She exercises every day from she was little to today. She is super strong that now she is 100 years old!
    I will tell you about the steps of getting healthy. Step 1, in the morning you should exercise every day. Step 2, you should eat lots of healthy food such as salad or etc. Step 3 is the most important step is to be happy every time! That’s my grandma’s technique.
    Make sure that everyone set their goals for 2020 and they need to do it. I think I will try to follow my 3 goals.

  19. I want to improve on my grades because sometime i get low scores so i want to be the best in my class and i will keep on trying to be the best by following what ever teacher Becky said and i will do my best by not sitting next to Gorn because Gorn does Zzz wing sound and that is annoying so i will sit next to Aom will help me focus in class and help me pay attention and my grades may get better in class so I will try my best to succeed in next year and semester.

  20. My goal in class is to to try to concentrate more than I ever done because I have been a very bad boy this year of school so i decided to pay attention more than I ever done. My goal for outside of school is to be happy what I have because every time when I saw something very cool I want to get it so so much. And the goal for my family is to respect because I always get my dad pist off.

  21. There lots of goals ‘m hoping for have in 2020. I wanted to improve at everything, even something I’m already good at. I wanted to improve both of my strengths and weaknesses.

    One of my goals for 2020 is to increase my confidence. When I’m presenting in class, I will try to increase the volume of my voice and speak louder. When I’m in class, I will try to raise my hand and ask questions about the topic. When I wanted to speak louder because it’s hard for my teacher to hear me. I also want my teacher to feel proud of me.

    I wanted to improve on the every Friday assessment too. My goals are to study my pink notebook everyday about 15 to 20 minutes. My goals are to focus in class and study more about the subject I am struggling on. I wanted to improve at this because I wanted to get good grades.

    At home my goals are to help my parents do their works for example: I wanted to help my mom do the dishes. I also wanted to do extra homework on home because on Saturday and Sunday I am often free. I wanted to read more RAZ Kids book because my teacher says that the more you read the more you get knowledge and learn. My goals are to get on electronics for 30 minutes per day. I wanted to eat more fruits and vegetables at home too. In my opinion eating fruits and vegetables might be disgusting but it’s better than getting sick.

    Goals are important for me. I make them and I need to make sure I follow them too. Goals are for you to improve. If you set them up, but don’t do it, it’s not really a goal because you didn’t do it.

  22. I have two goals to improve on 2020! My first one is come to school on time, so I won’t miss homeroom. My second improvement is work harder because I want to get good grade and I want to let my teacher proud of me.

  23. This year my goals will be ……………..

    My goals are be responsible enough to come to school on time ,im always late these days so that’s why I want to be early.The next thing of my resolution is stop making fun of my little brother, because I’m kind sister and I want to take care of him in the year of 2020.

    I want to learn more math and language arts ,because math is the subject I want to improve on and I want to learn more about hard words I don’t know and I want to be good at it. The thing I want to do different next year is be helpful ,because the year of 2019 I didn’t do that much chores and I want to do smart choices. I wanna grow by work smart not hard.

    My e

  24. In 2020, the goal I want to accomplish is to get better at drumming. I chose this because in 2019, I started to learn drumming and it was really fun! I’ve learned a lot of things with my drum teacher and it was so exciting! But then one day, my drum teacher was busy and didn’t have time to teach me. From that day on, I never saw him again. After my drum teacher left, I didn’t practice any drums and my skills got weaker. Until one day, my mom told me that she was going to put me in another drum lesson. When I started learning again, I couldn’t play very well. I was still good but I didn’t do as good as before. So this is why my goal is to be better at drumming.

    The other goal I want accomplish is to be better at running. I chose this because when I was in grade 1, I was a really fast runner. In fact, I ran faster than Jack! If you don’t know, Jack right now is the fastest runner in grade 4/1. One day, I was learning gymnastics and I did splits. I did it and then my legs hurt like they were going to rip off. It hurt so bad that I had to sit in a wheelchair for 3 days. After that accident happened, I was 3 times slower than Jack. Right now I’m improving and I’m getting faster and faster every day. So in 2020, I hope I can run as fast or maybe even faster than Jack.

    In 2020, I hope to learn about cars and who made cars and things about cars. I want to learn about cars because cars are one of my favorite things in the world!

  25. The goal I want to accomplish in 2020 is English because I’m moving to Australia next year. I got to improve my speaking because they might not understand me. My spelling because in spelling bee you got to spell the words backwards with no paper just your mind. You also get to go on TV. Can you imagine that!!!! I got to improve about learning the laws because there are many laws in Australia. For example, you need to where your seat belt at all times. I want to improve how to wake up earlier because I’m always lazy to get up in the morning. If you try to wake me up it would take yo about 5-10 minutes because I’m a heavy sleeper. Lastly I want to improve to always remember my homework because I always forge about the homework after 1 hour of gaming time. My mom always have to remind me. She’s really like my reminder. These are all my goals to improve in 2020 I wish I could improve these stuff.

    By AJ 3/2ヾ(•ω•`)o

  26. Hello my fans! My goal for the year is from my YouTube channel that I have 3 million subscribers. And my friends and I want to improve my GRAMMER!!! I will be the greatest YouTuber soooooooooo,,

    Like and turn on notifications and subscribe!!!

  27. The goal that want to accomplish in 2020 is singing skill because I wanna get higher level. I wanna try doing makeup tutorials on YouTube. I want to grow all of my skill. Like learning, sing,dance and etc.

  28. My goal by 2020 is to get smarter because I have a pretty dumb brain and I soon realized that I was doing things that I wasn’t thinking through. What I want to do to get smarter is to keep reading books learn new things and learn a new language, The second goal for me is to get enough sleeping time because I’m addicted to technology and what will happen is that I don’t get enough sleeping time and I would be really tired and I would just be not energetic and I could fall asleep or be really sleepy during class and I hate when I do that stuff in class, so those are all of my goals for 2020. (ó﹏ò。)

  29. At 2020 my goal is to be better at sports, Chinese and other subjects, making new friends. I want to be better at sports because I can be strong and healthy and maybe get into a sport team. I want to improve in classes like math or social studies but my main focus is Chinese. I want to improve in Chinese because I never learn it before. I want to have more friends not just my class. I want to be friends with every grade in the school. Overall I think my main focus for 2020 is to improve in classes because if I don’t improve I won’t get good grades.

  30. My 2020 goals
    1. Be better at math ( I’m bad at math)
    2. Be better at singing ( Bad at high notes)
    3. Learn Korean language ( Love Korean songs)
    4. Have more friends (Less friends)~_~
    5. Be great at sports (My friends always tell me to be good or at P.E. class I’m the last person and I lose and my friends r sooooooooooooo mean to me) (~.~)

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