KPIS Writers Prompt 13/12/19 Grades 1-2


Hello! Welcome back to our last KPIS writers of the year! First of all, thank you so much to Matthew in grade 2/2 and Near in 4/2 for your great responses this week! Everyone keep those replies flooding in!

As this is our last prompt for the year, I’ve been thinking about the New Years, and the ways we are always trying to better ourselves. So… without further ado

KPIS Writers Prompt 13/12/19

How would you describe a fireworks display? Think about the colours, the sounds and your feelings.

I can’t wait to read your responses! Have a fantastic holiday break and a great new year!

-Mr. Josh

72 thoughts on “KPIS Writers Prompt 13/12/19 Grades 1-2

    1. If I see a firework it can go different ways, it can go straight ,left or right. And some of them can’t even it can go down to the ground or to the water the color are red and green and yellow or blue. The sound is very loud and noisy I will be so excited and happy to see it and when is no more fire left I can make it again and again and until there is no more left.

  1. I think the sound will be very lound and the color of the sky will be color full! Also its gonna be fun for every one in the world!! Also its gonna be the best day ever because its a firework display! And also the firework will be very color full and the party will be very long. Also the fire display also be very betiful,but after its gonna be a big mest . But still the party is fun!

    The end.

    1. Yha Yha- I love how you described the firework display as loud and colorful! Those are great sensory details! I also love how you challenged yourself to write more than 3 sentences. Great job! What kind of shapes do you think the fireworks will make?

  2. I see the fire work at New Years it has a lot of color red purple and pink green it’s sounds like boom boom boom and it is like a flower and it beautiful colors
    And it is so fun and I like it

  3. The firework goes up and BOOM! and then it gone. The colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink. I think it like a spider web, milky way galaxy, heart, Saturn planet, and a black hole it is very loud and beautiful I like it. It so fun.

  4. The fireworks looks magic. Fireworks has so many colors. The fireworks looks like a falling star. Fireworks are amazing. Fireworks has lots of shapes like a star, flower and galaxy. Fireworks can make a word for a celebrate.

    JinJine 1/1 ^_^

  5. The fireworks display looks stunning. The colors are spectacular and eye catching. The sounds is deafening. I felt overwhelming joy because the fireworks display is gorgeous. All the colors densely pack inside reveal a luminous that touches every receptor in my eye.

  6. I think the firework will be amazing because it has colorful color with red, pink,white,yellow, orange, blue and loud sound BANG! BANG! Also, there are many colorful fireworks display in the sky at mid night when I celebrate the New Year.
    I will feel enjoying to watch beautiful fireworks with my family. I will watch until no fireworks in the sky.

  7. The fireworks pop in the sky like a ball falls into a volcano & explode into 1000000 colors. I imagine to ride on these colors like an angel, that would be so beautiful. The sound is like exploding balloons, what frightens me a little bit.

  8. I think when the firework expose it sound like Boom Boom Boom. I wonder what shape of fireworks will be.? It has many colors, there are yellow,  red, green, white, pink, blue and a lot of colors. I feel every excited when it splash out.

    1. I have seen firework during New Year and some celebrations. I feel surprise to see the big firework. The noise of the firework was so loud KABOOM!! When I looked up the sky, it was so beatiful and colorful like a rainbow. And there were many shapes such as a cloud, a heart, some letters, flowers and butterflies. Then, it got smaller and smaller until it was a tiny star and then POPF! It was gone. See you again firework!

  9. The fireworks are amazing. It looks like a flower with many colour when its up in the sky. The fireworks sound is very loud , when I hear the sound “Boom!!!” I will see sparking light in the sky and its gone and then it comes up again with the Boom sound. I like to see the fireworks with my family.

  10. I think when I smell the air after a firework it lit it smell like rotten eggs!!! I think fireworks contain small amounts of explosives that blow up! I think it explodes with a purple color. I feel happy but I won’t like the smell of rotten eggs though!!

  11. The​ Fireworks​ displays​ like​ an​ explosion  of​ million​ glowing  lights.​ The​ colour  are​ like​ rainbow.

    Last​ year​ I​ went​ to​ see​ Fireworks​ at​ New​ Year​ party​ and​ what​ happen​ed​ to​ me​ is​ I​ was​ closing​ my​ ears since​ 3​..2​..1..Happy​ New​ Yearrrrrrr! The  fireworks​ were​ loud  as​ a​  nuclear  bomb  explosion… BOOM!  BOOM! BOOM! I​ keep​ closing​ my​ ears​ until​ the​ Fireworks​ end​ and​  later​ my​ arms  felt  weak.​ I​ said​ “phewwww..” because​ I​ felt​ relief.​

    This​ year​ I​ decided​ to​ celebrate​ new​ year​ at​ my​ house​ with​out​ fireworks.​ How​ about​ you?

  12. I think is going to be very loud!!!!!!!! Maybe its loud as a earthquake. AN THE COLOR WILL BE RAINBOW!!!!!!!!!!!! My feeling will be like,”WOWWWW!!!!!!!” They always scream ”HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!! Is very annoying. But I actually like it. On New Year , I feel excited. FERGIE

  13. I was in chocolate ville with my mom and my dad. We were there to have dinner.
    While bitting my cheese ball, I heard something from the top of the sky. Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! It is very loud but it is cool. The fireworks are colorful. It has blue,red,green and orange colors. Boom! Boom! Boom! There are more fireworks! I feel excite and happy. I hope l can see firework again.

  14. While I’m looking at the fireworks display.I hear a loud sound of fireworks.I hear some people clapping too..I see colorful fireworks like a rainbow.I see people taking pictures.I smell smoke around us because of fireworks.I smell a yummy hotdog because my sister is eating it.I feel excited watching the fireworks and I feel happy too to see a colorful fireworks.

  15. A firework is a colourful art in the sky.
    Fireworks also have many different kinds of colours and shape. Fireworks can go left or right. Some fireworks are
    different some are big some are small.
    I feel very excited to see a firework show Because the sound is so loud like Bang Bang Bang!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It make me so surprise when it getting in to the sky which have many colors.


  16. The fire work will be very neon and have all color.And it will be 2020 years!!!!It will be fantastic!!!!!!!!!! Day in this world.We will have good dream that it impossible.I will tell you why because th e wish. you will be confuse I knew it.You don’t wants bad dream.

  17. I have seen fireworks display many many times. When fireworks go up to the sky, I am so excited. They come in many different sizes, colors, and shapes. They can be letter or picjer too. The firework explode with a loud bang. A sound is pung pung pung. I think the fireworks display is amazing. I am so happy to see it and I like it so much.

  18. The fireworks are so loud and is so beautiful and because it have a-lot of color like green,red,blue or other color some are loud and some are not.It will be like BOOM!!!! BOOM!!! Flash !!!!!!!! Or it could be shape like stars and it is so much fun and exciting!!!

  19. If I could see fireworks it would have bright colors such as yellow, light-green, light-blue, red.
    It will show the numbers: 2,0,2 and 0 and it will happen at mid-night so it could be a countdown.
    After it is 1 o’clock in the morning,everybody will celebrate.
    I feel beter than happy because I don’t like to sleep early

  20. What I feel about the fireworks is loud and noisy it goes BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! . It was also nice because it has colors. The colors are gold, pink, red, yellow, orange, white, green, purple, and blue. I felt joyful. I know that the sky is dark and black but the fireworks light them up. The shapes are circles.

  21. The fireworks are so beautiful as there are lots of shapes which made me so glad to see such as flowers, hearts, and rain, all are sparkling by plenty of lines racing up into the sky on and on. Another things that could not take my eyes off is the different shades of colours which could be mixed and turning from one to another one continuously. Even the sound is loud but it is not scared me.

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