KPIS Writers Prompt 06/12 for 3-5


Hi! It’s time for another prompt! But first, Congratulations to Atus and Aom this last week! Great writing!

Can you believe we are almost halfway through the school year? Me neither! I can’t wait for our vacation which starts in just two weeks!!!

Here’s your prompt for this Wintertime!

Writers Prompt 06/12

I know you guys are all bundled up because it’s cold out! What’s the coldest place you’ve ever been to, and, if you could live anywhere in the world during the wintertime, where would it be, and why?

I can’t wait to read your responses!

-Mr. Josh

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  1. The coldest country I ever been is Japan and in toyko and ice around the street it is just like ANTARCTICA!!!!! and that’s is strange even though I never touch snow but I can feel. Back to the story and if I live somewhere I would live in the hotel ,fancy food ,a beautiful room and play snow and TUB!!!!Decorate CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!!(or Xmas)and anather (sorry) beautiful dress and something else , because it is easy to go out and go in and out by playing snow CHRISTMASCAMPYand hangout

  2. The coldest country I go is China and I will definitely live in China of course because China snow a lot and it really cold I like cold. I can also go to see the great white of China also I can build snow man and have a snow ball fight with my family I may be will go to a fancy restaurant with my family at night and in China I feel like I’m in Antarctica I can maybe also go snow skating with my family I think I’m gonna fell down a lot of time because because I never skate before I maybe just maybe also see my friend nana because is also from china but if i do I will be surprised. And that it all about why I want to go to China for winter. :]

  3. Switzerland is the coldest place I have ever been. In Switzerland there are tall trees and tall mountains. In the winter they are covered in snow. The average temperature is between -2C and7C. Skiing and tobogganing in the snow are very popular kinds of sports in Switzerland.

    If I could live anywhere in the world in wintertime I would live in Switzerland because I love tobogganing and skiing it is so much fun.

    1. Switzerland sounds so fun! I love to snowboard, so I think that would be a great place for me to spend some time! I had some friends move there this year- now you got me wanting to go visit! Good writing!

      -Mr. Josh

  4. When I went to China in winter I think China is coldest. I wear jacket , gloves and boots. Some day morning I wake up I looked outside at the hotel I saw snow and I talked with my mom and my dad I say can we went to play snow outside my mom said yes. Next we went to cruising a cross river with manny people on cruise . I very happy to see a snow and I love winter in China.

  5. The coldest country I have been in my life is … Japan, Tokyo.
    At night it was so so cold it’s about 16C that time I wasn’t wearing a jacket so I need to borrow my mom’s jacket.
    When I walk on the street I saw a mini ice berg beside the road. That time I was going to the ninja village. When I went there it’s weird because there’s no ninja suit.

  6. The coldest place I’ve ever been to was in Japan last November this year . My family and I spent our 2 days trip at Mount Fuji. It was very cold in the morning and also in the evening. The place was very crowded because there were many tourists. But still We enjoyed walking and driving to ,Mount Fuji , We visited the main temple in Mount Fuji and prayed inside. We were happy to walk every morning because of the cold weather and quiet surroundings. The other days of our trip we stayed at Tokyo. We had fun relaxing , eating Japanese food and tried the taste of original green tea. We also went to Disneyland and tried different rides and that was very exciting experience for me. If I will spend my wintertime I will stay in Thailand because I want to spend my vacation with my grandparents they can’t travel and stay too long in a cold country during winter . So I will choose to stay in Thailand so we can spend time together. Also during wintertime or Christmas time it’s a bit cold here in Thailand too,To sum this is how we celebrate holidays as a family to be together and that’s enough for my family.

  7. The coldest place I never been is Chang Mai which is in Thailand.I wear a big fat jacket and a long pansy pans,in Chang Mai I go to pick a sweet tasty strawberries and also take a picture of a clouds covered with mountains.Oh,also I go with my friends and my family too I went to so many hotels with my friends and family because,we went so many places to avenger Chang Mai.I was so tired to avenger even my friends and family’s were tired too like me.One week later me and my friends and family’s decided to go back to our lovely home,so we went back home.Whn were home it was two or three PM,that night we have a little party at my friends home I went to my family town and we went to have a deep sleep at three in a halve PM. THE END!

  8. The coldest country I ever been is Thailand, because I never been in other country before. It is called Snow town and it have fake snow, and It was so fun. Another place is at Fashion island I play ice skating it was so fun.

  9. The coldest country I went is England. It is very cold in city center of london, I went to the winter wonderland in hyde park with my mum and my aunt. I would play carousel, I remember l was very happy. I rode my mother’s neck and then, when l walked around the theme park. Snow was coming before l go back home on this day.

  10. The coldest country I ever been is Thailand, because I never been in other country before. It is called Snow town and it have fake snow. I wear jacket so that I get warm. I help my cuson build a snow man it was so fun. I also slide down the snow with a board it was so cold, when i’m there for a while i’m freezing cold. When I finish playing I eat food before going home. The another place is at Fashion island I went there to play ice skate.It was also cold, I fall down only 4 times some time the water melt. I skate so fast faster than my sister and my cuson too, but slower than my dad. Do you know that this is my first time of skating.
    —————————————————-the end————————————————-

  11. The coldest place I been to is Chiang Mai. When I was at Chiang Mai, I did lots of things such as: going to the highest mountain in Thailand which is called doy Inthanon and e.t.c. It was cold so I have to wear a fluffy jacket. I spend the time at Chiang Mai with my cousin, not with my mom, dad or brother. I STILL WANT TO GO THERE WITH MY FAMILY.

  12. I think the coldest place that I went In my life. Is new hamp shire in north America. Why? Because when ever I come out of my house that my family rented it was cold and I almost had to wear 3 jackets! and It is also cold because the house that my family rented is near by a lake! So my family also get to look at some waves passing by. I also felt cold breezes when I was playing a snowball fight.

  13. The coldest place I have been to is Australia and I would definitely live in Australia too because it is very cold at the west of Australia. It is so cold that you have to wear 2 stacks of clothes to prevent frostbite! I also like there because you can ski or sled from very tall mountains. It is very fun and I enjoyed dumping snow on my mother’s back ( I somehow liked it). In the winter you can also make giant snowmen and have snowball fights!
    ————————————————-THE END ! =) —————————————————–

  14. The coldest place I ever been is Kunming, China (The city where my dad was born). I was walking then I see fog and it’s getting cold and colder. Well I went to Kunming on December so that’s why it’s super cold ( I can’t stop saying cold) The wind is TOO STRONG ( I never seen a VERY STRONG wind like that before) And I was sooooooooooooooooo sleepy ~_~. I went to a cafe I was still sleepy. My mom order milk for me. My mom said ” WAKE UP DON’T BE LIKE SNOW WHITE SLEEPING AROUND!” I said ”ok”. I drink da milk I was STILL SLEEPY ~_~. (Now I’m not sleepy anymore) . I went to take a ride in a cabin car or something. I was looking at the beautiful view 😀 and it was soooooooo lovely. Then the fog is starting to go away then the VERY beautiful view is coming back I was soooooooooooooooooooooooo happy. And that’s the end! ^_^

  15. Galayuzawa is the coldest place I had ever been and it is at the Japan and it even need to the train and it took two hour from Tokyo and it have many toy for snow and we can play snow fight and I have been with my mom and my dad before and you can build a snow man and you can go to the canteen to eat lunch and it can be any time on break and it is winter season. So, that is why Galayuzawa is the coldest that I ever seen.

  16. The coldest place I ever been is some temples at Japan and it is fun. That time it was cold and I saw mountains and other stuff there. It was cold. If I could live anywhere in winter I would live at Finland because there are animals like foxes, grey wolf, raindeers and snowy owls. I like those animals. There are also other places in Finland where I want to go to like the snow ice castle because it is build every winter and I like castles. The thing that I also like about Finland is that in winter it is cold and I like it and when it is cold I can play with snow to so I can touch snow. The thing that I like the most about Finland is that on the night time there will be auroras and I like them because they are colorful.

  17. In my experiences, the coldest country I’ve been to is New Zealand.

    When I was a very small child, our family had a trip to New Zealand. There, it was freezing cold and I had to wear three jackets. My head was freezing and I couldn’t feel my legs! But actually, there was no snow at all and there was just frozen ice. Probably I was a little kid and I felt cold very easily. I really like New Zealand because I did many fun activities there such as riding down the mountain with a luge. When I was driving down the mountain, I felt the cold breeze rushing through my lungs. So I just played 2 rounds because of the coldness.

    The other activity I almost did was bungee jumping. I didn’t do bungee jump because I was just 5 years old and not allowed to jump. I just went there to watch people jump. My dad told me that if anyone jumps naked, they can jump for free. When I was looking at those jumpers jump, it was sooooo windy and I thought of how cold the naked jumpers would be. I am really looking forward to doing that the next time I go there.

    The last memorable activity I did was going to a wine cellar. It was underground and kind of humid. At that age, I didn’t know what wine is. When my family was in the wine cellar, our tour guide presented different types of wine to us and let us taste a little bit of each. I didn’t know what it was so I took a sip and I loved it! I drank red wine, white wine and other type of wines. Afterwards, I felt warm and my mom told me that alcohol causes the volume of blood brought to skin’s surface increase, making me feel warm. On the whole way back to our hotel, I slept like a polar bear due to the power of wine!
    The place I want to live in the winter time is New Zealand because I have missed a lot of fun activities

    and I love the weather there.

  18. The place I have been that Is the coldest place that I ever been is Japan . I went to Japan and ski

    ,because it’s freezing when it’s winter and I have to wear lots of sweater on top ,but there is one good I could build a snowman but it’s freezing

    .If I had to live in the cold in would choose Africa,because it’s hot I want to take a break from the cold .

  19. The coldest place I ever been to is Japan and this winter I will go to Korea and my mom told me that it will be -5 in Korea. If I could go anywhere in this winter I will go to America because I want to go see the museum and also want to go eat yummy foods in America.

  20. The place that I want to go is Switzerland because it is so beautiful. I want to go Jungfraujoch mountains because I want to play snow. I want to see the Bernina Express and Glacier Express because it is an activity that every tourist should experience that is the train to watch the mountains. The last that I want to go is Rhine Fall because I think it will be peaceful to hear the water falls sound.
    If I have a chance to visit there, it will be my best winter time ever.

  21. The coldest place I ever been is snow town at my mom’s old office that place is barley freezing. When I was there the Que was so long like an hour but when i was there I tried the the ice sled it was so fun like going to a real snow town
    that time I was 5 years old I came with 3 friend (that count’s me too ) if I had a guess the degrees is maybe be -0
    I think so and there was a mini game to play too I tried many times but I dint win so I dint get the prize but however the mini game I flay was fun and when I was cold there was a hot spa and there and I build an snow man it was very cute.

  22. The coldest country is japan because it has lots of snow and ice so its so cold that I could hardly see every one who is walking accept if the have a light I could see them when they walk or playing in the snow but the only problem is I never bring a flashlight to japan so I could not see a thing.

    1. Oh my El. Maybe you should ask Santa for a flashlight this year so that you go prepared next time. Have you ever gone skiing? I went snowboarding once and it was so difficult. You should try it sometime.

  23. The coldest place I never been is Japan, I like to go to Japan because I like to eat Japanese food and Japan is a cold place and has snow. I want to go snowboarding . I never play in my life and I want to go to Disney land. I like to go on roller coasters and seeing big cartoon parades.have lots of fun things to do inside there . Japan have beautiful flowers and good view.

    1. Hey Tony, so you want to go snowboarding? That will be fun but it is not easy. Maybe you and mommy should book a trip to Japan soon. Just pack enough warm clothes. I do not want you to turn into a little snowman.

  24. There is lots of cold places I’ve been to. But in my opinion, Switzerland is the coldest country and place I have been to.

    I went to Jungfrau Mountain in Switzerland with my family. Even though we went there in the summer, it’s still freezing cold because it’s the highest mountain in Europe!!! While going up there the view was amazing.

    We thought it wouldn’t be that cold because we thought it’s summer. But when we went there, we all shivered as we run into the snow to hold the Switzerland flag at the highest mountain in Europe! I only had one jacket with me. My brother was super cold and he fell asleep!

    If I could live anywhere in the world in the wintertime, I would go to America because I want to see the biggest Disney Land in the world.

    I want to go to America because I want to see the Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate Bridge, Niagara Falls and the Mount Rushmore too.

    I want to go see the Statue of Liberty because I learned that Statue of Liberty is valuable of mind.

    I want to go see the Golden Gate Bridge because it is the longest bridge in the pass and the view is very beautiful.

    I want to go see the Niagara Falls because it is a big waterfall that is very beautiful and can ride a boat to see the waterfall closer.

    I want to go see Mount Rushmore because it’s the place where there’s four faces of America’s presidents.

    I also want to go to America because I want to build snowman and play snowball fight with my little brother.

  25. My coldest place I never have been there before is Japan or Tokyo. I went there when I’m in grade 1, that’s 3 years ago. In Japan at the morning is about 8c’, but at night it’s about 2 or 3c’. I went to Ueno park that have a lot of Cherry Blossom tree. Do you know what did I wear? I wear T- shirt, sweater, jacket, glove, hat and scarf. That’s a lot right! Also, I went to 2 famous places which is Asakusa tempo and Tokyo Sky Tree. Asakusa tempo has a big giant Japanese lamp at the front door. Then Sky Tree is the tallest tower in Japan. I use the subway to transport from places to places. In Japan have many places to go in the wintertime, summertime or any season you want to go. Japan not only have a lot of place to go but also lots of beautiful views too. If I have a chance, I would go to Japan one more time.

  26. The coldest place I went to is France. I want to go to Japan because it’s cold there and It have many good food there and there also many cool places there that I want to go. They is also so many cool snacks and cake and gummy and candy there that I never eat before because they doesn’t sell it in Thailand but in other countries. If they sell it in Thailand it would be so expensive but if it’s in other countries it would not be so expensive. Like once I went to Singapore I got to try some nerd candy and it was so good I never try it before.

  27. The coldest place I been to is Switzerland.And it was snowing on top of a mountan. and it was super beauiful there ,and I went to a beautiful water fall and the water was like a like green or blue.And I love the food yummmmmmmmy pizza,pasta,sandwiches and pizzzzzzzzaaaaaa. yum .

  28. The coldest place I’ve been to is probably Korea, even though it was not raining, it was FREEZING! I actually went there as a kid though, I miss that times traveling to Korea, and if I could live anywhere, I would live in Japan! Since I’m so OBSESS with anime and cosplays, also the language they speak is so cute, or you can call it KAWAII! The food is also DELICIOUS even though I haven’t go to Japan yet, I know that their traditional foods is gonna be amazing, just because when I watch Japanese animations, the food looks absolutely tasty! And thats it! :T

  29. The coldest country I have ever been in is USA (United States)
    When I was walking on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York it started snowing I was so excited. My family and I went on the taxi because we were going to watch Phantom Of The Opera at a theater. When the play finished and we came outside it was very windy and it snowed even harder. That day was a very happy and exciting day for me.

  30. I think the coldest place I ever been to is Hokkaido in Japan. At that time the temperature there was -15 celsius. If I could travel anywhere else in the world I want to go to a cooler place where is Iceland. I would like to go to Iceland because I think Iceland is cool and very interesting. Also if I am at Iceland and it’s the wintertime that means that the natural animals will appear such as white polar bears, and penguins. Other than that I can see Auroras too! Which I think would be very cool.

    Bew 4/1

  31. The coldest place I’d ever go is Hokkaido,Japan. Everywhere have snow! I was freezing! I throw the snow to my sister and we were playing. I want to live in… Korea because the food is awesome. One time, I went Korea in the autumn and the whether are very good. Is not that cold and is not that hot it was just perfect!

  32. The coldest country I’ve been to is Australia (Where I was born). My friend Andrew was here with me. It was a road trip that took about 9 hours. When we arrived there it was raining snow so a lot of snow covered up me into a snowman. Then Andrew threw a humongous snowball at me that made me fall into pit of snow. After that moment, fires in the hall!!!!! a snowball fight happen. To protect my self I got my sled to block me while I was building the fort. He kept destroying my fort so I was like a builder just repairing the walls every minute. I was to tired so I retreat by not showing a white flag. But using my sled to slide down and escape. After the war was done I went on to building a snowman. I would roll the large balls and Andrew would be decorating it. When the snowman was done it looked adorable. But then a large pit of snow fell on me. I was to lazy to get out so instead made a snow angle. Then it was time to go home. Still I was lying in there so Andrew dragged me out of there. That was the end of the story. Now lets talk about which country do I want to live in. I want to live in is Japan because it is wealthy and the health care is so advance. I want to munch up some yummy sushi because sushi is from Japan. I want to try the Nigiri Sushi in Tokyo and Oshi Sushi in Osaka. The view in the winter is incredibly awesome. The weather is great beautiful and fresh. The people are friendly and nice. The technology is advanced and crazy, it is like the future in Japan. That’s why I want to go to Japan.

    ———————————————-THE END————————————————————-

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