KPIS Writers Prompt 06/12 for 1-2


Hi! It’s time for another prompt! But first, Congratulations to Atus and Aom this last week! Great writing!

Can you believe we are almost halfway through the school year? Me neither! I can’t wait for our vacation which starts in just two weeks!!!

Here’s your prompt for this Wintertime!

Writers Prompt 06/12

What would it be like if snow was actually made of marshmallows? If it was soft, sticky, fluffy and sweet stuff? How would you play with your friends and family?

I can’t wait to read your responses!

-Mr. Josh

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  1. If snow is marshmallow . I would make a marshmallow city. The mashmallow city will have cars , houses , trees, school and parks. I will let my family play with me in the marshmallow city and we will have fun together.

  2. If snow in winter was made out of marshmello, I will eat and swallow it all up. The marshmello will be a soft candy.
    If snow would be fluffy I will know it’s a marshmello In disky. I will play throw and catch with my family and friends. I know that the marshmello is not sticky so the marshmello will not even stick to my hand or the parts of my body.

    1. Hi Japan – Great ideas! Last time I checked, marshmallows were pretty sticky. Do you think this marshmallow snow would not be sticky? Why not? But if not, that will make for a very fun game with your family and friends.

  3. If the snow was made of marshmallow definitely all the kids will go out and grab the marshmallow as many as they can, and put it in their mouth. because the marshmallow is sweet and the kids love it. I will tell Jaguar, Shetah, Prom and even my little sister Preme to go outside and have fun with the snowmarshmallow. We will make snowman marshmllow, snowball marshmallow and the last one is shooting marshmallow directly to the mouth and whosoever will win,can get alot of marshmallow for the price,

  4. If snow was actually made of marshmallow, I will play with snow by building a snowman and decorate it with marshmallow and when it is time, l will collect the marshmallows and go back home. Then, I will eat marshmallows and play with my kitten at the same time.
    I will make snow marshmallow as an ice-cream with cookie and chocolate. And I think marshmallow is a sweet stuff because some marshmallow have sugar in it and a little icing.
    Also, I will play with my family by catching and throwing with them and let my family taste to know how delicious it is!!!

    1. Hi Pear – Great ideas! Snow marshmallow as an ice cream with cookies and chocolate sounds amazing, I would definitely want to taste that! Nice job starting some of your sentences with transition words. Do you think the marshmallows will melt when you bring it inside like snow can melt?

  5. In winter I will go to khan yai with my family and play in the swimming pool and ride the bike and eat food with my family and running with my family and staying in the hotel and dance in the room and play tik tok with my family and I have fun at khan yai with my family and I stay 3 day and I go home with my family

  6. I would make a snow ball and play with it. I can also eat it when I’m hungry cause it’s a marshmallow! We could ski on snow with everyone include friends and family. You can put the snow in a bucket and you can pour it to yourself like “ice bucket challenge but a snow”.


    1. Jade, what do you think would happen to the marshmallows if you jumped on them? Do you think they will become flat or do you think they will bounce you up like a trampoline? And to answer your question, I think marshmallows are delicious too!

    1. Praow, I love the idea of making a snowman with the marshmallows! What other things would you add to your marshmallow snowman for his arms, eyes, nose, mouth, or even a hat? Would you use objects or other kinds of foods?

  7. First time, I see a special snow, I feel excited and surprised because I never have seen the…SNOW THAT MADE FROM MARSHMALLOWS BEFORE! Next, I will go home and get some gloves and then catch it. Why I need the gloves, because it’s very very cold. Yumm…Yumm…Hmm…It’s so chilly in my mouth. I will tell my family to make the chilly candies snow into a sculpture that they like. For me, I will make a battle ship because I like the design and color of the battle ship. Can I color it? Don’t you think it’s so cool that marshmallows fall from the sky? What would you make out of the special snow?

    1. Tatar! So many craft moves – awesome!! You made this a very interesting post with the ellipses, sound words, and questions to the reader. And you used transition words at the beginning of some of your sentences, just like we learned. Great work all around. A marshmallow battleship sounds like a great idea. To answer your questions – yes, I think marshmallows falling from the sky would be very cool, and if I could make anything, I think I would make a marshmallow castle or fort. Do you think the marshmallows could hold up for people to go inside?

  8. If snow was made of marshmallows. I will pick the snow up and we will play snow ball. We will throw the ball and my family and friends will catch it. I know the snow is sticky. It will stick to our hands. I will put the snow out and eat it because it is a marshmallows. Everyone will be excited.

    1. Thanks for sharing Pon Pon! It would be such a treat to be able to eat the marshmallow snow every day. Remember, try to write at least three sentences. Can you think of anything else you would do with the marshmallow snow? Or, how would you feel when eating the snow and throwing with your family?

  9. If the snow was made of Marshmallow, I will share it to my family because sharing is good. I will eat it. I will make a snow city my snow city will have cars, lakes, trees, buildings, houses, and people. I will also play Snowball fight with my family.

    1. Hi Liger – I think your friends would be very happy to have your throw such sweet treats in their mouths. Did you mean to say that you will share them? A marshmallow house is a great idea! But, do you think it would be strong enough to hold up for people to go inside?

  10. I will eat snowflake and share with my friends and family. It is so yummy that i do not want to eat them all by myself, I want my brother Jade to eat with me. Snow and marshmallow are similar because both can be melted with heat. I really enjoy seeing both getting melted.

  11. If the snow are marshmallows , I will build a snow man then, I will eat the marshmallows with my friends and my sister. And I will have a very big party with my friends also I will eat a yummy cookie that I make it with my friends. But it will be a big mess! And also I need to clean the mass after the party, also on Christmas I’m will get a good toy from Santa to!! And then I will eat the snow that are marshmallows!! Then I will play with my friends and my BFF all day to!!!

    1. That sounds like a fun, silly, messy party!! I’m glad that you also mentioned that you will need to clean up the mess! That’s a very responsible move. What do you think is the easiest way to clean up all the marshmallow mess?

  12. I wish that winter turned all snowflakes into marshmallows because I like to eat & lay down on them. I can bounce on them when they are so fluffy & gigantic. They taste yummy, sweet & soft, it’s delicious to feel them melting in my mouth. I could eat them every day!

    1. Hi Kim – These are great ideas! I love that wrote with so many strong, precise words like “bounce,” “gigantic,” and “delicious.” They help me form a picture in my mind of what you are describing. I like how you described the marshmallows as “melting in your mouth” too. That makes me want to eat some marshmallows right now!

  13. If snow was marshmallows. I will eat, play and throw them. And we will have a big marshmallow city and many people will visit marshmallow city, we will be sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo poplular. Everything is made of MARSHMALLOWS!!!!!! Think about it! Come on! Ok done. We can eat anything in marshmallow city because it is made of marshmallows and we can eat marshmallows. Right!? Some houses have swimming pools so inside the swimming pool we don’t fill water we fill MARSHMALLOWS!!!!!! (I can’t stop saying marshmallows) @_@

    ——————————————-THE END—————————————————-

    By Jinjine 1/1 😀

  14. If the marshmallow falls. I will sing raining marshmallow song. Just open your mouth and close your eyes is raining marshmallow. I will get the big box and the marshmallow fall in the box I’ll invite my friends and family to help me grill the BBQ marshmallow! it is YUMMY.
    I wish it  can be true.

  15. If snow was acchually made of marshmallows it would be yucky because for me they are not yummy. But it would be fun because we can play with them. I would use them to buid marshmallow city, marshmallow home and marshmallow car. And I would jump and flip over the snow as the marshmallow is soft and fluffy. I will let my frends and family play too.

  16. If snow was marshmallows, I would eat some because I am a great food eater especially candies. I would build a marshmallow snowman. I would also play a game, you have to try to throw marshmallows at people’s mouth, if you throw it in, you get a point and the person you throw the marshmallows in get to eat the marshmallows. I also want to make a marshmallow sleigh and slide down from a hill. That would be very fun. I call it the “Marshmallow Land!!!” I love winter and marshmallows and think it will go well together.

  17. What I would like it to be is I can make a marshmallow snowman.
    Then I will eat them and I would like them even more if they are chocolate. Then I will have even more fun if I build a marshmallow house with my friends and family. Then we will cook the marshmallow and enjoy them together and it also not cold too.

    1. Great ideas Mighty! Oooh chocolate marshmallows sound delicious! A marshmallow house sounds like a lot of fun – do you think you can make one big enough for all your friends and family to fit inside?

      Here’s a tip for next time: Try starting your first sentence with words from the original prompt. So you could write – “If snow was actually made of marshmallows, I would make a marshmallow snowman.” What do you think?

  18. If snow is really made of MARSHMALLOWS, I will feel so happy. I will build a snowman that is made of marshmallow. It’s called MARSHMALLOW-MAN. My friends and I can play the ball fight called MARSHMALLOW-BALL. We use marshmallow snow to make the balls. We throw to each others and catch the balls by our mouth and eat it. Who eat the most MARSHMALLOW-BALL win the game. I really want to eat it tomorrow !

  19. If the marshmallows are fall down from the sky as snow. I will grill marshmallow and enjoy with my family. I will build a super yummy snowman and put strawberry on it. I will build a marshmallows house and live in there, I think I can live a little bit and it will be broken.
    When I go to school I will play with my friend , we eat marshmallows snow as much as we can and have fun with strawberry marshmallows party.

  20. If snow like a marshmallow I will camping in that place and I will burn the marshmallow and can eat all!!! I will make a ski by MARSHMALLOW and play ski down the BIG MOUNTAIN and it will be so much fun with my friends and family and everything will be MARSHMALLOW!!!!! Except me and everyone that come play here.

  21. I would invite my friends to my house. We will have a small​ but​ warm​ party. At​ the​ party we will eat​ marshmallow​ rice, marshmallow drink, marshmallows steak.​ After that I will start a marshmallow snowball fight by melting marshmallows and throw them at my friends “Splat!!! Splat!!!”. “Ahhh… Ahh…” my friend will say.

    Is​ that​ sound​ fun? What party do you think I should celebrate next?

  22. I will eat the snow if it the marshmallow. I will play with it super softly.I will make the snowman.I will come to the snowman and push it the chocolate will come out. I will throw the marshmallow than. I will eat it the marshmallow will be soft.I will put the chocolate on my hand and put on my face it will be some much fun and happy it will have so fun it will have the super fun marshmallow it will have some much fun and happy.

    1. Great ideas A-10! Sounds like you will have a lot of fun with this marshmallow snow. Be careful when writing sentences to put your periods at the end of one full thought. Also, try using more transition words at the beginning of your sentences! It will help tie all your thoughts together.

  23. If it has snow in Thailand, I will eat all the snow. But not too much. Especially if it’s FLUFFY!!!!!!! I can put it in an ice creem cone. If it’s sticky, it will be like a slime. That’s mean is fun! If it’s sweet…….. I will jump on it,eat it,sleep on it and never stop!! You like snow man right? But if it’s too hot,you can make a sand man!!!!! (FERGIE)

    1. Hi Ryuu – very interesting idea! Have you eaten burned marshmallows before? I think you might mean “toasted” marshmallows – that means they are only a little bit burned. I love the idea of a hot marshmallow dog! Did you come up with that idea yourself or have you seen one before?

  24. I would eat it and make a giant marshmallow man with my teacher and my class.And throw the marshmallow to my class like snow ball fight but this is marshmallow fight.And do a hot coco and eat candy cane with marshmallow. and Lay down on marshmallow.And dream about marshmallow.

  25. If snow was actually made of marshmallows I will eat all the marshmallows. The marshmallows was sticky. Me and my friends started making a snowball then later for a few minutes we are playing a game outside so we were hungry. We build a camp with marshmallows inside. Then we collect the marshmallows in the baskets. We went inside our camp with marshmallows and we ate them. After that we played football and the ball puffy because it was Marshmello. We started to be tried so we got to bed made out of marshmallows.

  26. If the snow are made of marshmallows I will share it with my family and my friends.
    We will build a big Castle also have a princess and a prince inside We will build a snowman marshmallows outside the Castle for protect them. We will throw the marshmallows snow and eat together and then we will go eat all everything we build before like a castle,princess,prince and a snowman hahaha It’s yummy I hope my teeth will be alright.😬

  27. If snow was made of marshmallows I will build a snowman and I will destroy it then do a marshmallows fight with my big brother Boom-boom! Then I will eat the marshmallows with my big brother! I will build a house made out of marshmallows! After all of that I will throw 10 marshmallows on my brother head! When I go to school I will put marsh mallows on everybody desk!!!!

  28. If snow was made of marshmallows I will build a snowman and I will destroy it then do a marshmallow fight with my big brother Boom-boom! Then I will eat the marshmallows with my big brother! I will build a house made out of marshmallows! After all of that I will throw 10 marshmallows on my brother head! When I go to school I will put marshmallows on everybody desk!!!!

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