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Welcome to this week’s edition of KPIS writers! Thank you for all the great responses last week, especially Japan and Wha Wha- great work! This week, we’re going to have a day of exploring international education- which is something all of us are experts in!

Writing Prompt

What do you like most about going to an international school? How do you think it is different than going to a local school? What are you most thankful for about KPIS?

Can’t wait to read your responses!

-KPIS Writing Team

48 thoughts on “KPIS Writers for 31/01 G.3-5

  1. I like to go to international school because it teach me how to speak in English. When we go to other country we can speak there language. English is almost all over the world. It teach me a lot off things to do and learn in international school have lots of fun activity to do.

  2. Well, local schools is more stricter than international schools like, if you don’t do your homework, BOOM, your in a lot of trouble. Late for class, BOOM, detention. Not listening and just talking, teacher slaps you with a ruler. In local schools theirs a lot of strict teachers, even the class where other languages are Thai teachers!

    If it’s International school, there will be international students and Thai students,

  3. Well, local schools is more stricter than international schools like, if you don’t do your homework, BOOM, your in a lot of trouble. Late for class, BOOM, detention. Not listening and just talking, teacher slaps you with a ruler. In local schools theirs a lot of strict teachers, even the class where other languages are Thai teachers!

    If it’s International school, there will be international students and Thai students, Thai students can also be friends with international students! And, you can learn more language from real teachers that’s from other country! That’s just amazing!

    Even tho local school might not be my favorite, it can also be a place where you can educate like our school. (Continuation of the unfinished post ;-;)

  4. The thing about internatinol school is there is more students from around the world then local. Also We get to learn more of English than local (Thai school). At Internatinol school you have more fun events Like House day, Kpis got talent and others. There is also less homework for Internatinol school. But there s also a twist. Internatinol school is way more expensive. Internatinol school also have more technology then local. Some local school teachers are sometimes mean. Welp thats the end.

  5. I would rather go to Internationational School than the local school. I have to go to a local school every summer and basically I can compare the difference between Internationational schools and local schools. If you go to a local school you will have to carry heavy books to school everyday!!! Secondly, teachers that are in the local school are super strict. There are also lots of homework!! There is no break time only … lunchtime. Teachers will force students to drink milk. Some local schools don’t have an auditorium but they have gyms. While international schools you don’t have to carry books to school every day. Teachers in an international school are not that strict. There are breaks snacks and milk during the break. You don’t need to be forced to drink milk. There is not as much homework as local schools. Students at international schools get to learn the language by teachers from real countries. There are auditoriums in an International school. There is also a gym.

  6. I like to go to international school because you can meet other student from other country and learn about the culture they live in and also international school you can learn any language like Chinese, English, Thai and many more. And last thing is that I’m thankful to the teacher and my friend I’m thankful to the teacher because they are the one who teach me and I’m thankful to my friend because if I don’t have any friend I will be lonely and also they are there to help and I can help them. The end (:

  7. I like to go to international school because you can met other students and lots about them and there culture and then you could learn more words in international schools because the teachers could speak English . I’m also thankful for my teachers to.

  8. I like to go to international schools because local schools are usually really far from my home, so I will get late just about every day. International schools also have a lot of different classes and teachers, while local schools have almost all Thai teachers! I don’t know how to write a lot of Thai because i’m Canadian, so I think KPIS is better than local schools.

  9. I would rather go to a international school because local schools learns Thai more and I want to learn English. Teachers in international schools are more less stricter than Thai school. In international I thinks it would be better in the room because I think the air conditioner is better than local schools and I thinks the size of international schools room are more bigger than local schools. In International schools we get to learn Chinese and Thai and English. In local schools I think we only get to learn Thai and English so I like international schools more

  10. I like international school because the teacher is less strict than local school and a another reason is when I play on break I don’t eat snack because it is not a game but I play at the gym and it is basketball game and badminton and local school don’t have air but international school have and local school has gym and local has a lot of book to carry and it might can be heavy so I don’t like it but international school doesn’t have carrying book too much. Local school has less time of break but international school has so much time of break. So, I like international school.

  11. Thai schools are different than International schools because

    1. There are no air conditioners.
    2. Thai teachers hit kids.
    3. They don’t speak English.
    4. They have to cut there hair the same.

    I am thankful of KPIS because

    1. We can choose our own food.
    2. We can read books any time.
    3. We don’t need to cut our hair the same.

  12. Y I don’t like Thai schools

    1. Thai teachers r boring
    2. They hit u
    3. It’s too hot is da classroom
    4. We need to look nice

    I love KPIS because ( :

    1. U can eat ANYTHING
    2. We don’t need to look nice
    4. The subjects r fun

    By Jiajia 😀

  13. I like international school because I like to learn about English and meeting a friends from around the world. I think it is different than going to a local school because in a local school they are not many subject to learn about English. They are learn more about Thai, and don’t have foreign friends. I feel thankful for about KPIS give me to learn English and good teacher and friends. KPIS give a good experience to me and improve me about language.

  14. I like international school because,it teach me how to speak English and international school teacher is more kind and funny than a local school teacher.Also international school teach more languages than a local school and international school has more activities than a local school.Also meet new friends and have new friends too.I felt thankful for KPIS that teach kinds of staff and friends too.

  15. I would rather go to international school because in other local schools they seem a bit too hard for me and just not right level for me in Thai subjects. I know this because I went to a local Thai school for one month during last summer.

    The reason why I like international schools because in Thai schools they have subjects that
    are a bit like Thai culture and I’m not use to that so much. KPIS
    has more things like sports and activities eg. Halloween , Christmas party than local schools and they are all fun. The food at international schools are better than local schools too.

  16. I learned in 3 local schools before I came to KPIS . Therefore, I known how local schools look like.
    In a local school, I kind of like it ever though teachers were not funny and there were a lot of rules. Actually, I was good at Thai but it was so hard and a lot of homework.
    In an international school, teachers were so funny and there were a lot of activities that were different from local schools. The school taught me think to find answers while local schools didn’t do much.
    I want to thankful for teachers that always kind and help me and also cleaners that keep the school always clean.

  17. First, I want to go to International schools more than going to local schools. The reason I don’t want to go to local school is because kids in local schools are so disrespectful , annoying, and they always fight for things they want. I want to go to international schools because I can speak Thai and I want to learn English too. I can even be a guide for my Family when we go to different countries. And almost every country could speak English. English is my favorite language. I love international schools way more than local schools. (Always)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I like international school because I like to learn special things.same like we speak English in school but local school they speak Thai. And international school we can learn from internet same like programs IXL,RAZ kids, google classroom, kpis writers. but local school don’t have I think international school makes me smart.

  19. The thing that I like the most about learning in an international school is because you can learn many different language. The second thing that I like about learning in an international school is because you can get a friend from different countries for EX: my friend Bittu is from India. This is only the reason why I like it learn in an international school. Oh! I forgot to tell you another reason , you get to get more information and education then local school.

    That reason is only telling about education and different people from different countries, Now I will tell you about space and surroundings. I have gone through so many school and many places already and I don’t really like them because many students in different school swears so I have to move school many times and sometimes I need to move school to find a school that has the most education and the most cleanest school.

    Thank you for reading.

  20. I like being in an international school because I get to meet different people from different places. I get to meet people that are from Canada like Mr. Steve. Mr. Jemal from England. Mr. Tom from Florida and Ms. Nallie from the Philippines. Some of my friends that are Asian American like me and my friend Aeijha. What I also like about being in an international school is I get to learn other languages and not just English like Chinese and Thai. What I am most grateful for is my teacher and friends. They were and are so nice to me 😀 The local school that are owned by the government force you to cut your hair [ most of them not all of them] Most local schools don’t teach English. i was lucky enough to go to a school that wasn’t own by the government and that doesn’t force you cut your hair and I get to learn English 😀
    THE END 😛

  21. I like international school more than local school is because international school we can improve English skills than local school, and international school have snack break but local school they don’t have they just eat lunch, also international school have fewer kids than local school for example international school have 17 kids so local school would probably have 31 kids in one classroom, and last some local school don’t have a swimming pool so we don’t no how to swim but international school they have so we know how to swim.

  22. Today, I will be talking about what I like most about going to an international school, How I think it is different than other local schools and how I feel thankful for KPIS international school.

    What I like most about going to an international school is meeting kids who are not from Thailand. I know that some international schools don’t have many foreign kids but at least they got to have one.

    I think it is different from local schools because they speak Thai but we speak English. It also wouldn’t have the same type of learning technique. I think I study more effectively in English than in Thai. Also, I learned from my mom that there are about 30 to 50 students in each class in local schools while international school classes normally have less than 30 students. If I was there, I would feel uncomfortable because it would be very packed in each classroom and during lunch time it would take more than 10 minutes to wait in a line and get your food. It wouldn’t be fun playing in a playground because it would be full of kids.

    I feel thankful for about KPIS International School because I met my best friend here and I also had a lot of fun learning here. I feel especially thankful because I met Teacher Rachel, Teacher Oz, teacher Adam, Teacher Tom and Teacher Jemal.

  23. I like international schools more than the other schools because sometimes the teachers in the other schools hit you if you do something wrong or if you didn’t answer the question correctly,our schools are kind and nice to us.The things I like in this school is everything the playground,gym,teachers, and etc.(it is a long list🤫).

  24. I like international schools because you can learn different languages like Chinese, Thai, English and much more. I am thankful for the teachers because they are nice and teach us so much things. I am thankful for the students because they help me when i don’t understand something and make me feel better when i’m sad. I like going to international schools because you meet different people from different contries and get to learn what they celebrate and how the speak.

  25. I like international School because I want to speak English language good and have many friends and everyone talk English in school I like L. A. I thankful for teachers tried to teach me about English and math and if I not study at KPIS I not meet good friends and good teachers.

  26. The writing prompt for this week was difficult for me because I do not have any experience studying in a local school. So I did some research first. My parents made me watch a YouTube video named Thailand Schools from Exchange Student Perspective to know what a local school looks like and how the students are learning there.

    This is what I saw. Kids in local schools learn only Thai. They learn for free because the government pays for them. In the video, I saw many students in one class. They were hanging around with their friends during break, and they were having fun. Their tables and chairs are wooden. They have paper work, too. I also saw a teacher hitting some students with a stick. Maybe they did not do their homework.

    I love international schools because we can Learn the languages of the globe. There are not too many students in one class, and tables and chairs are modern. They are metallic plastic. Teachers don’t hit us. They are friendly and cool. I am blessed that my international school is fun, but it is really expensive. They make us pay a lot!

    I can say that local schools are fine, but for me international schools are amazing!!!

  27. i like international school because many people from different places.The school tech helps us learn and some teachers teach other cultures!…But we can’t do all the places in the world.You see the teachers come from them teach us there way of learning please respect them like your friends.And remember stay calm alright thats enough for know see you later!!!!!!

  28. I like international school because I got to learn many language like English and Chinese. We can have friends and teacher come from different country or city. I think local school has strict rules than international school and have more work than international school. In international School we get to do an experiment not only work on a text book! I like that we have a lots of activities to do in school like house day, painting, play games, dancing and much more.

    Thank you KPIS,I feel really great studying in this school for 5 years. I’ve learn new things from this school. I have a great time staying here with my friends and teachers.

  29. There are many reasons why I like International School more than Local School . The first reason is that local school have many strict teachers and many students . In each classroom they have 30-40 students per class and it’s so crowed.

    The second reason is we don’t get to go out of th

  30. I would go to international school in many reasons the first reason is because I got to learn many language like English and Chinese. and get to meet new teachers from another country also, meet new friends from another country.

    The second reason is we get to go into different class such as Thai, Chinese and much more, however, in Local schools they will usually stay in there class and let the teacher come in and teach ” I think that’s kinda BORING”

    The third reason about FOODS , in Local school they will have 1-2 menu to choose or sometimes they have only one menu and we need to eat all the same , for the water we need to bring our own water bottles , not refill like in International school.

    thanks for reading my story

  31. What l like in international school is it is very close to my house. I think what It is diferent is it is use way to speek because international school speek english but local school speek thai so it different. One thing that Im thankful is thank that the teacher were teach as all the time.

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