KPIS Writers 24/01 G. 1-2

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  1. I think that the pollution problem can be done by no building things, planting trees, stop using cars and, the most important thing, recycle. Me and my family can help by stop driving cars, recycle and, growing trees. Don’t forget to wear masks too!

  2. As for me and my family we will no burn plastic, paper or even the falling leaves. Instead we do recycle it. So in the simple way, We can help our Mother Earth to minimize the population. Planting trees could help too.

  3. We can improve air quality by usIng less car, taking train when we want to go out since the pollution came out from car engine. Sugarcane farmer should also stop burning their fields which are the main cause of polluted air quality. Build more tree as much as possible as the tree help produce oxygen. People should reduce using waste, especially, plastic. Smoke from burning garbage could make the air polluted.

  4. Right now, the pollution in Thailand is very bad. Every Thai people should try to make it better. I have some ideas. First of all, FIRE is the main thing to create the pollution. We must try not to let the FOREST get burned. Government should make a new LAW about not smoking and campfire in the forest. Also, CHINESE INCENSE creates the pollution. To stop it, we should replace it with ELECTRIC INCENSE. Eventually, CARs are one of the main source of pollution. Thai people must use less car by taking public transport or using bicycle.

    1. Moji- Those are some great ideas! I love how you used transition words in your writing and how you gave more than one idea! I agree with you that an easy way to help stop pollution is to take public transportation or ride a bike. Awesome job Moji!

  5. I think I can save the world in many ways to reduce air pollution. Firstly, I will not use thing made from plastic such as bag, plate, straw, cup and bottle. For example, I bring cloth bag to put what I buy when I go shopping with my family. Also, I use plate, cup and straw made from paper in my birthday party. Secondly, I tell my parents to use public transportation such as sky train, bus when I go to supermarket to reduce air pollution from burning fuel. Thirdly, I help my parents plant trees around my home and community to increase fresh air.

  6. We will use a very big vacuum cleaner to clean the air. Grow a lot of plant and tree. Turn on a air purifier. Wait for the rain to come to clean the air. Use a very big fan and air conditioner to blow the dust away.

  7. Why did the air pollution happen? There is so much dust and there are not much trees. The dust comes from construction works that have been doing. Why there are less trees? The trees are less because we have been cutting many of them for many years. To stop the air pollution, First try not to make a building, start planting trees ,stop using the car and walk instead or ride a bike. I choose to ride the bike because I have fun with my bike. What will you choose between using a bike or walk?

  8. One day I saw the wind blow so hard and wind blow pm 2.5 away. It can reduce the dust. I think the government can help people put the big fan on every house and building and sale low price. When pm 2.5 come, all can open the fan.

  9. As a student,I think people should plant trees. Reduce the number of trip people take in your car. Reduce fireplace and wood stove. Avoid burning leaves,trash, and another materials. My parents can refuel cars in the evening when its cooler. We set air conditioners no lower than 78 degrees. Avoid using gas-powered lawn and garden equipment.

  10. The pollution is bad because people burn leaves, grass, plastic and paper. It will make smoke and we can not see clouds and we can not breathe. We need to wear mask so we can breathe. I will tell fireman to help put out fire.

    1. Vincent- I love how you used a capital letter at the beginning of almost all of your sentences and you used punctuation at the end of your sentences. I also love how you mentioned that we should reuse plastic bags. This is a simple and effective way to help with pollution. Good job Vincent! Next time, I want for you to challenge yourself to write 4 sentences.

  11. I think pollution problem can be solved by taking control of factory and no smoking. We need to stop useing trucks and car. And of course you need to say no to plastic bag. My family and I is really trying to make the same place. Right now is still PM2.5. And I wish that its gone forever.

  12. I will send the letter to Santa and ask him to send the message to everyone in the world stop using car , stop building things and stop burning. For my family we will not use plastics bag and grow plants as much as we can.

  13. I think we should plant some more trees and stop using car’s or fuel/oil.also,stop cutting the other trees.on the new year which just passed I believe in us to make the world a better place and the biggest thing to make the world a better place is recycling, people keep throwing trash while other people keep on picking up the should be like the people that pick the trash,if you don’t pickup the trash people can get sick and sometimes you can get sick too.keep on recycling and make the world a better place.😊don’t forget to stop throwing the trash out.🚯🚭❌

  14. I think The pollution problems cause by people as people makes them happen such as driving cars, use a lot of electricities, wasting a lot of paper , and cut down trees.
    To solve the pollution problem, firstly I and my family will start to plant some trees in our house and ask our neighborhood to plant the trees too. Secondly we will use less electricity in our home , thirdly we will stop using plastic bags and plastic bottles by using other kinds of bag that can be reuse. This is what we can do to save the world which is our community.

  15. My parent bought new trees for our house as they said that we should plant more tree because of there are a lot of pollution around our village. We think many tree can solve the pollution problem as well.

  16. I think to stop  pollution​ we need to research how the pollution​ form,​ And​how​ to​ stop​  the​ pollution​ in many different ways.​  For​ example​ not to use cars and​ motorcycles​ but​ biking​ or​ using​ solar​ cell​ vehicels instead

    To​ me​ and​ my​ family, we​ can​ start​ with​ the easiest  way​ by​ planting more trees​ and​ stop​ using​ plastic bags and​ also​ use​ wool bag​s.

    We​ are​ in​ the​ bad​ air​ time, do​ not​ forget to​ wear​ a​ MASK!

  17. The pollution problem will stop by using plastic bag and stop using campfire, stop smoking and reuse bags and something about to end in the trash. We can plant trees to make a better environment and don’t cut down tree.Use the mask so you don’t cough and you get hit by air pollution.

  18. As a student, I think what can be done about the pollution problem are no lite the insen sticks and candle, reduse vehicles on the rode by carpool or using public transportation, stop cutting trees and planting a lot of trees, stop burning trash and leaves. I will talk about this with my family, friends and teachers too so we can save the earth together.

    To help make a different I and my family can stop using plastic bag and fome box. We will recycle and reuse thing, save energy by turning off the lite and water when we don’t use and walk up and downstairs insted of lift. And now when we go outside Don’t forget to put on mask!

  19. As a student I think the pollution will be gone if people stop smoking and stop using incense. Also cutting trees is a way that causes pollution. When people cut trees, people destroy the protection. Trees protect us form the pollution. This is what I think I can do.

  20. Me and my family recycle things at home like plastic bottles,boxes and paper.Some times we use our car and some times we use our motorcycle to go to Lotus,Big C, market and school.Grandma always tell me to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget to wear your mask too.

  21. I and my big family usually going together in a big car to reduce using the fuel. Some car released smokes that caused P.M. 2.5. My dad planted many trees around my house. My mom using recycled glass when buying a coffee.To stop the air pollution, First try not to make a building, start planting trees ,stop using the car and walk instead or ride a bike or if you have a big family and a big car so try to ride the same car so it will make less smoke.

  22. I think people should start riding bus and train to work and school. So that it lessen the air pollution. My family and I can plant trees because it makes clean air.also, I can walk to school.

  23. I think we don’t use car that have black smoke it make the earth hot and hot and it can maybe make p.m. 2.5. . If we sneeze we need to cover our mouth because you can push the pollution to someone else and make virus corona get out of your body to someone else.

  24. I think that we can help the world by using less plastic bags less driving cars instead ride cycles. We have to stop smoking even if it is some ones favorite and don’t put on fires if you see one try to take it out. If you spread water in the air that would be great. If you want to put on sola-cells you would not cost much money to pay for the electricity.

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