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Hello, writers! Great job this last couple of weeks!

Today is a special day! Do you know what day it is! Yes! It’s Friday the 13th! But instead of being a spooky day, here in Thailand, Friday, March 13th is elephant day!

One of my favorite places to go in all of Thailand is the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai- there, elephants are protected and cared for- and are so cute! I’m so thankful there are places that take care of one of the most beautiful and wonderful animals on earth. So let’s play a little pretend:

KPIS Writers Prompt:

If you were in charge of running an Elephant Sanctuary for one day, what would you do? How would you play with the elephants? What would you feed them? Who would you take with you to help take care of one-hundred elephants?

I can’t wait to read your responses!

-KPIS Writers Committee

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  1. I would feed them really healthy things like vegetable so the elephant can be strong and can defeat predators. I would also ride on them and take them for a walk so the can get stronger and stronger. I can also play with them or take him to others elephants to play just like the video. I would also bring my best friend with me so he/she can help me to do all these stuff. The end(}:

  2. I would feed them really healthy things like banana because if they are strong they can defeat there predator such as lion. I would also make a big farm to make them alive and they can have fun with me. I would play with the elephant , so they doesn’t stay alone and they won’t be bord. I will also want to ride on them. I will bring some of my friend ,so we all can have a great time together. I will take them to walk around about 5 times, so they will get to exercise at the morning evenning and night. So when they grow up they can lay egg and have babys and I will have lots of elephant to be my pet. If I bring friend I will let them help me do lots of stuff.

  3. If I was the boss of the elephant sanctuary for one day, I would teach them how to play tag and let them play with me. I would feed them a lot of their favourite delicious food. I would ride on them and take them to beautiful places with a lot of trees so they could scratch. I would also take them to a car wash and buy a coffee while they are washing them. This would be the best day ever!

  4. I would feed them really healthy stuff like fruits and vegetables so they can be strong. I would also build them a place to live so they can stay in more comfortable than sleeping outside cause outside would be hot. I would play
    with the elaphant by riding on them and then let them eat when they are bored in the walking so they get to play a bit. I would my best friend or my parents to the farm cause I trust them the most like my mom and my dad.

  5. I would play with an elephant by riding it and give it toys , because I want it to have some activities so it will not be bored the best part was to feed the elephants banana . If I took care of a hundred elephants I would walk around the cage and feed them one at a time baby first and give them bath with a hose i would sprinkle it all over them and give them rides for customers.I will take them for a ride .

  6. I would feed them fruit and vegetables, and if they are bored, i’ll give them toys to play with. I will use a hose and spray all of them, while using soap. I will also give rides to people who come to visit the elephants. The elephants that I need to keep the most safe are the babies, so I will let them do everything first.

    (Friday the 13th is really scary in my opinion)

  7. If I have a elephant I will build a farmhouse and let the elephants sleep or
    I can play tag with the elephant,”I think that is a crazy idea”.

    I will paint elephant with

    ——by blue G 2/2—-

    will name my elephant (bacon hair!)so I can call him to play with me.

  8. The first thing I would do with the elephants are of course feed the young ones healthy things for them to eat so they can quickly grow and be healthy.

    Then I can let visitors to come and ride on the elephants around the place.

    Also I can let the visitors feed them and have activities for their kids to do such
    as I can let them take a boat and look at the elephants how they shower and let them feed the fish. I can let them feed the new born babies and feed the older ones.
    They can also go to some nearby water shops and snacks/food shops.

    Next I can have at the front gate where they enter they will see a sign that says bus tour station at pond for 50 baht per person children under 5 are free and during the tour they will see where the baby elephants are born for station one then at station two will have a long lake or pond where they can get on a boat and feed the bigger fish. Next on station three will have where the food is made
    such as carrots, banana leaf and many other more that keep elephants
    healthy. Now for the last station on the tour station four there will be an animal
    shop that has lots of elephant stuff such as stuff toys, elephant hat, elephant Backpack, books about elephants and many more other stuff. Now for the very last there will be an exit right next to entrance and it will say bye elephant buddy.

  9. If I had an elephant I would feed it really healthy things like vegetable and sugar cane so if I really had one I would keep it outside because it is to big so it would not fit in the house only if it uses the big door so if it uses the big door it would fit in but it would not fit in the house it’s going to break the roof and step on all my things and my bed so that’s why I don’t want elephants in my house but if it was a baby I would have it because it could fit In any door.

  10. If I had an elephant I would feed it very healthy food like fruit and vegetables then in will be strong and very healthy so when it’s strong I will take a ride with it to other cities but if it’s tried I’ll let it rest until it’s full of energy then we’ll finally at the city! Also I brought a tent for me to sleep and I also brought some things to build a elephant house so the elephant can have a house for safety right? When we’re done exploring the city we’ll go to a different city and we’ll do the same thing over again when I went to a new city. When I miss my home I’ll come back to see my family because I miss then too and I love my elephant.

    By Jiajia ʕ ·ᴥ·ʔ

  11. If I was in charge of an elephant sanctuary I would cut nails nails for the elephants give them injections and clean their teeth. I would shower them in the river with soap and feed them bananas. I would take them for a walk in the forest and ride them. I would teach them how to play fetch and paint pictures. I would also let kids ride them. It would be really fun!

  12. If I was in charge of an elephant sanctuary for 1 day. I would let people come in for free and give them free bananas to feed the elephants. I would also let them ride the elephants for free. I would play hide and seek with the elephants and ride them too. I would feed them bananas, milk and vegetables. I would hide the food so that the elephants can use they’re brain more and so that when I send some back to the wild they will have more chances of surviving in the wild. I would keep all the workers who work there because they know more about how to take care of elephants than me.

  13. If I was in charge of an elephant sanctuary I would feed them with there favorite healthy foods for example,banana,and sugarcane.Also I would like to brush elephant teeth and have a shower.And I would take a walkin the forest with elephant so the elephant would be so bord staying on the cage for so long and I will ride them while we take a walk together.And I would play with them with a stick when I throw the stick the elephant will ind the stick and give back to me.When the zoo has open I will let the kids feed the elephant and I will let the kids ride them or play with them!

  14. If I am a boss of an elephants sanctuary for one day. I will take elephant to the sea and swim in the water so the elephant can have fun and even build a home with a sand for elephant at Samui beach. I will take it to the top of the mountain and see view and I will feed many things such as vegetables, food, fruit and I will take the elephant to shower outside near the road and then I will take them to sleep and wait until tomorrow and play. So, it would be fantastic day about elephant.

  15. Do you know that I saw elephants befor?
    If I were in charge of running an Elephant Sanctuary for one day, I would do . . . .
    I will play with elephants, so they will not be lonely. I will feed them a vegetable so, they can be healthy and strong.
    I would need my parents to hlep me take care of elephants because I can’t do by my own.
    Do you know the favoretie animal in Thailand is elephants.Also the elephants are cut too but, some time elephants are smell bad.

  16. If I was in charge of an elephant sanctuary for 1 day. I will feed a banana, apple and grass to the elephant. I will play a football with them. I will take them to the lake to take a shower. I will take them to walk around the jungle and find some another animal to play whit us. I would like to take grandpa and my brother to help me take care of the elephants. However, everyone can help to take care of them too.

  17. If I have an elephant I would feed them with bananas,cucumbers, watermelon and sugarcane. Take them to the forest and walk on roadsides in the morning because not to hot and sunny. I would take them to the river to take a bath. I will play football with the elephants. And I will take them to the zoo because I can not take care 100 elephants.

  18. First I will find them a comfortable places and let them rest, when they woke up I will play piano to them. After that I will play with them in the field, and the game that I am going to play with the elephants is throwing a ball to them and who catch the ball first get a treat. Now it is lunch time so I gonna feed them some fruit. Then later I will make five robots to take care of one hundred elephants.

  19. If I am in charge of 100 elephants I would make it a shelter that everyone can have fun with them and ride them. I would feed them healthy vegetables and fruits because I want the elephants to be nice and strong to be able to play with or ride on. Other than a place where people can play with the elephants I would make it a good, relaxing, nice chill day for the elephants after too because that way they can finally have a rest day from all the things they did that day.

    Bew 4/1

  20. If I was in charge of an elephant Sanctuary for a day, it would be a lot of fun. I love elephants and I think it is kind of unfair for the elephants. I think this because when I was a kid, I have ridden an elephant before. I rode it with my dad and a mahout. It’s really sad because the mahout hits the elephant to go the way he wanted. The other thing that is sad is that Thai people think elephants are sacred animals but they treat them badly. So if I were in charge of an elephant Sanctuary for a day, I would let people ride them and let them go anywhere without hitting the elephant. I would play in the mud and play water with them for a long time. If they are hungry, I would feed them bananas, carrots, and apples. Feeding a hundred elephants is hard so I need a lot of people. I would want 2 doctors so if something happens, the doctors can help. Then I want 20 men who collect money from visitors and tell them information about the place. Then I want 50 strong and trustworthy men to buy and feed food to the elephants.

  21. If I were in charge of 100 elephants for 1 day, I will get 100 people from my big family to help me. Quite a lot of them, right? One person will take care of 1 elephant, and since I am the manager, I will make sure that they are all working happily. We will feed the elephants with bananas and milk . If the elephants are bored, we will take them to the river so they can take a bath or play and splash water.

    I will also have an Elephant Tour Center, where elephants can go anywhere in the sanctuary without being hurt. I said this because elephant rides had a person called a mahout, and he sometimes hits an elephant to try to get it to go exactly how and where he wants it to go. I’m against it, so in my tour center, there will be exciting tours but elephants will not get hurt. I will also prepare rules for guests to make sure that the 100 elephants are safe and secure.

    This is how I will manage an elephant sanctuary. It’s going to be fun for sure!

  22. What would I do is first call an announcement in Thailand that save the elephants in Thailand. Second I would play with The elephant and see what it can do first.Third of corse I want to see that environment and see if it’s good or not to put the elephant there. Forth I would feed the elephant because it can not live without food. Fifth I would make a national park with elephants in there too so it maybe will be interesting to see and learn how elephants lives together in their pack, so I would do no violence elephants in or else it would destroy the national park. And if I could finish it in 1 weak it would be ultimate awesome.

  23. If I was a in charge of a elephant Sanctuary I would feed them fresh vegetables and fruits from the farmers market such as carrots, bananas,and apples.I would let them be in the forest because I know that they wouldn’t want to be stuck in a cage. I would add some large ponds for them to play in. Its probably like jail for them.I would make a zoo of elephants but don’t think I’m trying to lock them up because I would change the elephant once and our. It would also have fun things for the elephant to play inside.I would also teach them somethings to show the visitors when they past by.For example painting,standing on one leg and many more.Lastly I would make things out of there poop to save the earth resources like making paper to save the trees .Also I would need 200 workers, 100 for taking care of elephants such as feeding, teaching, bathing and playing with them, 60 for welcome the visitors and look after them and 40 doctors and helper in case the elephants get sick.

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