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Hello, writers! Great job this last couple of weeks!

Today is a special day! Do you know what day it is! Yes! It’s Friday the 13th! But instead of being a spooky day, here in Thailand, Friday, March 13th is elephant day!

One of my favorite places to go in all of Thailand is the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai- there, elephants are protected and cared for- and are so cute! I’m so thankful there are places that take care of one of the most beautiful and wonderful animals on earth. So let’s play a little pretend:

KPIS Writers Prompt:

If you had your own elephant, what would you guys do together? Where would you go? What would you feed it? How would you play?

I can’t wait to read your responses!

-KPIS Writers Committee

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  1. If I was the boss of the elephant sanctuary for one day, I would teach them how to play tag and let them play with me. I would feed them a lot of their favourite delicious food. I would ride on them and take them to beautiful places with a lot of trees so they could scratch. I would also take them to a car wash and buy a coffee while they are washing them. This would be the best day ever!

  2. If I have an elephant his name is giant, because he is big and strong. I would ride on his back and take him to the forest to watch the water falls. So he can take a bath and we would play splashing water to each other.I would feed him a lot of bananas after a long day…

  3. If I have an elephant that it’s name is Teror, I would usually train my elephant how to behave well. Sometimes it can be complicated to do that because they can actually be out of control. So you can get your friend or one of your family members that is brave enough to train Teror. I don’t want my elephant to go inside my house or else Teror will destroy everything in my home! So I want my elephant to stay outside of my house That I would be safe. ACTUALLY this is what I’m imagining right now! AND I could feed fruits from the trees and nature and around the world! But It’s gonna be a long day to do Feed your elephant from every tree though. I would play with him and cuddle him and ride on his back all day.

  4. If I had an elephant that it’s name is twinkle, I would teach twinkle to be kind and train her . I will train her until she grow up . and I will feed her for days so she will not die fast . and I will play with her everyday .

  5. If I have an elephant. I will name him “Troll” because the first letter start with “T” like “TJ”. I will take him to the zoo to see an animal. I will let him see a tiger, pengwen, snake and lion. I will feed him by Sugar cane , Watermelon ,Pineapple , Banana and grass when he is hungry. I will take care of him . I will play foot ball and swimming with him at the water fall. I will take him to the beach too.

  6. If I have a elephant, I will play catch a stick with it. And I will take it to the park to play with it. And I will let it eat some cookies ,banana,pineapple,bean, and some water. And I will throw a stick and the elephant will catch it. And I will take a bath for it. And I will sleep with it.

  7. If I have my own elephant, I will bring it to the forest. I will shower with the elephant by let it spraying water to me and play together in the river. We will play swimming race, ball and blowing bubbles. Also, I will feed elephant with sugar canes, bananas and corns. I will ride elephant back around the forest and will name it “Jusmine”, she is female elephant and will be my best friend in the forest.

  8. If I would have an elephant,we would let the elephant helps mom and dad to do the house chores. Like washing clothes, washing dishes and cleaning the cars. We would go to Khou Yai. I would feed my elephant with bananas and canes. I would ride my elephant to the park. Also I would play with my elephant in the park too.

  9. If I have an elephant, I will take him to a place that have a lot of water ,nature and also shelter.Because when the elephant drinks , play and eat finish, the elephant can rest there. Then I will feed it sugar canes , leaves , banana, grass, and watermelon. I will ride on the elephant and take it to my house , l will spray water on the elephant to get clean. I will name it “Lap” because it is my name in the game.

  10. I would go with my elephant to the beach. I play water and try to get a fish.When I am at home I would play a game of catching each other sometimes me and the elephant play water. Other times I ride on him. I know what is his favorite food it is watermelons so I feed him watermelons. I hate its seed, but I like the taste.

  11. If I has an elephant I will play with it. I will feed it with sugar canes, watermeon, pineapple and banana. I will let it run and have fun I will not rap it with a chain and I will not hook their ears. I will take it to the elephant park. I will take care with love.

  12. If I had an elephant I would name it Ba ba Because I have a doll named Bi Bi. And I will teach him how to play tag and water splash, also I would feed him with fruits and will play or ride on his back every time I come back from school also I can take him to shower at the forest so Ba Ba can play water splash with me, but I will get very wet though.

  13. If I have an elephant I would have to do probably like so so many jobs such as feeding , taking care and MORE!!! But the most thing I liked is to ride on its back and go explore the world with my elephant 🐘. I’m going to name him Jappy and his real name is gonna be GoNoodle!!! That is what I know my elephant 🐘 should be like.

  14. If I had a pet elephant of my own I would name it sugar. I would feed it sugarcane, water, banana and papaya. I would teach it how to play tag with me. I could also teach it how to take me to many other different places like the playground beach hotel or another city or town. Someday I will take it to the park, zoo, farm or many other fun places where another elephant lives, grows, and survives. I will also take it to learn tricks at a places that they teach elephants. amazing tricks.

  15. If I had my own elephant, I would take it to a soccer fill and we would play football together because I like to play football. The elephant will be the golkeeper and I will be the player. Next I would feed it a helthy food like fish with brown rice and vegetable soup. Because helthy food help us strong. And I would play magic to show the elephant too.

  16. If I have an elephant at my house I will think a name first. Also I will feed some
    bananas too. I will take my elephant to my garden and I will play with my elephant
    at night. I will sleep also with my elephant and when my elephant has a baby
    I will take them to the very big farm and let them eat some food. When we get home I will play with them in the garden and sleep with them too. Every morning I will clean them before we will play together. I wish that I could have an elephant at home!

  17. If I have an elephant, I will feed it with banana and sugarcane. I will name it WRINKLY. Then I will take it to a park for a walk. Finally, I will play with it by throwing the ball to it and let it bounce the ball back with its trunk.

  18. If I have my own elephant I will ride it to Phetchaburi and I will feed the elephant by give the banana to it.I will play tag with the elephant.And play some other games.Some timmes I will take the elephant to Robinson to play some games at Phetchaburi if the elephant is not nuathy.

  19. If I had a elephant I would play tug of war together because the elephant is strong. I would go to Big-C to buy stuff for the elephant. I would feed the elephant banana. At my home we plant banana. When we play tug of war we pull the rope on different side. Besind my house there is a canal. Then I bring my elephant for a bath and I go inside the water too.

  20. If I have a elephant I will let him sleep in a good place on out side in on a garden. I will play with them too I will play hind and seek water elephant if a elephant find me he will splash a water to me he use a nose of a elephant and splash it to me. Another Way that going to play I will play in the pool that allow to have a elephant inside the pool. I will have my elephant eat sugarcane it is yummy for elephant but not for us because it is for ani mal not for people .

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