Grades 3, 4, & 5, June 2nd


Now that we are at the end of the 2021-2022 school year, you have been doing a lot of reflecting in your classrooms. Many of you have written letters to your future selves, given advice to future classes, and looked back at all of the growth you’ve had this year.

For this week’s KPIS Writers, I want you to take this a step further. Imagine that next year when you show up on the first day of school, you become A TEACHER! You are now in charge of your classroom!

What types of lessons would you teach? How would you run the classroom? What are the rules and expectations for your class? Get creative, Tuskers! Don’t forget to comment on each others’ classrooms!

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  1. Being a teacher is a hard job, and here are some reasons why, balancing the different learning needs of students, every student is different, helping the students meet long-term goals and high expectations. Here is one of the hardest part of a being a teacher, you only have a short period of time to prepare the students for the next lesson, and high responsibility! One of the awesome teachers I had so far was Ms. Heidi, I want to teach my students the way Ms. Heidi taught me and my classmates, she teaches the main subjects, and the expectations are to raise your hand before you speak, show respect to other students, and follow the directions that was given. I always had fun while Ms. Heidi was teaching ,she made hilarious jokes too!

    The lesson I would teach my students is Math! Math is my favorite subject, so I think I will do well if I was able to teach the math profession. There are so many things I like in Math such as, it develops problem solving skills, I tend to understand the topics, there are also so many strategies to find the answer for math. Although math takes time and energy, it also refers to thinking critically, and also bringing the sense of curiosity. It also reminds the students that some problems can be easier than others. I also want to make math fun, so maybe I can add some hilarious voices while I am teaching or even make some funny jokes when the students are stressed out.

    I don’t want my students to feel like classroom expectations are taken too seriously, but they are still important to follow so these are some of the expectations, I want my student to follow put their efforts at all times, follow the directions that was given to them, show respect to the teacher and others student, and participate in the classroom. I would start the morning with funny jokes because the most important thing, the connections between students and teachers is laughter. If my students were talking while I was teaching, I would stop talking to remind them, but I won’t shout or say anything bad.

    I think being a teacher isn’t a tough job, it is an extremely difficult job! I mean what would you do if your students weren’t listening to you? The reason why most teachers like this job is probably because they love kids. Being a teacher may be hard to make the kids understand the lessons and participate in the class. However, I am sure that all teachers will be so happy to see when their kids accomplish goals and success in the future. I hope if one day I became a teacher, I would try my best like how my teachers tried her best to teach me!

    Pear G4/1

    1. Pear, this a very thoughtful approach to teaching. I can tell you would take your classroom seriously, but let your students be themselves. We call this your personal ‘pedagogy’ and what you believe in when you teach!

  2. So for this writing, I will tell you some of the things I would do if I was a TEACHER!

    First off, I would try to make the kids learn USEFUL information, for example how to do taxes or pay the bills and not only stuff for example William Shakespeare or shapes, because I want my students to get READY to enter the real life once they grow up. If I don’t teach enough useful information for their future, I don’t know if they can live in the real life.

    For a subject, I would like to teach SOCIAL STUDIES, because incase when I grow up and be a 4th Grade teacher, I would like my students to this project called Experimental Learning about cooking. Experimental Learning is a skill that lets people learn what it feels like to be in real life, for example going to the store to buy ingredients and cooking for people. It takes a lot of thinking and problem solving, This relates to my experience a few weeks ago when our group made cookies. We did the MOST problem solving because we failed 3 TIMES to make our batter for the cookies. Then at the last minute, we make butter cookies in chocolate sauce. 🙂 One thing that included problem solving is the CHOCOLATE CHIPS. We were at MAKRO, a market in Ease Park. We needed to buy chocolate chips but they were expensive so we made cookies WITHOUT the chocolate chips.

    Incase my students are behaving bad, I would just REMIND THEM TO SHUT UP. JUST KIDDING!! Why would I do that to my students? What I would do is just remind them in a nice way and I will try my best to not scare them because they might call me scary. =) And I won’t pressure them to much for example counting down from 10 to go to their desk or do anything. MS. Heidi, who is my teacher right now, will most of the time count down from 10 to go to our desk or line up when we LITERALLY JUST ENTERED THE ROOM!! I don’t like getting pressured as much.. I am not blaming Ms. Heidi….. 🙁 Ms. Heidi is awesome too! She makes funny jokes and yesterday the classroom had a BFF party celebrating how many books we read by watching “Sonic 2” and eating snacks :d I ate a lot, A LOT of rice crackers.

    I will not pressure my students to meet the expectations too much otherwise they won’t be comfortable AT ALL and they might feel like they are a bad person which is how I sometimes feel in that situation. BUT, I still want my students to follow the rules for example at least not make the classroom chaotic without any pressure. 🙂

    Being a teacher as a part time job is tough. You need to know what to teach, print the worksheets, drink some ✨CoFfEe,✨ prepare Seesaws and assignments, controlling what you say and do, and many more stuff that I don’t know what to write here. Teachers put a LOT of effort to teach us students to be ✨SmArT.✨ I know a lot of things now than before. 1 reason they are teachers is probably because they like children. <33 The teacher sometimes even have their own kid/children too! For example Ms. Nallie has a son named "Miguel."

    again with the "shut up" part its not real so if you attack me you can't read <33 jk again =) I like to make jokes.

    1. Great work putting your response into paragraphs, Kim. I can tell you would want a balanced classroom where students learn, but the expectations aren’t as strict. What is your favorite type of lesson you’ve had at KPIS?

  3. So for this writing, I will tell you some of the things I would do if I was a TEACHER!
    I will let the kids prepare some( •̀ ω •́ )✧ COFFEE ( •̀ ω •́ )✧ for me and I put a LOT of effort to teach us students to be Smart at Math because I know a lot of math and math is also easy for example[81×6=456] . I know a lot of things now than before. my rules Is!!!
    6. If you bully someone and break the class rules, your parent will get the message from me!

  4. If I was a teacher I would be very creative about learning. For example I want kids to play games that help them with learning. I will also give them free time like what Mr to my did on Friday! They can play game on the last class of school so that school would not be boring 😑😑. Being I will also have a little notebook on the corner of the class, so when kids have any problem, they can write it down on that note book. This way, it can also help the kids to write more and it could help kids practice more English. Being a teacher we need rules, and my rules are…

    1.It is better for students to not dye their hair. When one student dye their hair, other students will want to be like them and in my opinion students are learning not competing in a fashion show. ( that’s what I think) …

    2. If students are badly behaved, I will send them out in the hallway for 5 minutes so they canthink what they do and how it is affecting oothers learning…

    3. If insulting each other, I will call their parents and let them know how they can help and teach their child to be better behaved.

    In conclusion, the teachers work really hard on teaching us so we should all be greatful… 😄

  5. If I was a teacher I would have choices of which subject the student would like to learn and what they want to learn about the subject and have rewards in the class and have materials for the students to make creative things. The class also has rules the rules are 1.clean up when finishing a project 2.dont interrupt raise hands 3.dont be loud in recess 3.if someone is acting bad they will be in the hallway for 10 min and then come back 3.if someone switches tags in the food allergies they will go to principal Maris room or get detention for 10 min . And that is what I would do if I was a teacher.

  6. If I became a teacher on the first day of school I will teach math for them and students and watch rickroll on break and there are four rules.The first rule is if students are bad they will go stand in the hallway for 5 minutes and if students are very bad they will go to detention in the principal’s office. The second rule is if students write on their table the student that write on their table will clean the table. The third rule is if students break the table in the classroom that student will buy a new table for the school. The last rule is students can’t talk when the teacher is talking.
    The End

  7. If I was a teacher, it will be a serious job. I have to take care of a lot of things., I will have to try my best teaching the students and if they did a great job, I will give them awards. For example, I can give them free time. But if they did a very bad and messing around ,I will just take care of them by this friday we will don’t have free time or just try to make the students realize what they did was wrong. I will also give warnings to students that distract the class. If they don’t have any warnings left, I will let that students out of the hallway. But if they didn’t stop, that student will have to go to the principal’s office. Let’s talk about my goal as a teacher. 1. I want the students to try their best. 2. I want my students to learn many things that I teached. 3. I want my students to not give up what their doing. 4. Last, I want my students to focus during class. What I really want as a teacher is the students should be greatful what I was doing while teaching. The most important part of being a teacher is to try to make the students having a great life during the fulture.

  8. If I was playing games and I got a notification from the teachers that I would be the teacher of grade 4 next year, my expectations would follow instructions, would not be lazy, and would be responsible. If the classroom does not have these rules, teachers will be strict to students making them listen to the teacher.

    The type of lessons that I would teach in social studies is the history of our country. I pick this type of lesson because it makes me enjoy teaching them. I like history because it can relate to some other subjects. History tells why we speak Thai, why we have arts or how we made temples.

    I would run the classroom by making a line of tables facing the front board, so it is easy for them to face the front, and I would put the homework basket near my desk, so it is easy to turn in the homework and can be checked easily.

    I would teach my class lessons. I would teach it In order so they don’t get confused on what vocabulary I say for each subject. I would get the easy lessons at the beginning of the year and it will get harder as I go on.

    In reality, I won’t be a teacher because I don’t want to be responsible for kids’ education as I know it’s the hard job. Thank you all teachers for taking care of me through 4 years of learning in KPIS.

  9. If I am teacher, I will about art or achitect because I grow up, I want to be 2 of these.🎨

    The rules of my class are don’t make nois sound, respect teacher, do your responsibilities, don’t run, and make class clean exept table

    The class will start at 8:00 o’ clock because I don’t want to wake up early.🌄 I WANT TO SLEEP!!!!!😴

    This is all the things about when I am teacher.

    To all students: what do you what to be when you are teacher, comment.

    See you next time, bye!

  10. If I am teacher, I will about art or achitect because I grow up, I want to be 2 of these.🎨

    The rules of my class are don’t make nois sound, respect teacher, do your responsibilities, don’t run, and make class clean exept table

    The class will start at 8:00 o’ clock because I don’t want to wake up early.🌄 I WANT TO SLEEP!!!!!😴

    This is all the things about when I am teacher.🧍‍♀️

    To all students: what do you what to be when you are teacher, comment.

    See you next time, bye!😁

  11. If I was the teacher of my classroom, I would teach them new things and help them improve their skills in each subject, I would also read them stories about cool things, I would also let them play with devices on Friday breaks because it is the last day of the weeks and let them go to the stadium to let them play at special days such as moon day, Chinese New Year 🧧 , Loy katong and songkran .
    I would also help them prepare for Tests and Exams to tests their skill!

    The End

  12. So being a teacher is really hard, but if I was a teacher I would teach ICT because I like to play with my device a lot. Another reason is because my favorite subject is ICT but I like other subjects in my school too!

    So if I was an Ict teacher my rules would be not to be loud,be nice to each other, no bullying and no stealing each other’s ideas (I really hate it when people steal my ideas so if I was a teacher I wouldn’t let or like if one of my pupils steals other pupils ideas. ( pupils are students by the way, pupils are just a modern way of saying student :3)

    Now I would let my pupils play abcya sometimes but I would also let them design digital posters because I love making those. I would let my pupils use Canva because it’s really fun to use in my opinion but they could also do it in other apps if they want to!

    1. Nacha, I can tell your passion for ICT by how thoughtful your digital responses always are. There are many ways to teach it – some school have a separate class like us here with Mr. PJ – other schools will do it right in the classroom. What has been your favorite lesson in ICT this year?

  13. If I was a teacher I will need to make rules, so my classroom will not be a mess. I will teach them math like multiplication and division, I will also teach them a lot of things, I will give them a little bit of homework so they won’t be bored 😐. If they are good 👍 I will give them free time to play game or play outside, they can have a race in the hallway. I will give them lessons if they don’t pay attention to me or listen to me. I will help people who are not good at stuff like math, writing, reading, and other more. If there are hurt I will take he/she to the nurse.


  14. Being a teacher is one of the most challenging jobs in my opinion. They must develop a way to make learning enjoyable for all children. I will explain how I plan to become a teacher.

    Every kid enjoys playing games, so I’ll try to find the one that matches what they are learning. Completing a task is a boring thing, so I will allow each child to do their task with quality and in time to be able to play a game. This will motivate children to accomplish their assignments.

    I will share the main idea of how I will run the class. If there is a problem in my class, such as students injuring or bullying one another, I will not come and solve the problem for them because I believe they should learn how to solve their own problems. I will also run a talent show in my class since I want them to find their talent.

    Every class needs rules, and I will share mine with you . . . .
    First and importantly, everyone must respect one another.
    Second, when I am teaching, everyone should put their hand up if they wish to answer or ask a question to make the class peaceful.
    These are all rules in my class because I want students to be able to do whatever they want.

    This is all I want to share about becoming a teacher. I hope you enjoy reading it.

  15. If I wake up and I became a teacher and when I got to school and when the class get in to the classroom I will say. “Hello… class today I will be your teacher.” In a little shy voice and I will say, “today we will have no class because it the first day of school! And I have tell your art teacher, computer teacher and Thai teacher and more that you will not learn today but instead we will learn about each other!” And on break we will watch RICKROLL!!! There are 4 rules.
    1.If the children draw on there table they need to clean it.
    2. If the children are talking when class they will get 2 chance if they got no more chance they will stand outside for 8 minutes.
    3. If they speak Thai they will have no break on the last one and stand outside for 5 minutes.
    4. And if they run too have 3 chance and it has the same punishment as number 3.
    Bye please tell me is this rules is hard to do for you. And the funny thing in this writing is watch RICKROLL on break a student Kitty G.3/1 in my class give me the idea to written that so yea that all I will write but I will write longer but I’m lazy. ”Hehehe.” Bye have a nice day! 😊😊😊

  16. I arrived at school, until all of a sudden, I walked in to greet my friends, until they said “ Good morning Mr. Nano.” I was confused because my friends never really call my name “Mr” I knew something was up I thought. I greeted Ms. Natalie as she walk down the stairs, and she greeted me back while she was asking “Hello there, are you the new teacher here?” I stood there silently in confusion, but before I could say a word, Ms. Natalie walked out as if nothing has happened.

    I arrived to my classroom, realizing that I would be teaching Grade 5. First of all, without hesitation, I started thinking about what Ms. Nina, Ms. Abby, Ms. Chris, even some of my past teachers such as Mr Luke, or Ms Mari , etc and combined all those into one. Also projects we made such as the PBL, or what went wrong and I could learn from those mistakes and improve as I teach the grade 5 this year. I was planning to teach kids by making them not bored and want to participate. Such as instead writing on a whiteboard most of the time, maybe we can do math while combining hopscotch and our ideas together. Or it could be such as we work hard for 1 hour and 30, and play, free time for 20 minutes as what Ms Natalie teaches us about alternatives solution when we are solving problems.

    Being a teacher could be hard sometimes such as they need to sacrifice their time, and work on countless nights, preparing what to teach and so many more! The most important thing about I learn being a teacher is not just to put effort and time into teaching, but also LOVE.
    Thanks for reading 5/1 Nano

  17. If I were a teacher I would do what teacher normally do and teach. But, if they do bad things and solution I would just tell them the right thing. IF they all do very good I will let them have a gaming party that let them all play games with each other for 30 minutes so they wouldn’t be that stress. And I will have a challenge for them to do every weekend and give the one who wins Robux!!! Also I would give them 30m everyday to read their BFF (Books for fun not best friends forever that’s how Mrs.Hiedi called it) and yeah.

  18. So,If I was a teacher, well it’s a very hard job though,well, this is what I would do:

    So for the classes, I would teach my class a lot of science, because you know,science is my first favorite subject teached by my homeroom teacher. Anyways- the next subject I would teach is Social Studies! And in both of those classes,I will do a lot of activities!And for Math, I would teach the students in a very fun way! I would open the Math song that we are learning about! We would also have free time if they are done with their work, so like, they have extra break!BUT if the work is not good, I will send it back, and they won’t have an extra break! I’m not being strict okay, I’m teaching them that the fastest time doesn’t win, but the greatest quality does win. Not only that, I will allow them to play games, but only on breaks, not extra breaks. When I’m teaching,I would also make sure that everyone is having fun so I will make some weird jokes. 🤣🤣🤣

    Rule number 1:No running around like a headless chicken.
    Rule number 2:Don’t be too loud.
    Rule number 3:Don’t play violence games.
    Rule number 4:Don’t talk when the video is playing.
    Rule number 5: Raise your hand before speaking/ answering questions.

    ~ Yhayha 4/2 🤡

  19. So I don’t really want to be a teacher but if I’m a teacher. I will make class rules first like if you want to ask a question you have to raise your hand, the most simple rule in a school. So the rules I would set for a classroom is to follow simple rules like to make a circle on read out louds. I would also tell them to line up when it’s time to go to other places. When someone does something bad I would calmly talk to them and make it better. If there is fighting I will have to contact parents to let them know about unacceptable behavior. If it is really bad I will also have to tell the principal. But mostly I will let them go free and learn the real world. If the students in my class are sad I will comfort them. I will try to do what students want, that is school appropriate. Like little rewards for example a little party, use devices during break, and more. I would let my students choose their own theme for the classroom. I would also give them a classroom job to help the classroom to learn just a bit more. Give them a little prize like an eraser toy, keychains, and more when they do little good deeds. Try to give them as many educational activities that are also fun to do.

    1. Mighty, it sounds like you use a lot of good strategies to help keep a tight, well-managed classroom environment. Are there any of these strategies you want to see in your teacher’s classroom next year?

      1. If I was a teacher for the first day of school…

        I will prepare a pop quiz for the student to use as a guide so I know which level is which student is at. My student would be so stress to hear that, but then I’ll tell them that it does not count in powerschool. After lunch when everybody is coming in the class, I will count down from 15 for everyone to keep their water bottles. For the afternoon break they can draw, chat, color and eat but they should not be running and shouting. After the afternoon, I would let them write their homework and put it in their bags after the afternoon break. While they go learn their last subject, I will put everyone’s homework book on the tables for everyone so that they can write down the homework before going home. For Friday, I would let them have a longer break because it’s the last day of learning in the weekend.

        Overall, Have fun in my class!

  20. Being a teacher is a hard job. If I became one, this is what I would do:

    The subjects that I would teach my students are Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts. Normally kids like to play games, so for review assignments on subjects, I would make a quizzes in Quizizz to review them. Quizizz has many power-ups, like X2 points, so kids will enjoy the quiz. On Friday, I would also let kids play games for 45 minutes at the end of the day if they finish all of their work. Also, if they finish their work fast and get the answers correct, I will give them a gift like a pencil, eraser, etc. At break time, I would let them draw, play, and watch Youtube. If they behave well before break time, I would give them 5 minutes more of break time and let them play in the breezeway.

    The rules are:
    1. Don’t run in the classroom or else you will get a time out.
    2. Don’t call out, raise your hand.
    3. Don’t say bad words. If you do, your going to the principal.
    4. Don’t play roughly.
    5. Don’t interrupt people when they are speaking.
    6. Don’t draw on your chair and table.
    7. Don’t bully.
    So that’s all I want to say. Have a great day!

  21. Next year If I become a teacher, on the first day of school it would be very fun. Firstly, I need to get to know my students and build relationships by playing games and doing fun things together. I would also encourage my students by giving them some chip or free time or letting them play their devices if they participate in class. I think these would help my students enjoy and be happy 😊 as well as participate in class everyday!

    The types of lessons I would teach my student are a lot like…
    1. Math because I’m good at divide and multiply.
    2. Language Art because I like to draw and write a story.
    3. Social Studies because I like to learn about adventure so much!
    4. Science because I want my students to perform experiments. I’m sure they would be amazed and love to learn Science.

    I would run the classroom by being good to the students and making my class more fun and interesting everyday 😁.
    Moreover, The rules that I would make are
    1. If you have questions, please raise your hand. 🙌🏻
    2. Don’t bully! If you bully, go see the principal right away !!!!
    3. Don’t run in the hallway.
    4. No fighting in the classroom!
    5. If you want to buy some snack, buy it during break.
    6. Don’t copy in test or assessment.
    7. Listen when teacher is talking.
    8. Don’t eat in the classroom.
    9. Don’t talk to your friend when teacher is talking.
    10. Say thank you when people give you something.
    11. Be kind to your friend and other people.
    12. Don’t give up!
    13. Tell the truth !!
    14. Do your best !
    15. Do homework.

    Besides, the expectation for my class is nothing but being happy everyday my students come to school and want to come to school everyday.

    What do you think about all of the above I wrote, if I’m in charge of my classroom?

    From: KOLO 
    Grade: 3/1

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