G3-5 June 4


Well done to Miley in Grade 4 for her excellent piece of writing last week!

This is your last prompt of the 2020-2021 academic year. We want you to reflect on the year that you have had, think about the highlight of your year, and give some advice to the younger students who will be moving into your current grade level.

Prompt: What was the highlight of your year, and what advice would you give to the younger students who will move into your grade level?

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  1. This year was also one of my best year. I had two highlights from grade 4 to tell you.

    My first highlight was about my teachers. Ms. Heidi always finds many interesting activities that related to what we learned. Ms. Nallie supported me when I needed helps. They both worked hard to find a fun way to teach us. They were nice, kind, helpful and patient to us. My second highlight was field trip. I went to Makro. My friends and I went there to buy the cooking materials. It was so fun because we shopped by ourselves and cooked to share with other people.

    If I’d give advices to younger students, here is my advices. I am sure that you will get a lot of activities to do. Try to listen to the teacher when they explain, so you will be able to do your work easier. You should follow teachers’ instructions while doing project. These are all my advices.

    I hope next year will also be one of your best year.

  2. This was a great year for me so if you younglings want to know about 4 grade you need to know a lot so sit back and relax and learn everything you know and don’t know so this year was good because i had fun playing online games with friends and by myself so i had a great year so i had to learn a lot so i could go to grade 5 so if you could teach me a thing or two that would be great bye.

  3. The highlight was that we could get stuff from the shop and it was very expensive. For example the Robux gift card was 325 points and the teacher may have an excuse that the Roblox customer service is slow.

    The advice was that we have to behave otherwise the teacher will punish the whole class if someone did something wrong. Also, read a lot so the teacher will take you as an example and the teacher will like you. Avoid shouting the truth, recommendations don’t help people cause the teacher said that is telling the answer. The teacher may be mad at someone. Don’t go in and help cause the teacher will punish you also. You could be a great student in the class so, don’t do something wrong. Love your teacher as much as you could . 

    Another thing is to be good at every subject.

  4. My 1 highlight this year was when we did the cooking and we had to share. When we went to Makro it was fine and nothing bad happened. When we got everything we waited to go to the bus and when we went back to school we waited a while to cook. When we were cooking it was going great and our mixing was fine. We shaped our cookies, put it in the oven and took it out but then there was one part that we failed to mix because we mixed our cookies too much and it turned into a lot of small pieces so we can’t form it into a piece anymore and make more cookies. We made only a few cookies but it was enough to share. Also in grade 4 you have to listen to your teacher and don’t interrupt your teacher. Also you should not play games with your device while lending because if you do that your teacher will take your device away and report back to your parents.

  5. My highlight of the year​ is probably when we got a budget, went to Makro, and made the thing that we planned to make with the ingredients (bought from the budget we got). This thing we did was called Make and Share and it was fun, probably because we got to go outside the school. My advice for younger students about to learn in grade 4, get ready to start learning some hard multiplication and division facts, because I learned to practice them the HARD way.

  6. This year is a great year for me. I have 2 highlights to tell you about grade 4.
    The first highlights is our teachers Ms.Heidi and Ms.Nallie. They are both funny,explain things verly clearly,supports us alot,they give us really fun activities for or lessons,and both great teachers. My second highlight is about fieldtrips, Ms.Heidi let us go to Makro and buy some stuff for our cookings and when we cook finished teacher let us share our foods to someone that is at school like mays,guards, and other people that are in school. Also I got to eat my own cooking too it was yummy.
    I’m sure that that the new grade 4 students will like the teacher and every single time they will have luaghs and they will like the activities and the feildtrip too.

  7. The highlight of my year was my class and my teacher. We are like family, we argue sometimes but in the end, we work it out! I love my class. We learn together and we laugh together! My teacher is the funniest teacher. She is always trying to lighten the mood. Her classes are not the strict and boring classes, they are fun and cool! We are always laughing at her funniest jokes! My advice for Future 4th graders is to have fun cuz it might just be the last year to have fun!

  8. One big highlight is that when teacher Luke teaches us about work that we need to make a side that can get like balls. But it has a problem. The side is that it is too long so it fell and what needs to be done again. If I can talk or tell the next grade 4 kid I will tell them if someone bullies you, don’t care and walk away. Don’t feel sad all the time, be happy and follow your dream. Hey if you feel sad say to yourself hey you are cool. Follow what your teacher does and work in a team. If your friends don’t talk to you just walk out because they will just say sorry to you and you can be friends with them again. One thing I need to tell is a story that happens. So one day I was sad because I got bullied and I was sad so I went to a space that is alone but a teacher walked to me and helped and talked to me and she said “if you are bullied just don’t care.” So I won’t stop working.

  9. My highlight in grade four was the field trip to Makro and coming back to school and cooking because it was my first time cooking the junk food style. Also when we tried to buy so we needed to solve some problems because some of our ingredients were not available on that day. For the students that will come into Grade four I will suggest that they not go close to the teachers desk because they don’t want you to know what is on their computers or to it easily the teachers don’t want the students to know their business. Especially don’t shout in the classroom cause you don’t really wanna know what will happen next. Don’t forget to raise your hand when you need help not like shouting or calling the teacher when the teacher is helping someone cause you also don’t wanna know what will happen next. You also have to be quiet in the hallways to make the younger students learn how to from the older students. You shouldn’t break the rules or do something bad then it might make new rules. Example when someone plays something in the place that the students are learning and before you can play at that place then you were loud or shouting then your teacher saw that and changed it into a new rule to not go play in that place. There is more but I will tell only one more thing: you can’t get in the classroom when there is no teacher in the room, if you have permission from the teacher you can get in the classroom but if you don’t have permission you have to wait in front of the classroom. If you get in the classroom before the teacher is inside I’m not sure what will happen. These are some of the things that grade four have to do to pass grade four.

  10. I have 2 highlights for grade four
    The highlight of the year for me is the g4 store you need to get enough points to buy stuff. In order to get more pointes is to do homework and do seesaws and more. You can also buy stuff like candys and homework pass. And you can also get the robux gift card.
    For the second one is the field trip to the makro. It is fun because we need to buy materials to make the foods. My team chose Fried rice and scramble eggs. It was so fun but we need to solve some problems like mines I don’t know how to cook rice so I find in the internet and Mr luke help me too.

  11. okay there is a spot in the classroom you are in. your never gonna make it your never be successful ….SO ARE YOU JUST GONNA TAKE THAT?????!!!!!!! stand up be proud of your work if you talk to much and people ask you to stop then stop if there is no reason for you to speak if people say for you to #### up then stand up the only way to have a normal peaceful life . is doing homework, taking taekwondo classes. that’s what I did and look at me I’m one of the most powerful students in grade 4 . being on the lower ranks is fine so read math books observe what higher grade levels do and check if its what you want and never stop breathing till your life comes to a end

  12. My first Highlight is about my teachers. My teachers are so kind, they always e support me, they are funny. They find different fun activities for us to do and lastly they are helpful. They even let us have a field trip to Makro. Then we bought ingredients to make our Dumplings and Wonton Soup. I would really miss my teachers and my classmates because some of them are moving schools.

    I have two advices to share with the younger students. The First one is, to always believe in yourself. My other one is, if you get the answers wrong it’s fine and keep trying.

  13. My highlight of this year, which is grade 4, well I have some several highlights of this year. First of all I just wanted to say this year was a fantastic year it was so much fun, we got to explore, plan, build model, write, brainstorm, it was a very wonderful year and Mr.Luke, Ms. Heidi and Ms. Nallie, they all put very much effort into teaching us so thank you. Now let’s get back to the highlight, my first highlight is the makro because it was very very fun, adventurous and hardwork. We really got into planning our budget from the online website, to the cooking, we made some mistakes, it was a very good experience to try, and we’ve actually given it out to the people who worked in the school. The meal might not have been that delicious but we’re always happy to see their smiles. I don’t want to spoil anymore for the younger kids, so we’ll keep the last step a secret. In my opinion, the younger kids would love it and they can actually learn much more about this lesson and they might use it in real life and in the future.

    My second highlight is the jokes. This year has also been a funny year for me. For example, the April fool teacher Luke changed the date from April1 to May 1. And he actually did fooled me and most of the class at first I thought it was kinda weird because times have gone very quickly but turns out I GOT FOOLED. And not just April fools but almost everyday T.Luke makes learning more fun and interesting and even funny. If you ask me, what about Ms Heidi? I’m not in Ms. Heidi class but she is very nice and calm and sure she’ll also make learning more fun for the younger kids!!!

    My last highlight is the teacher. The Chinese teacher, the Thai teacher, ICT teacher, P.E teacher, Art teacher, Music teacher. I’ve learn so many new things too and these teachers they also really put efforts into teaching us and haven’t had breaks so I would like to thank you, you all are really kind nice great teachers and I’ll see you next year but I hope some teachers did not leave because they were really nice and we’ll miss them. ♥︎

    My advice for the younger kids is that, listen to the teachers and follow the instructions because they might ask you and if you are just daydreaming and when the teachers ask you…….well I can’t help for this part…good luck kids. My second advice is please respect your teachers!! T.Luke, Ms Nallie, and Ms Heidi and other teachers really put effort into our teaching, so do you too. My third advice is to raise your hand if you have any questions or suggestions or opinions because the teacher will call on someone who has their hands raised. My last advice is to never give up even when you have hard times cause you’ll pass it if you try hard enough. That is all of my advice and again I would like to say thank you to all the teachers. It’s been such a wonderful year and I hope in the future it’ll be a fantastic year for you too. Thank you for reading. I really hope you guys enjoy writing as much as I do writing. Peace out! Bye grade 4!

  14. My special highlight of this year is when Mr Luke teaches me and other people helping me. Also another highlight is when my friends help me on the work and be there when I always need help. Also here is some advice when you will go in grade 4. Number 1 Don’t be scared of the teacher because he will never ever ever be strict. Number 2 act the best you can to earn points especially if you want robux because if you earn 325 points you’ll get a robux gift card. Next is to be friends with everybody so there is no fighting.

  15. My highlights for this school year is the 2 birthday parties in a row! I got to play arsenal with my friends. Arsenal is a first-person shooter game in Roblox. Where you need to get 32 kills and get a knife to kill a person to win. There are different game modes in arsenal. For example, Railgun Royal, Clown infection, and etc. We played Clown infection the most. It’s where someone random turns into the Clown and they need to kill the people using a knife. When the person dies he turns into a clown. And the clowns have to kill all of the people. But, the people also have guns and weapons to kill the clowns! I also played Big Paintball it’s where you should paintball at each other and gain lots of kills to be the winner. My second highlight is the stem fair project! I spent a lot of time on it. It was the hardest project that I ever made. I needed to build the model and make a video of me explaining the model. It was about 10 minutes long. I also needed to edit the video in Cap-cut. It took me about 2 days to edit the video. Sometimes I go back and admire the video and my work.

    I advise the grade 3’s who are coming to my class that always listen to the teacher because if you don’t you will have to stay in class for 5 minutes during lunch! And you don’t want that do you? Also, don’t hurt other students, because it will result in serious consequences, so serious that it’ll go to the principal! Also, make sure to have fun and get along with your classmates! And don’t bully!
    Thank you for reading! 🙂

  16. My highlights of this year is the stem fair project! It was the best and hardest project I ever made! The model we made was a model of a gym. The goal for this project was how can we use less electricity light and instead use natural light to light up the gym. The first step was we had to lay out the gym on paper. The hard part was that we needed to measure the walls of the gym. Then we needed to think of a way to get natural light into the gym! I decided to replace the roof with a sunroof! After the planning steps, we had to build a 3d model of the gym. There were 2 options, you can build it in a game or you can build it in real life! I went with the game. First, I built the floor of the gym it was a 10×5 rectangle. Secondly, we built the walls were made out of concrete. Thirdly we built the sunroof it was kinda hard because the glass was transparent and we couldn’t really see the missing parts. Then we had to take a video of us explaining to the viewers how does the natural light come into the gym, the steps we had to take to create this, and the before and after pictures of our model.

    My second highlight of this school year is! Drum roll…GRADE 4! The best class! The people who I stayed with the whole entire year. The people who teach me and the people who I had fun with! I got to learn, explore, build, and enjoy things with them. Thank you for trying your hardest to entertain and teach us Mr Lucas, Ms Nallie, and Ms Heidi. I really appreciate your effort. I hope you can give this joy to the kids next year! Now because of you, I know more than I would’ve known. To not give up, to find solutions, and to always learn because learning never ends. And again thank you everyone for your kindness during the school year.

    My last highlight is my friends! They were the ones who cheered me up when I was bored or sad. They were always there for me no matter what. They played with me during break and online learning! They would always make me laugh with their silly jokes and give me a big smile on my face :D. We would talk to each other and have a fun time! They would also teach me tricks or make me curious about something. For example, one time Kao showed me his talent. He could make weird sounds by rubbing his shoe on the ground. He tried to teach me but it didn’t work out. They would also introduce me to new games and stuff. For example, once I didn’t know what to play, so Adam decided to play Elements. I didn’t know what that game was though. So he explained how the game works. So we had to choose our own elements. When we were done choosing we had to run around and chase each other using our elements. For example, rock element so when a person is going to blast us with an imaginary fire beam. We could imagine a rock wall coming up and blocking it! But no roughhousing ok?

    My advice for you grades 3’s who are coming to grade 4 is that! Always listen to the teacher and follow the instructions because teachers are tired and they also need some break. Like you. Make sure to raise your hand if you have any questions because if you don’t Mr Lucas will ignore your question! So make sure you raise your hand! Don’t play while learning because when Mr Lucas asks you a question you won’t be able to answer it. So, you need someone else to help you. Do YOUR BEST and TRY OUT NEW THINGS. And lastly, make sure to get along with your friends! And don’t bully 🙂

  17. My highlight in grade 3 Is my teacher and friends.First my teacher Mrs.Kelsey she is kind and sometimes funny but Mrs.Kelsey rare emotion is when she’s angry because you need to be so naughty to make her angry.Second highlight my friends all of my friends are kind they help me and when I forgot things at home they let me borrow theirs and when covid is not to bad when I was hungry they share me their snacks.The tips for the third grade next year is grade three is not hard but if you think it is hard it will be hard but actually it is mega easy and you will be good at it.


  18. My highlight is about new information’s for example water cycle, clouds and life cycle.
    Thank you Ms.Kelsey and some friends that teach me new information’s that I don’t know before! I hope I can meet all of the G.3/2 again next year 🙂 (Note to thank teacher and friends👍)

  19. This year was one of my favorite years in kpis.
    I have 3 highlights to tell you about the first one is about my new friends I made in G4, When I came to school the first day my old friends were in the other class and they were a bit mean to me, I pretty much had no friends, but ….then when I saw 2 new students in my class I thought to myself I might actually have a chance to make new friends. So a few weeks later I asked the new kid Few if he would be my friend and he said yes, because he was looking for a new friend (I got lucky). Then on online learning, I met I – am another new friend, so I switched turns checking on them how they were doing since I couldn’t really see them in real life. Then whenever they were busy I got no one to play with, so Nano came and cheered me up and I got happy because I am not lonely anymore😊.

    My second Highlight is about My new teacher His name is Tr Luke and he is one of the nicest teacher i’ve ever met, tr luke is a kind and hard working teacher no matter what if a, loud crazy room filled with my friends come twirling towards him he would still be there and stop us and teach us to be good classmates and listen to him.And now Ms. Nallie she is also a very kind and nice helpful teacher but we only see her in L.A Sometimes when Me.Luke is not here Me. Nallie would be there to help.

    Now my last highlight is not my friends but my classmates(including friends) I noticed that past these 2 semesters my friends had adapted to help each other whenever someone is down or hurt my classmates would go on full alert and MUST help him or her so that means they are caring classmates they don’t just care for their friends but each other so that is it for my highlights.

    Now for some advice to the younger kids😊
    Here is my advice 1.always listen to your tr it doesn’t matter who it is you just NEED to listen to them. 2.always try your best. It’s ok if you fail as long as you learn from your mistakes and try your best.
    3.friends, In my perspective I think it would be great to have friends with you and instead of your old friends maybe try to make new friends (you can still be with your old friends) a little help comes along the way😊.4.Never give up. Sometimes things might be hard but.. it’s best you never give up and keep on fighting.
    5. Try no to annoy or distract your friends when they’re working, don’t be like me please.6. always help your friends and classmates when you see someone sad or hurt or getting bullied maybe you can give them a tissue or cheer them up like what my classmates did or just go tell the teacher (If it’s serious or really serious )

    So that’s pretty much it for my highlights, favorite stuff that happened and some quick advice for the younger kids.

    The End

  20. I think this year was one of my best years in KPIS! My highlight I think would be about the stem fair! It was also so much fun! It was one of my favourite part of the year. We got to watch movies, let people come at look at our work and go look at other people’s work! I didn’t get to go into the gym which is kinda sad but never mind that. My advice for the grade 2 going to move up to grade 3 would be always listen to our teacher, do your best, do not bully ,don’t ever give up!

  21. Grade 3 is my wonderful year in KPIS! with wonderful home room teacher and friends. I have 2 highlights for this year in grade 3. The first highlight is about the birds poster because we get to see the work of elementary school. I like how the use popsicle sticks to make the beaks of the bird they look creative . We also let grade 2 and 4 to try which one is the easiest materials to feed the bird stomach by using the cup they have marsh mellow gummy bears marbles. We also switched around so we can watch movies which is so fun, we watch the lizard and the magical school bus 🚌.My second highlight from this year is mask poster. If our classroom take out our mask 3 times. We need to write a sentence explaining why the important to wear mask 😷. I like it because it can warn people not to take out their mask and wash their hands . If they do these things, we will stay safe.

    The advice that I will give to the younger students that will move to grade 3. Firstly, don’t give up and every teacher will be nice, kind and helpful. For example, Ms Kelsey is a really nice and kind teacher. Surely, all teachers will give you extra effort and help you grow. The challenges that you face on that will lead you to the end which mean that even challenges that you can’t face, the teacher will always help you. Before when I was in semester 1
    I decided to give up on writing because in 1 paragraph I can only write 11 to 20 sentences while other can write more . But. When I was in semester 2, I can write 20 to 40 sentences in one paragraph. I know that when it starts, it may very hard but all we have to do is try our best and to listen to teacher when they teach us techniques . You also can makes a lot of friends in grade 3. The teacher will always be with your side.

  22. I don’t really know what the highlight of the year was but here are some of my favorite moments. 1. In Chinese New Year chopstick challenge Mr.Luke said “Your chinese grandma isn’t here you can use your chopsticks anyway” .(it was fun) 2.Getting ready for the Marko trip, We were talking and laughing most of the time. And I remember one of us saying they would buy a tv. 3.When i taught the 2nd grade kids which are going to be 3rd grade kids now. In my group we threatened to hit them (we didn’t hit them) and they were scared of us but we gave them candy. And the plan was when we finished teaching we would eat the leftover candy. But one of us ate all the candy and I didn’t get any but one of the kids gave me candy. And advanced I would give is just have fun but you have to follow the teacher’s instructions/rules.

  23. Learning in grade three in KPIS was the best thing I could do. With cool awesome teachers .I have 2 highlights from grade 3. My first highlight is the bird posters. The part I like about the bird posters is to teach others about my bird also I loved drawing the clue cards that others has to guess what is it it was every fun 🙂

    My second highlight is learning about natives. Its really fun to learn in my opinion. What’s fun about learning about the natives is the history. I love to learn history especially fun ones like learning about natives. 😀

    I have three advices for the next kid that is gonna learn in grade 3 my advice for the next kids to learn grade 3 is to don’t be scared to raise their hand or talk. Next is to have courage in them self and last bit not least, read books everyday to be a good reader 🙂 I wish the new grade 3 a very happy time in grade 3, meeting new teachers, new friends in this semester. 🙂

    Also I am really happy to meet my new teachers but I will never forget about my teacher now in grade 3. I am exited to make new friends and learn new things. 🙂 😀

  24. Hi guys if you are going to ask me “what is thee highlight of grade 3” well it would be related to online learning I will give you one second …. alright it is making flipgrid video i will tell you why first of all there are cool features you can use and last you could cover your face:)! My advice is to stay good and don’t miss any work bye!

  25. Grade 3 was an amazing year in kpis i met a new friend and his name is musa. Heres a story of how i met musa i was playing something with my friend (oak) and i saw musa sitting by himself on the bars. Me and Oak agreed that musa can play with us, so we said “wanna play tag’’ musa said sure. and thats how we became friends. I also had really cool home room teachers like Mr.Adam.

    I also enjoyed the subjects like art science music math and more my favorite subject was music because ms. Mint let us play instruments, listening to mysterious music and learing musicians. Music is not only my favorite subject i also like art because Mr. Khirby makes us draw cool artworks with many styles also he let us learn about artists.

    My favorite things to do in grade 3 is drawing, reading, writing, and playing in the playground. On break i can draw with my friends, do drawing games and more. On break i can also read books like fantasy, nonfiction, fiction or hybrid. In writers workshop i can also write books that teacher tells like teaching books, fairytale adaptations and more.on lunch i can also play in the playground with my friends there are also fun games i can play in the playground. That is my year in grade 3

  26. I had a splendid year in Grade 3/1 at KPIS! With all the cool projects, teachers and friends. This prompt will be all about my highlights and advice to younger kids who will move to Grade 3 next year.

    One highlight is when we do Social Studies about American history. We get to use our imagination a lot. We would take ourselves back in time like the 14th century when Christopher Columbus set sail to America. It was really fun to do those things. We did the same thing on another topic. It wasn’t about Columbus, but it was about the 13 British colonies. If we wouldn’t use imagination, we would do bookwork instead and that will be boring!

    The second highlight is when we write fairytales. I really like it when I get to use all my freedom instead of having to search on Google for facts and writing a nonfiction book. Even though it is hard to think of a story, we still have the freedom so we can do whatever we want with our story. You can adapt the original story and make it your own! We won’t have to use Google anymore unless you can’t think of a story to make.

    Here is advice I would give to younger kids who’ll move to Grade 3.

    Never EVER even think of giving up because if you give up, you would never reach your goal. For example, you want to get better at writing, but you give because it is too hard. You would never get better at writing. It works with everything you do! I know when you start to do a new thing, you wouldn’t be really good at it and not yet used to it. But if you PRACTICE, you would get better at it and get used to it 🙂

    Remember, Practice Makes Perfect!

    -꧁•⊹٭𝙺𝚒𝚖 𝚃𝚛𝚘𝚖𝚋𝚒𝚔٭⊹•꧂

  27. This year is one of my super favorite year!

    First thing why I like grade three is because we get to do fun experiments and we also plant seeds in class and it was very fun but to bad we didn’t succeed and my favorite subject is science, social and la also PE if you are in grade three try not to make mr Adam mad because you will be in big trouble making his temper go up !

    The experiment is cool and I recommend the book called because of wine Dixie it’s a read aloud book and if some times your bored that means the teacher will change something to an experiment there is also movie days if you’re fish is to the end of the line it’s movie day!!!

    In 3/1 you will have a book box it’s were you keep your books you couldn’t get lots of books and don’t read them but you can get one and another after you finish your book

    On break time we could draw play and read no running or else you have to sit down on your table to do nothing and I also had that when I was playing tag with japan, Mac and lots more and it is very boring at school you will need a pencil, rulers , erasers and lots of thing and also you will love the age of exploration in social cause you get to watch cool stuff and you also have Cards to go on to the ship and also you can publish books in la and you can bring your iPad to play after school .

    So good luck on grade three😅

  28. Name: yhayha
    The highlight of grade 3 was when we did the read-aloud and I also like when we do the persuasive speech and persuasive writing. It was really fun when I was planning in groups with my friends. I have a lot of fun doing that. The other highlight was when I was doing the poster for social, I was learning about the explorers at that time. I also had fun in social studies when we did the id for the boat, we got to vote on the boat name, and one of my friends made a very funny name.
    For younger kids, I would like to say that it wouldn’t be that hard if you just started grade 3. But as time passes, it will get harder because you already learn things. And here is some advice: Don’t ask things that are not on topic, respect the teacher, don’t be a lazy person, don’t rush your work. Don’t rush your work because if you rush, and it’s not good, you will get a low grade. Don’t be a lazy person because if you are lazy, and you don’t do your work, you will have a lot of missing work and at the end of the year if you don’t do it, you might stay at the same grade. And you shouldn’t ask things that are not on the topic because if you are learning a topic, and you just ask another topic, and the teacher answers your question, the whole class might get off-topic and you might not learn the things that the teacher was teaching. That is my advice and highlights for grade 3. Thank you for reading!

  29. I will miss all my teacher. They gave my me the knowledge to learn in grade three.

    I love my school and my teachers who taught me in grade three I will miss you all.

    My favorite subjects are L.A, Social, science or maybe all of the subjects are my favorite, our teachers make it fun so we don’t get bored. if we’re bored then how can we learn. So our teacher try hard not to make us feel bored.so we need to appreciate that.

    Teachers help us learn so when we are older we can do work. but if we don’t learn then we won’t know how to do thing when we are older. We won’t survive if we don’t learn. learning is very easy if you try.

    1. Our teachers work hard.
    2. our teachers give us hard test because if we have easy test then that won’t mean we’re learning.
    3. this school year was the best.

    You guys think every test is hard but the are not, it is easy if you studied the test. Teachers won’t give you the answers right away they will teach . because if they told us the answers then we won’t be learning anything, it will just be teachers telling us the answers. so when we grow up we won’t now what to do and how to cook.

    Learning is very Im portent and that’s why I will miss you a lot because teachers help us get knowledge and we get smarter everyday. So teacher out they’re are very important and we will miss you all. goodbye G3/1. Bye.

  30. I’ve had so many memories with my class. I feel like yesterday was my first day in grade 3, it has gone so fast since the first day I had many memories with them and I am thankful for the things they’ve taught me like spelling tricks and friendship.

    I’ll also miss our teachers, the time that I went to the science lab, and my friends. I’ll also miss the events we did like trick or treating on Halloween. Now I will be in grade 4. I wonder who I’m going to be with or what we are going to do. I just hope I’m going to have fun.

  31. I will miss the grade three teather. The best thing in grade three or what I like in grade is my teather because he is kind and tech us many things that we don’t know yet like fraction,clumbus and evolution and other cool thing like plant trees and wacth vido and have fun with it and I like grade three because I like the subject like science,social and L.A.

    My advise for grade two kids is have fun and participate while learning and be nice to other people to and listen to the teacher and you will be find and learn new thing from your new teacher and don’t forget to do your homework because in grade three there will be homework everyday and be nice to your new teacher.

    In the future I will be so excited and I will get to learn with my new teacher and have fun will everyone and my new teacher and learn new thing that I don’t know and new experiment and new learn maths and read new kinds of books that I never read before and play new games and other things.

  32. Third grade has passed so fast! I’m about to tell you the highlights of this year and advice for younger students who are about to be G3 student.

    One of my highlight of this year, is the age of exploration in Social Studies. The reason is we get to take ourself back in time and imagine ourself in Christopher Columbus’ ship. The other highlight is Writer’s Workshop. We get to create non-fiction books. You could learn more about anything you are interested by writing non-fiction books. This knowledge come from researching or talking to the expert.

    My advices to coming G3 students, are enjoy every subjects, often talk to your new teacher, participant in the class, do your hardest work, be compromised within your group, and have fun all the time.

    MOJI >>>

  33. My 2 favorite highlights in grade 3 is the clue cards for my bird poster because we got to show are bird poster and clue cards witch was very fun and we got to show are bird experiment witch was also ver much fun.

    My second favorite highlight is the when we grow the plants I learn that you grow plants without soil and instead tissue paper I was confused and interested and fun at the same time.

    My advice to younger kids who are moving into grade 3 is don’t be shy and take a risk because you are never wrong for getting a answer incorrect and when I was in grade 1 I was too afraid to answer any questions so I didn’t answer most questions but when I was in grade 3 I grow and take risks and answer questions so you should take risk and answer questions.

  34. Hello my name is Musa and I’m sad because tomorrow is the last day of the school year and i really don’t want to leave grade 3 uum bye Mr. Adam & Ms. Abby i will miss both of you but grade 2 will take our place and we grade 3 will take place as grade 4 g2 you need to be ready for math social and science because the are all super intense in my opinion but you should be ready for everything all subjects and projects.

  35. The high light of this year is when we get to build something out of paper at the start of this year. My advice to younger kids is listen to teacher and be a good student. It’s very sad that tomorrow is the last day. I know this is short it just that this is all I want to say. Goodbye

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