G1 And G2 December 4


Well done to Bina for her fantastic writing last week. Find her comment outside the teacher’s room.

This week, Thailand celebrates Father’s Day, so we want you to think about an important father figure in your life and tell us about why he is so important. This can be you dad, your grandad, an uncle…any important man in your life.

Prompt: Who is an important father figure in your life? Why is he so important to you?

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  1. My​ ​father​ is​ nice​ and​ ​hard​working.He​ work​ hard​ for​ us.He give​ us​ ​money​ to​ buy​ food​ ​and​things​ we​ ​need.I love​ my​ dad​🌹🦝🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷

  2. I love my dad because he fixed the broken tap at home. I think he can fix all the taps in the world 😉😛😒🥰😋. I love my dad because he plays with me during the weekend. He kisses me when he is back from work. He is important because he gives me what I need, and he loves me.

  3. My dad is important to me because he takes good care of me and my mom. He care about me with his heart, and he pay a lot of money for my tuition fee. He also remind me to clean up the fish tank. My dad really liked when I told him about my day at school. Dad always hug me like what Dr. Matt said in the auditorium. He teaches me how water is made out of H2O. He’s really smart, tough, funny but sometimes he gets a little serious. He means everything to me. I love dad more than anything in this world. So, I made him a BEST DAD REWARD!

    Bye and Happy Father’s Day!!

  4. My dad is important to me because he takes good care of me. My dad always hug me. He’s really smart, and fun sometimes he is mean. I love dad realy much because he always buys me toys and other stuff. He always tells me he loves me so I love my dad too!!!!

  5. My father is important because, he takes care of me and he works for money for my family, he even buys me my favorite car. My dad is from China 🇨🇳 so he also can teach me Chinese words /learn Chinese. He is the toughest man in my family, in the morning, he wakes up early, while I was sleeping. He was the only one exercises early in the morning and he can hold all my sisters (except for my teenager sister) he even has MUSCLES! They’re really really cool! My father always give me money to school. Whenever I am hungry, he buys me candy for a meal . He even makes yummy dumplings 🥟. That’s why I love my dad. AND HAPPY FATHER’S DAY. love, dad(╹◡╹)

    1. My father is special because he help me when I’m sad and he play with me a lot he takes good care of me he pay a lot of money he help me when I hurt my knee he makes me cozy and he makes me warm when I’m sleeping in bed he makes food and he brings it to the room and he is also very funny c: UnU UwU

  6. My dad is one of the most important person in my life. He is my HERO because his working hard for us. He sacrifice being away just to give us our needs and nice life. When his athome, He even give is time for all of us instead of resting because he is working everyday. Dad’s love me and we love us. Happy father’s day dad.

  7. My father is important to me because my father takes cares of me and give food to me and my family. My father loves to hugs me to show he loves me a lots. He work a lots to earn money to buy food and earn money to go trips with my family. He is kind and brave. My father buy toys for me. Also,he pay tuition fess for me and my brother. My father also pick up after school. This is why my father is important.

  8. My dad is the most important father figure in my life because, he is the one who takes care of me since I was born. He fed me every time I got hungry. He slept with me every time I felt scared on night time. My dad is the one who attended me during I was ill. He makes me feel secured and happy every time I felt lonely.

  9. My father is important because he is one of my life and he is funny! He make me happy when I’m sad. Sometimes he made me laugh. And trick me too! But sometimes he help me get my toys because the toys are too high. I love my father. Hahaha!

  10. My dad loves me because he always fix lights when it’s broken.Even my dad like to play with me all day!I really like my dad also teaches me how to play dominos to win.My dad loved to work at home and at the office.Dad loves me everytime at home.My dad is super special!I even gave my dad a flower that we make it!

  11. My important father on father’s day every year, I called him Papa.

    First I think about him, he always help me to do my homework every day.

    Second, He played like a crazy with me. He made me felt that he is my best friend.

    Ooops!! Sometimes I almost forgot he is my real dad.

  12. My dad is one of my important person in my life .Because my dad work hard to get me money and play a game with me every day . He gave me a an IMoo watch on my birthday. And my dad is a Hero. That’s why my dad Works so hard.

  13. My dad is very important to me because he takes good care of me and my mom. He helps me do my homework that is hard. He buys food for my family. When I am sad, he makes me feel better. In the morning, he brushes my teeth and takes a shower for me.
    He fixed the cracked house wall. He fixed the lights when it is broken. He lights candles for my family when the lights are off. Every day at school, my dad sends and picks up me at school. When I need to get anything from high places, he gets it for me instead. When I am sick, he takes care of me with good food and measures my temperature for me with his hand. My dad is the best dad!!! And, happy Fathers Day!! 😀

  14. My father is important to me because he is very funny and he is very brave and he is very kind to me. He always play with me every day. When I am sad he make me feel better and I feel very very very happy. My dad load the game Roblox for me. My dad teach me how to ride a bike on two wheels and my dad help me play rollerblade. My dad play video game with me all most every weekend. Sometimes we go to other places like Pattaya , beaches , mountains, Japan , the zoo, Disneyland , water park, and Canada. Sometimes my dad take me to school. And I love my dad very very very very very very very much.

    1. My dad is important because every week he gives me 100 baht and he also buy snacks and share to Jaijai and me. He is very smart and gives me everything I want and support me when l need. The most thing he do is he always come to my room to listen Raz kids he help us get better at Raz kids, he also help JaiJai read more words. Yesterday he buy me some Christmas ball to decorate my Christmas tree, he also play with us when I get bored, I’m very lucky that I has a great father.

  15. An important father figure in my life is my dad. Because he is the one who chose my name. My name is from my dad’s pen name when he create his artwork. Also he is the one that work hard for me. After that he like to buy me a toy to play like Zoid, Finger board and Skate board🛹. Moreover, when I went anywhere the one who drive the car is my dad. So apart from my mom, my dad play a role in my life that cannot be fill by others. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH DAD!!!! And Happy Father’s Day!
    And did you ever play finger board?

  16. My father is important to me.Because when I was born , he feed milk to me with a small spoon and save monney for our family. And he work hard .So we can buy lots of things . and he is a photograper . he takes 1,0000 pictures of us .

  17. My dad is good at math and I learn math from him, another reason I like him because
    he help me with Raz – kid up to level 2,920. Last I love my dad because he buy me some snacks, he help me in the morning to dress up in my favorites cloth and take care of me when I’m sick. My dad also made a paper airplane for me and my cousin!!! My dad is a very nice person, today is the best Father’s Day, daddy I love you!!!!

  18. My dad is so important to me because he take cares of me he teaches me when I have a mistake, he played with me when I was bored , he played football 🏈 with me. He also help me when I fall down . When I was sick 🤒 he makes me feel better.He work for money 💰 for my family. My dad is so special. I love ❤️ my dad so much!!!!!!!!!!

  19. My dad is important because he love me and care about me. When they are errors, when I am watching youtube like no internet he fixes it every time. When I am hurt like I fell down, when I ride a bike he puts medicine. He fixes the light when it is not working so me and my mom can turn on the lights to see where we are going. I love you dad!

  20. My dad is important to me because he help me with thai homework. Also he take me to bed and football game in Super Star Arena. Another reason he ride bike with me at the lake. Last he cook for me everyday. My dad is nice and kind. I am thankfull for evey thing that he do for me.

  21. My dad is important for me because he hugs me when i cry and sleep. He is my superhero as Captain America. He always said i am his angel. My dad is awesome and also my best friend. I love him so much.


  22. My father is important to me because he loves me. He always hugs me and sometimes he kisses me on my cheeks. He works for me and my family so we can buy things that we need like foods, masks and water. My dad cares about me and thinks what will be right for us. I love my daddy and Happy Father’s Day!

  23. My dad is important to me because he always plays with me. Most of the time he makes me laugh and smile. He is always my supporter for everything. When I feel sad and cry, he will hug me and cheer me up, make me feel good. He helps me do homework. He is my first teacher to teach me to speak English since I was a baby. My dad is extremely kind to me and buy me everything that I want. He always sings songs with me and teachs me how to play ukulele and guitar. I love my dad so much!

  24. My dad is important because he loves me and he hug me.And he said “kiss me every time in the morning and in the night.“And he also buy me a mermaid costume.And he lets me buy a sweet candy.And sometimes when my moms goes to Pattaya he takes me to learn swimming.And he makes me laugh every time when he tickles me and makes me laugh.

  25. My dad is important to me because my dad take care of me when I am sick, when I have trouble, when I need help from my dad, when I do something with my dad. when I can not find my toys, he helps me. When I get bored, he helps find something to play. My dad help me to make toys and paper planes.

  26. I call my dad Papa. Papa is so important to me because we are family. He sent me to school and picked me up from school when I was at PREP kindergarth because my mom worked at the company in downtown Bangkok. He cooks many delicius food for me. I like his Japanese fried pork with rice and soup. He also makes spaggiti with white cream that I like. He plays UNO cards and Monopopoil game with me. I love you to infinity Papa.

  27. My dad is important because he earns lots of money 💴 to the family and he also pay money for the family needs too. He spent time to work and play the same time he loves everyone in the family including him self .
    Because my dad is the important family member that I Love 💗 my dad is nice but sometimes he is serious when someone did something wrong.
    He work hard he woke up in the morning and woke me up and woke my little sister up and woke my little brother up. He drives to the school 🏫 then he go to work then come back home to work after that went back to school to pick me up then go back home and then go back to work and go outside to work. I knew that my dad work hard for the family that because I Love my dad.

  28. My dad is a nice dad he always take care of me like if I want to eat something he will buy me what I want but if he can’t find it so he keep finding it he never give up on me so I love my dad if I see a snake he will always be there to protect me he is the perfect dad I ever see in my life sometimes he is mad but
    he say he must be mad so we don’t do it again so
    we can remember this is the way he care some time
    he don’t pay attention but I ask him does he still love
    me even he don’t pay attention to me and he say he
    still love me because I am his daughter so he love me.


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