G1-2 June 4


Well done to Nine from G2 for his very imaginative story about his teacher getting kidnapped by aliens! Luckily, Nine saved his teacher!

This is your last prompt of the 2020-2021 academic year. We want you to think about the highlight of your year.

Prompt: What was the best part of being in your grade this year and why?

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  1. This is one of my best years of my school . I have the greatest , smartest , nicest teachers in my life ! I also have really good friends and they’re all nice , kind , helpful , and playful when I play with them . But I really have a sad part .. When I learn online / distance learning, I would always miss my friends and I want to be with them to play , learn with them , and I wouldn’t forget them because I liked them very much and without them , I wouldn’t have friends or best friends not even someone to learn with ! But I can handle being online learning / distance learning too , because I still get to see their faces and see the teachers too . Grade 2 is one of my favorites of learning there with a nice , great community together. I would always want them to be with me and learn with me all the time .

    ———————————————————-PLS ENJOY GRADE 2 IF YOU REACH THE GRADE———————<3

      1. My favorite part of the first day is when I see my new teachers because I was so excited to meet new teachers that day and the first day of school was so fun🤩🤩🤩 and we did so much fun stuff my teachers were so fun I will be beside my teachers when I reach grade 2 anyway I still love my grade one teachers 😁😁😁

  2. I like grade 2 because I have a nice teacher and I have a lot of friends. I think grade 2 is one of my favorite class in my life. But I don’t like online class because I didn’t play with my friends. But I can chat my friend in the app Hangout. I like this class because I have a very nice teacher and I have a lot of friends. The best part of grade 2 is when I have the one of the best teacher and when I have the best friends in the world.🥰

      1. I like grade 2 because I get to play with my friend and I like it when we did a mini volcano experience. I like it when the mini volcano fizz.I also like the Christmas show because I get to see the shows in the classroom.

  3. I love grade one cause when we are in the class in the morning we have sometime to play. And when we play done Miss.Anna will play the opposite game this is how we play the opposite game if Miss. Anna say sit we must stand but sometimes Miss.Anna will read for us. And the best part of grade one is i have new friends and my teacher take good care of us miss Anna and miss hazel tell us the right things and the wrong things sometimes we make the teacher mad but we always try to make the teacher happy . And the best part of grade one is … WE HAVE THE BEST TEACHER!!!😃😃😃

  4. I like this year because we can don’t get covid and get to do xspairreement at home. I can talk with my friend with no one hear it. My favorite is when I have a lot of time to do something else. And get to do something I can’t do at school like watching TV and play with doll. I can play game in computer too! Then I can eat what I want to eat at home. Oh and I can do art that I want to draw. And I can do what I want to do at home.

  5. My favorite part of being in grade two this year is….
    I like grade two because we have nice and kind teachers and friends. I miss my friends and teachers when stay at home doing online. We have fun in grade two and make new friends too. I miss my class if I go to grade three. We work hard with our teachers.You will not believe that I have a lot of homework!! And we make our homework to get grades. If we got all four it will be super wonderful! I wish that if I could work hard and get four and have prizes from my parents! My very favorite part that i like about my class is……….WHEN I WORK HARD WITH MY TEACHER. And another is having online class because I don’t need to wake up early. How about you guys? I LOVE GRADE 2!!!!!

  6. The best part of being in grade 2 was learning at school.Learning at school is the best because when we learn at school, we have activities every Friday.Also, when I learn at school I can concentrate better and focus on my work.I can finish my work quickly and submit on time.Last, my teacher has a bigger screen to teach us at school than online.That is why learning at school is the best part for me in grade 2.🙂

  7. The best of the school year are Christmas show and candy land .
    Teacher lets us to play math game and gave us some candy. On Christmas show day teacher let us play merry Christmas song with some balls.
    And the best subject learn is science because teacher let us plant a bean tree. Also teacher let us make a mini eruption volcano. And one wish that I want is to stay in grade 3 with Chanel.

  8. My favorite part about grade 2 was the science classes. I loved the experiments and challenges. My favorite was making a volcano and the “Don’t let the eggs crack “ challenge. I like science because it is fun and we learn a lot of things.

  9. My favorite part in grade 2 is when we have Christmas, candy land, and science. I like Christmas because our family or parents came to see our Christmas show. I like candy land because the game give us candy, this is how the game works, my teacher Dr. Sara ask us a question then we write the answer in a whiteboard, our team can help us, then we show the answer to our teacher if our teacher says its correct we can roll the dice and lands on 6 we walk 6 steps and if 6 is in pink and it has candy on the desk we get to eat 1 piece of candy, but if our teacher say no it’s not correct we don’t get to roll the dice so that’s why I like candy land. I like science because there is an experiment that I like is… “DON’T LET THE EGG CRACK” the reason why I like science is because our team test it at the beginning and we let other people from other grades to try. The last thing is I like my teachers especially my homeroom teacher Dr. Sara she is moving to Italy. I thought she will stay when I am grade 3 just like when Mr. Mike stayed when I moved to Grade 2 but she did not stay so that’s why I said I like my teachers.

  10. In grade 2, I like math because they are easy and fun 🤩, I also like math game because it is fun to play. And I like Reading workshop because I love to read 📚 book 📕 and I like to read with a partner,. I also like Science because I like to do all the experiments and built a lot of thing in the school.

  11. My favourite part of Grade 2 is when Christmas 🎄 candy land it is math games it’s very fun it’s like addition and subtraction. And our family can come to see our Christmas 🎄 show. I love it because Dr. Sara gave the candy 🍭 to the 1st 🥇 and 2nd 🥈 that how the game works. And when Dr. Sara ask my group to answer a question we answer it correct! That’s why I love Christmas. 🎄

  12. My favorite part in grade 2 is when we have halloween because everyone will get so much candy! I like halloween because i get to go trick or treating with phing phing. The second favorite part of mine is science. I like science because we do alot of building like making a volcano. Here is the last favorite part, in candy land teacher let us do a fun math game and candies. I like this part because i like playing fun math games not boring ones. The end.

  13. This year was my first year at KPIS. You know, I was quite shy being in a new school. I was lucky to have Grade 1/2 teachers and friends to introduce me to the new school.

    The best part of being in grade 1 was that grade 1/2 have a lot of good friends and teachers who really care about me.

    I really like when I first go to school. Ms Anna took me to the library, playgrounds, gyms, toilets . They all made me feel exciting and a little bit shy.

    Now I am moving to Grade 2. I am also feeling a bit scared a bit . I hope grade 2 teachers are all as kind as my grade 1 teachers .

  14. I like Grade 1/1 because I enjoy reading with friends and I like playing in the playground with my friends too. And, I really love doing science because you get to do experiments and sometimes you get to draw and write and imagine. The best thing in grade 1 is social studies because you get to learn about stuff like geography. My really favorite thing is coding with my friends. It is fun. That’s all!

  15. I have a good time in grade 1/2 . All of my teacher love me . I like P.E. class . I can run fast and jump around.. I hope we can go back to school soon. I miss my teachers and friends.

  16. This year I am in grade 1. I like to be in grade 1 because I love playing with my friends and my teacher is very nice. I have so much fun , my teacher give me lots of activities and I love it. Some of my friends is kind but in my classroom some boys are naughty but they just play very strong.

  17. Beginning it feel nervous because i dont know if my friends will punch or kick

    middel it was fun get two play with my friends it was fun i play with my friends

    end i felt sad ihad some fun not that much thow at least iwent two some of

    my friends home

  18. The best part of me in grade 2 was the inventing thing in all subjects and science experiments including activities such a burning paper and planting tree. They make me learning fun and more understand. That why I really like to go to school everyday.

    However, as for online classes at home, I like Dr. Sara and all teachers that take care of my question. I alwats check their comments to improve myself to be better.

    Thank you Dr. Sara and all teachers, I will remember you all and everything in grade 2.

  19. The best thing in Grade 1/2 is I learn a lot of things in this year. For example, I learn to raise my hand when I want to say something. During the class time if I want to go to the toilet I have to tell my teacher.

    The happy thing in grade 1 is I have a lot of nice friends and a nice teacher. I took care of my best friends name Yumi and Katie when Yumi cried I comfort Yumi. I think I am ready for grade 2 but I want to to go grade 4 because my mom will allow me to watch scary movies!!!!! 👻👻👽

    I will miss grade 1 so much!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  20. The best thing in Grade 1 is that I have many best friends. I feel so sad that grade one is over. And I am a little happy I am in grade one.

    I would miss grade one so much! 🐈🐈‍⬛🌷🌷🌷🌷💐💐💐💐💐

  21. I love Grade 1/2 because I have a kind teacher and lovely friends.

    I like Math class because there are is fun and I want go to school. I don’t like online class. I want to play with my friends and I want go to the library with my friends too.

    I will miss you teacher Anna and teacher Hazel and see you again.

    Thank You Teachers for all the things you have done for us.

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