About KPIS Writers

KPIS Writers has been a part of KPIS since 2015, and since it was introduced, it has been an extremely popular platform for students to express their ideas and creativity whilst at the same time practicing their IT skills. 

Each week, writing prompts are posted for grades 1-2 (three sentence challenge) and for grades 3-5 (100 word challenge). One winning post per category will be chosen, and the two winners will receive a KPIS Writer’s Certificate. Their work will also be displayed in the elementary school hallway for all members of the KPIS community to admire.

The site is set up for elementary grades 1-5, so that the content and posts are relevant and suitable for the age level. Only KPIS students are able to log in, post and comment. Student emails are kept private, so that their personal information is not accessible to members of the public. Parents are able to view comments and posts, however, they are unable to comment themselves, as this is primarily a platform for student creativity. 


  • Whilst support is encouraged, we ask that students do their best to work independently and post their own work. Practice makes perfect!
  • Students are encouraged to comment on each other’s posts with advice, complements, and encouragement. 
  • Comments are carefully moderated. Any use of bad language or internet bullying will be taken very seriously by the school. 
  • Students are welcome to change their password and icon, however, please do not share any personal information.

Website Links

  • Tips and Tricks is a great link where you can find ways to improve your writing. 

Please use the Contact link if you have any questions or concerns.

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